The pledge 19

Ijay slid her hands slowly down Becky’s body, down to where the bottom of her shirt hung on her stomach. Inch by inch, ijay guided her hands up and under her shirt. Moment by moment, she came closer to feeling the breasts, then felt the nub of her nipple, which was erect; her nipples are quite big~ Ijay thought to herself with a smile. As she explored her breasts and imagined them in her minds eye, she felt herself breathing harder. They were so soft, they were better than what she had ever imagined them. Becky began pulling her shirt up, so Ijay helped her take it off and then quickly discarded hers. A crash of thunder came just as Ijay reached her lips again, causing her to pull tight to her. “Its raining” Becky whispered.

“Perfect timing” ijay replied. A flash of lightning poured through the window, as they both fell into the bed



“Pam.. will… be… so.. mad.. at.. us.., how could…”

“Hey c’mon Angel, what’s with the tears? We were both high and we got carried away”

“No Jenny, you had all this planned out didn’t you?” Angel yelled at the top of her voice tears rolling down her cheeks “Gosh how could I be so stupid”

“Will you just shut the fuck up!”

“Don’t tell me that” she screamed…”Gosh! Pam! Are – you – gonna – tell – her?”

“You don’t have to tell her anything and I won’t but on one condition”

“I don’t? And what condition” Finally sitting up.

“Yea, you don’t” jay said mildly as she sat beside her admiring Angel’s full boobs. “I enjoyed every second I spent with you Angel and Pam doesn’t have to know”

“What the fuck are you driving at? Pam would be so disappointed in us”

“Us?” Jenny cut her off. “Wait a minute Angel did you just say us?” Suddenly tired of making her see reason

“Yea you……”

“Hellloooo you came looking for me remember, you are in my house, my bed, naked!..”

“Gosh Jay, is this what you…”

“Listen, you love Pam right?”

“With all my heart, I…”

“Please spare me the rest of the details”



Ijay reached up and started to play with her breasts once again by squeezing, and rolling her nipples between her fingers, she paid a lot of attention to her nipples, brushing, pinching and rolling them. This was getting ijay so turned on she felt herself growing wetter and her nipples getting harder. She slowly started to work her hands down Becky’s body, played with the elastic at the top of her g-string for a minute before she let her hand slid down inside. Becky moaned softly as her hand slid over her. With one hand on Becky’s breast, alternating between caressing the soft flesh and playing with her very erect nipple. Ijay let her other hand slide down over her soft pussy. Ijay could feel Becky’s breath escape her as her finger brushed over her hard clit, then slid over her full and aroused pussy lips, she let a finger slowly part them, juices instantly covered her fingertip as she let it slide gently between her outer lips, slowly caressing her soft and warm pussy. Ijay slowly withdrew her finger it was wet and glistening then brought it to Becky’s mouth. She hungrily sucked on it, as she did Ijay slid her g-string over her hips and down her thighs.



Angel wailed she threw the nearest object she could lay her hands on which was a pillow “Gosh I hate you for doing this to me, I hate myself for allowing this shit to happen” she stammered getting up and trying to get dressed.

“Relax Angel, like I said she doesn’t have to know and the condition is…”

“I will die of guilt don’t you get it jenny, don’t you!”

“Ok then, let’s go ahead and inform her after all I didn’t force you”

“No! Please! We cant tell Pam please! Omg! Why did I come here? What was I thinking? Why…”

“On one condition”

“Which is?”

“We keep having fun, I have ne….

“Are you outta your mind?”

“Tell me you didn’t enjoy what we had last night Angel, can you look me in the eyes and honestly say that?”

“Fuck off!”




Becky now completely nude, and Ijay was gazing at her body with lust, Becky’s fingers gently pinched ijay’s nipples she moaned and melted into her. Her tongue ran over ijay’s nipples sending electric sparks through her body, but most were concentrated in her rapidly moistening pussy. Her fingertips brushed over Becky’s inner thighs she spread her legs a little, enjoying the feeling. “I have wanted you so bad, wanted to love you, wanted to taste you.” Becky whispered looking straight into ijay’s eyes. “I know”..

Ijay moved up to the firm breasts and started to lick and suck the highly erect nipples again. Her tongue wrapped around the nipples and she bit gently on the flesh in her mouth. Her hand was drifting back to her pussy rubbing gently at the clit, opening the lips, inserting just the tip of a finger. Becky was now in such a state of ecstasy, she had lost her bearings, she did not know who she was at that point. She pulled her partners head closer to her breast, urging Ijay to bite more, feeling ijay’s back, letting her hand fall to her buttocks, grasping tightly, sharp nails digging in. Ijay rose, with a smile, she turned around, placing her mouth directly over the bright, clean clit in front of her, and placing hers in her friend’s face. She licked at Becky’s clit, using her hands to knead her beautiful pussy lips, opening her sex, drinking from her pussy. While Becky practically chewed on ijay’s large clit, while fingering her anus. To ijay’s surprise becky started pissing as she sucked, she drank as much as she could get, pushing one finger into her partners anus, and three into to her pussy. Becky’s face was now buried into Ijay’s pussy, licking, sucking, and biting. Ijay started to cum forcing her walls into Becky’s face, spilling urine as well. Becky lapped it up greedily as she sensed her peak ~ both women pulled their partners head closer, pumping harder and harder…..



“Do you really mean that!” Jay asked

“Why are you doing this to me jenny?”

“Well since I cant have Pam for obvious reasons, I can share you with her and ofcos before I forget I pledge not to say a word, you refuse I spill and we both loose, so what do you say?”




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The Pledge

Angel leaned her head against the passenger window of Pam’s car, she gazed at Pam and admired her girlfriend as she drove. She loved her so much, it was beyond sex. Pam was her soul mate. She turned back to look out of her window, thinking if she was making the right decision.

“Are you okay sweet” Pam asked

“Yeah hun” she smiled.


Ijay almost fell out of bed when the alarm clock rang.

“Already! She half screamed. Just then her phone rang, reluctantly she picked her call even though she couldn’t recognize the number.

“Hello” there was what seemed like an endless silence.

“Hello” she said again with raised brow, this time a bit pissed at whoever that was. Another silence. She ended the call and got off the bed wondering who that might be, then it clicked, it might be her ex, and if it was really her, then good she ended the call. She rushed a shower, got dressed, looked at her wristwatch and rushed out heading to work;she was on an afternoon shift.


Few yrs back…


Angel and Pam met in college, they weren’t particularly friendly at first, infact no one talked to Pam, or wanted anything to do with her – she was an outcast. Pam on the other hand had always admired Angel’s quietness in class. Until they became roommates in there final year, crammed into a two-man- room, two-desk, one-closet. They didn’t pick each other; they were assigned their rooms by the school authority. They bonded as roommates, though Pam had flirted with the thought of crawling into the other’s bed some nights but never did.


Angel about 5’6, fleshy, curvy figure and dark eyes that captured your attention immediately, average size boobs like a 34D, fair and classy in terms of fashion had no idea Pam liked her that way. Angel felt she was just being nice and caring maybe because she didn’t really have friends and to her Pam was soft spoken, and had a listening ear, she began to wonder why people avoided her. Maybe it was her dress sense she concluded.


Pam about 5’9, slim, with a very flat tommy, lovely shape. She had dreads on her hair, she loved her tees, blazers, jeans and her palm slippers. She was used to being stared at and of course avoided. She loved the fact the only girl she admired had become not just a roommate but a good friend and she wasn’t ready to scare her off.


Ijay, a dyke of about 6’1, long legged, with modest boobs and boyish hips. light skinned, slim, always weaves her hair to the back, got a good sense of humor, a bit shy, well at first meetings though, good sense of fashion and quite expensive too, a goal-getter, who knows what she wants and gets it. She had been in and out of various relationships well that was before she relocated to her present city. She wanted something different, something more challenging, she relocated and started a new life, got new friends and ofcourse a better job.


It wasn’t till later that Angel learnt why the other girls kept their distance.

It was their 2nd semester year three, Angel wanted to celebrate her birthday and insisted on Pam being there.

“You had better watch your ass around Pam” Viv warned her.

“What?” She asked, knowing she couldn’t have heard Viv correctly.

“I said you had better watch your ass around Pam”, Viv told Angel again. “She’s a dyke – a lesbian.. Do I need to draw you a picture?”

“That can’t be”. Angel said in denial.

“She is one of the sweetest girls I have ever met, Pam is….”

“Mark my words, she is only being nice to get into your panties. Be careful with her , unless that’s what you are looking for.” Viv warned her with a snarl.

“But…, but…” Angel stuttered.

“But what?” Viv asked.

“But….nothing…!” Angel said. Now very confused, but she  decided not to act on what she had just heard. She had grown to like Pam as a person and she wouldn’t allow just “rumors” to affect their relationship. She didn’t want Viv’s words to bother her, but they did. That conversation with Viv had made her think that every move or jest made by Pam had a sexual undertone. She found herself stealing glances at Pam. Seeing her in this new light captivated Angel, and her thoughts began to wander…


Ijay got into lagos a very innocent, prim and proper girl, she was single and wasn’t searching, she wanted to settle in first. Along the line,she made new friends, most were gay. It wasn’t a problem though and considering she had it all, she was liked by all. Until she met Lynda.

Ijay’s buddy, kim pleaded with ijay to stand in as Lynda’s girlfriend, since her girlfriend thought she was cheating on her with Lynda. Ijay took the offer, and stood as Lynda’s girlfriend at an outing that included Kim, her girlfriend, and Lynda so all doubts would be cleared on her part..

After that outing,Ijay and Lynda stayed in touch and kept joking about being in a relationship that was staged though.

“Any plans for the weekend?” Ijay asked Lynda over the phone

“None for now”

“Wanna come over?after all ,we are supposed to be dating””

Lynda laughed and assured her she would come spend the night…

To be continued…