The pledge 19

Ijay slid her hands slowly down Becky’s body, down to where the bottom of her shirt hung on her stomach. Inch by inch, ijay guided her hands up and under her shirt. Moment by moment, she came closer to feeling the breasts, then felt the nub of her nipple, which was erect; her nipples are quite big~ Ijay thought to herself with a smile. As she explored her breasts and imagined them in her minds eye, she felt herself breathing harder. They were so soft, they were better than what she had ever imagined them. Becky began pulling her shirt up, so Ijay helped her take it off and then quickly discarded hers. A crash of thunder came just as Ijay reached her lips again, causing her to pull tight to her. “Its raining” Becky whispered.

“Perfect timing” ijay replied. A flash of lightning poured through the window, as they both fell into the bed



“Pam.. will… be… so.. mad.. at.. us.., how could…”

“Hey c’mon Angel, what’s with the tears? We were both high and we got carried away”

“No Jenny, you had all this planned out didn’t you?” Angel yelled at the top of her voice tears rolling down her cheeks “Gosh how could I be so stupid”

“Will you just shut the fuck up!”

“Don’t tell me that” she screamed…”Gosh! Pam! Are – you – gonna – tell – her?”

“You don’t have to tell her anything and I won’t but on one condition”

“I don’t? And what condition” Finally sitting up.

“Yea, you don’t” jay said mildly as she sat beside her admiring Angel’s full boobs. “I enjoyed every second I spent with you Angel and Pam doesn’t have to know”

“What the fuck are you driving at? Pam would be so disappointed in us”

“Us?” Jenny cut her off. “Wait a minute Angel did you just say us?” Suddenly tired of making her see reason

“Yea you……”

“Hellloooo you came looking for me remember, you are in my house, my bed, naked!..”

“Gosh Jay, is this what you…”

“Listen, you love Pam right?”

“With all my heart, I…”

“Please spare me the rest of the details”



Ijay reached up and started to play with her breasts once again by squeezing, and rolling her nipples between her fingers, she paid a lot of attention to her nipples, brushing, pinching and rolling them. This was getting ijay so turned on she felt herself growing wetter and her nipples getting harder. She slowly started to work her hands down Becky’s body, played with the elastic at the top of her g-string for a minute before she let her hand slid down inside. Becky moaned softly as her hand slid over her. With one hand on Becky’s breast, alternating between caressing the soft flesh and playing with her very erect nipple. Ijay let her other hand slide down over her soft pussy. Ijay could feel Becky’s breath escape her as her finger brushed over her hard clit, then slid over her full and aroused pussy lips, she let a finger slowly part them, juices instantly covered her fingertip as she let it slide gently between her outer lips, slowly caressing her soft and warm pussy. Ijay slowly withdrew her finger it was wet and glistening then brought it to Becky’s mouth. She hungrily sucked on it, as she did Ijay slid her g-string over her hips and down her thighs.



Angel wailed she threw the nearest object she could lay her hands on which was a pillow “Gosh I hate you for doing this to me, I hate myself for allowing this shit to happen” she stammered getting up and trying to get dressed.

“Relax Angel, like I said she doesn’t have to know and the condition is…”

“I will die of guilt don’t you get it jenny, don’t you!”

“Ok then, let’s go ahead and inform her after all I didn’t force you”

“No! Please! We cant tell Pam please! Omg! Why did I come here? What was I thinking? Why…”

“On one condition”

“Which is?”

“We keep having fun, I have ne….

“Are you outta your mind?”

“Tell me you didn’t enjoy what we had last night Angel, can you look me in the eyes and honestly say that?”

“Fuck off!”




Becky now completely nude, and Ijay was gazing at her body with lust, Becky’s fingers gently pinched ijay’s nipples she moaned and melted into her. Her tongue ran over ijay’s nipples sending electric sparks through her body, but most were concentrated in her rapidly moistening pussy. Her fingertips brushed over Becky’s inner thighs she spread her legs a little, enjoying the feeling. “I have wanted you so bad, wanted to love you, wanted to taste you.” Becky whispered looking straight into ijay’s eyes. “I know”..

Ijay moved up to the firm breasts and started to lick and suck the highly erect nipples again. Her tongue wrapped around the nipples and she bit gently on the flesh in her mouth. Her hand was drifting back to her pussy rubbing gently at the clit, opening the lips, inserting just the tip of a finger. Becky was now in such a state of ecstasy, she had lost her bearings, she did not know who she was at that point. She pulled her partners head closer to her breast, urging Ijay to bite more, feeling ijay’s back, letting her hand fall to her buttocks, grasping tightly, sharp nails digging in. Ijay rose, with a smile, she turned around, placing her mouth directly over the bright, clean clit in front of her, and placing hers in her friend’s face. She licked at Becky’s clit, using her hands to knead her beautiful pussy lips, opening her sex, drinking from her pussy. While Becky practically chewed on ijay’s large clit, while fingering her anus. To ijay’s surprise becky started pissing as she sucked, she drank as much as she could get, pushing one finger into her partners anus, and three into to her pussy. Becky’s face was now buried into Ijay’s pussy, licking, sucking, and biting. Ijay started to cum forcing her walls into Becky’s face, spilling urine as well. Becky lapped it up greedily as she sensed her peak ~ both women pulled their partners head closer, pumping harder and harder…..



“Do you really mean that!” Jay asked

“Why are you doing this to me jenny?”

“Well since I cant have Pam for obvious reasons, I can share you with her and ofcos before I forget I pledge not to say a word, you refuse I spill and we both loose, so what do you say?”




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The pledge 18

“Just stop it please!, were u even listening to me at all? Geeezzz, did u listen to yourself? You know what? I’m gonna get up now and leave then pretend this discussion never happened” Ijay could feel her heart beating fast again, damn this heart!

what is it about this girl that gets me this way? Ijay thought to herself as she got up and walked away.

Days went by and Ijay hadn’t set her eyes on Becky or heard from her, she couldn’t stop thinking about her though. Ijay needed time to be away from the house so she  checked into a hotel for a quiet weekend. It was barely 10am the following morning when she heard a knock. She lazily got up from the bed wondering to herself, she was yet to order breakfast so who could that possibly be?, she reached for the door and there stood Becky



And then more clicks followed by more flashes. The room was a bit bright, both of them did not notice the flash. Jay’s tongue continued to explore Angel’s sex, she slid her fingers into her dripping pussy, wetting them, and began to stroke her swollen clit, a finger on each side. She stroked it a few times, sending pleasure waves through her body. She moved closer and Angel could feel her heavy breath against her pussy. Angel’s lips were parted, her tongue licking her lips, head thrown back, eyes still shot. Jay brought out her fingers dripping with Angel’s juices. She sucked her fingers tasting her juices. “Mehnnnn,” she moaned. “God you taste so good!”

Without warning Jenny’s finger entered Angel’s asshole as her tongue slipped into her pussy. The orgasm that overtook Angel was as intense as she had ever had; causing sparks to flash behind her closed eyelids.. And then another flash.

“Jeeeeennnnyyyyy…..” Angel reached her orgasm, Jay reached up and kissed her….



Ijay stood there motionless; different questions ran trough her head~who told her where to find me~ How~ Why; With all those thoughts running trough her mind she couldn’t help but notice how stunning Becky looked. She came prepared Ijay concluded in her head as she admired her fully. Becky wore an extremely short skirt and a transparent fitted shirt that exposed not only her cleavage or the color of her bra but the outfit exposed her entire figure. Ijay stripped her naked with her eyes. “Hello won’t you ask me to come in?” Becky’s voice interrupted her thoughts. Ijay stepped aside without a word and Becky walked in. “Don’t ask me how I knew where to find you”. Ijay closed the door behind them and walked towards her. “I just had to see you” Becky whispered lightly, her lips only inches away from Ijay’s who closed up and took Becky in her arms…




“Oh Yes!, suck it, yes Angel suck it. Please suck my tits, Baby! ” Jay cried.

Angel sucked and tongued her nipple to full erectness, the nipples became long and firm. she sucked hard and bit gently on her erect nipples, Jenny began to grind her aching pussy against Angel’s thigh, her juices gushing out, she kept humping against her leg, a hand on her boobs while her other hand was between Angel’s thighs stroking up and down her pussy. Their breathing became ragged, Angel began to moan as she became more and more excited. She moaned again when Jay withdrew her fingers. She spread Angel’s pussy wide, and pulled upward till her pussy was directly against hers, they began to grind each other. They cried out as there clits made contact. And then from a short distance there was another click. Finally after hours of mad sex they slept in each other’s arms..There were few more flashes and a mysterious smile satisfied from a job well done left the doorway…..




Her breasts caught Ijay’s eye, she leaned forward and kissed Becky’s ear then whispered to her, “I am inside of you now feel my tongue in you. Isn’t that what you wanted?” She wrapped an arm around her and squeezed, knowingly grazing at the roundness of her breast.

“Ijay, I…

“Hush! Ijay said as she reached for her lips. Her lips felt like soft velvet against hers. Ijay couldn’t remember the number of times she had dreamt of tkissing her again. Her nose brushed against her soft cheek as their tender kiss became more passionate. Ijay began to suckle and nip her warm lips, gently placing her hand on the back of her head so she could pull her against her. Ijay could feel Becky’s hands wandering up and down her side, brushing the side of her breast then gradually her hands began carefully caressing her breast.

“Finally” Becky whispered

Ijay’s mind raced with images of her moist lips sucking on her breasts, and driving her crazy. She couldn’t hold herself back anymore. She pressed her tongue forward, parting their lips and slipping it into her, exploring the warm depths of her friend’s mouth. Becky responded eagerly, her own tongue stroking against hers..

“Hmmmmm” Becky moaned softly




As the light streamed through the windows, Angel slowly opened her eyes to the new day. She slowly looked around her and was kinda confused, her thoughts were a little muddled from the previous day. She pulled the covers away “omg” she blurted out

“Finally” Jay said walking into the room wrapped in her towel. Memories of the previous night flowed into Angel’s head, the way her friend had slowly seduced her by making her drunk, then the sex, it was mind blowing as she recalled jay’s fingers inside her then the image of Jay’s smooth pussy on hers..,..

“What have we done?” Angel cried out, tears rolling down her cheeks. “Omg! this is soooo wrong” she yelled…


To be continued…


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The pledge 10

Ijay leaned slightly towards Eve and touched her forehead against hers the moment they walked into Eve’s apartment. She could feel her hot breath on her face. Ijay waited for Eve to lean in the rest of the way and let their lips meet like so many times before. Still somehow this time seemed different to the girls, Ijay knew that.

Then suddenly, she felt Eve’s hands slowly inch up and touch her neck gently, it felt like time slowed down. Her every movement made Ijay want to scream out of pleasure and her every breath made her long for her even more, with hungrier lust and passion..


Eve loved to tease her and did it at any opportunity she got, she was doing it to increase their pleasure, even without realizing it most of the time. Their lips met for a kiss which started slowly, she pulled back a few inches but Ijay pushed forward. Their lips met again, more fiercely, without warning they began to tear at each other…..

Ijay wasted no time taking her in her arms. She kissed her hard as she squeezed her ass cheeks. Eve gasped, Ijay brought a hand to her pussy. It was already moist.



Pam, lit up a cigarette, the mentholated smoke burned its way down her throat into her lungs. She exhaled the smoke and scanned the room then signaled to a waiter for her bills, paid and got up.


“Shall we?”





Eve brought her even more closer and used her tongue to play with her ear. Ijay felt like she was going to melt if she kept this up. Her tongue traced a path from her ear to her neck and down to her breasts and sucked greedily on her nipples while Ijay’s hands were working on her pussy. She teased her clit for a moment then stopped. They both gazed at each other for a while. Eve smiled shyly as Ijay pushed her onto the bed. She kissed her softly on the mouth moving left and right to suckle on her sensitive earlobes then moved to the sides of her neck, Eve threw her head back to reveal her throat. With that, she kissed her throat, moving down to her painfully erect nipples down across her belly to her navel. Eve was moaning and writhing on the sheets as Ijay hit every sensitive spot, making her very wet.



Jane gingerly opened the door to her apartment and walked inside, she perceived a regular scent and knew someone was home.

The apartment looked spacious enough, with 3 rooms, fully equipped.


“Well, how do you like the place?” J asked the moment Pam walked in.


‘It’s…,…’ Pam scanned the room till she spotted Jane’s picture on the wall.


“Nice” not knowing what else to say, surprised Jane brought her to her apartment and wondering why.


“Hi, I am Ella..”


Pam turned around and opened her mouth to reply but no words came out. She was dumfounded..


”Um yeah..’M Pam” she stuttered out the words.


Pam didn’t know what had come over her but she couldn’t help but stare at her. The girl had on a body fitted t-shirt with the word HOT stretched across her well endowed chest. Her eyes were defined by her long lashes, which enhanced her bright eyes. Her nose pointed and cute with wide always ready to smile full lips. Pam quickly turned away, realizing that she had been staring.


”I just got back from school and I am exhausted.” Ella explained, facing jane.


“Sorry about that” J giggled..


”I was going to hop into the shower when I heard voices. We’ll catch up later that’s if I don’t sleep off.” she concluded with a smile.


“Alright dear” J smiled back..


Pam found herself involuntarily watching Ella’s ass as she disappeared into her room. When she was out of sight, Pam let out a deep breath trying to cool herself down. ‘I can’t be attracted to another girl. I mean, I have Angel for crying out loud!’ Pam yelled in her head. Maybe…… alcohol, yes! it must be the alcohol she assured herself.


“That’s my flat mate” J said smiling.

“You like?”



Ijay went to the dresser and took out a rubber dick. Properly worn, Eve reached out and nearly got her fingers around the base of the dildo as she lifted her legs and pulled ijay into her. Ijay rolled over and pulled her on top. Dick still buried in her, Ijay drove against her cervix, her juices rolling, soaking the sheets. She rose as Ijay reached for her boobs, Eve rode the rubber dick. Lifting all the way nearly letting it pop out of her squishy pussy before letting herself sink down the full length of never softening latex.

Eve slid off the dick and knelt between ijay’s legs, her hand moved along the cock as her head lowered and her tongue rolled over the tip. She sucked her pussy juices off the dick. Ijay felt her clit throb along the base. Eve began to finger fuck her. Ijay moaned softly, her pussy was dripping.



“Is there something I should know?” Pam asked ignoring her question.


“Are you deliberately ignoring my question?” J asked while she walked towards the kitchen, emerged few seconds later with a bottle of Tequila and two glasses. Pam waited patiently till they both settled on the couch before she spoke.


“No I am not! She is cute no doubt but….”


“But she is straight.”




“I know what you must be thinking ~ wasted beauty huh?”. They both laughed but Pam wanted to set the record straight.


“Not like I was interested though” looking at her wrist watch. “I really have to get going, Angel might be worried. But before I go, I would like to see the apartment you mentioned earlier….”


“Right here, there is a spare room and we have been looking for the right person to fit in.” Pam took a while to digest what she had just heard, she looked around, yea the apartment was ~ perfect. But she knew the implication and that she wasn’t ready for.


“Wow!, I wasn’t really searching for…..” She dint want to hurt her friend. “I will have to discuss it with Angel and get back to you”. She had to say something, but it was a NO for her.


“Very well then, we could go see her together, after we are done with this” referring to the Tequila.



Ijay flipped her over, looked her in the eyes as she slowly pushed back the dick inside her. She moaned and pushed down, her wetness engulfed the dick that glided in so easily. As she started to pull and push, Eve threw her head back and moaned. “More….more….”

She cried as she started to fuck her faster. Ijay looked into her eyes and knew she wanted her to fuck her as hard and as fast as she could. One more look of pleading from her and Ijay fucked her with as much vigor as she had. Her moans grew louder and more intense as her hips pushed up to meet her thrust every time. As Ijay reached for her very swollen clit, she moaned her name, which drove her to fuck her with all the energy she had. Finally, after a few minutes of intense, hard fucking, Ijay felt Eve’s body stiffen hers was shivering.


“”Ohhhh “Ohhhh Ijayyyyyy!!” she cried out and came all over the dick. Ijay came right after. Eve held her as she floated down from her orgasm and remained quiet till they slept off in each others arms.




On the couch they chatted as they drank. Shot after shot, J’s vision getting worse and worse.

“I get extremely horny when i drink hard liquor.” (But now as she looks back on it maybe that was her intention the whole time.) And out of no where, she leaned over, towards Pam, and started kissing her, parting her lips with her tongue and shoving it into her mouth.


“Your flat mate is home J” Pam said


“Let’s go to my room” she whispered into her mouth, laughing as she picked up the almost empty bottle.


Kissing her was great, and Pam was getting so turned on, and yes she was tipsy. But she had to caution herself, because Pam knew what she was up to. She got up and followed her to her bedroom. Thinking to herself “should I or should I not” Before they got to her bed, her hands were all over pam’s body, pulling at her clothes and kissing her passionately. Pam was so wet all she could think about was…..


To be continued…..


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“If Only”…12

They stood shocked and scared, wondering who was about to walk in, then the door shut back.

“Was it the wind?” Annie asked staring at the door “or have we being caught?”

Now that question got Alex thinking, as

they stared at each other confused then they rushed into their clothes without uttering another word to each other, Alex stepped out first and hurriedly rushed to his office. Annie waited for like 5miuntes before she left.


Brandy and Sandy went back to normal school life, Sandy noticed the neck chain few days later and wondered but didn’t ask, after all its a chain anyone could have the exact type she thought to herself. But out of curiosity she called Jeff on the phone and invited him over,


“Nice chain Brandy”

Brandy traced her fingers round the neck chain and smiled.


“Thanks dear”

Sandy was again tempted to ask, but she decided not to.


The bell rang, and to Jeff’s surprise Brandy opened the door, and the first thing he noticed was his chain round her neck even though she had on just her bra and bum shorts. She wasn’t expecting to see Jeff and Sandy didn’t inform her her boyfriend was coming over, she felt it was one of their mutual friends who was at the door .

“Wtf”, Jeff whispered at first, looking around to be sure no one else was in the apartment.

Brandy laughed and stylishly touched his dick.

“C’mon love we are home alone” then she winked.

“Please can I have my chain back?”

“Nope! Unless you are ready to buy it back”

“Its a gift from Sandy, please!, okay name your price”

“In kind” she winked again. She could not get images of Jeff’s dick out of her mind, the huge size and thickness, gosh she just had to have him that day.


“Uhun! right here, right now”

“Are you fucking kidding me?”

“Kidding you?”

“You must be outta your mind to think I wooulll….”

Brandy cut him short by first kissing him as her hands massaged his dick.

“Oh goodness” Jeff whispered

Brandy began to massage him more, gripping her hand tight on his shaft, pulling and working on the dick.

“Stop it!, Sandy might walk in on us!”

“The coast is clear” she replied.

“You damn sure?” he asked.

Brandy knew they had to be quick so she quickly undid his belt and zip and his jeans dropped to the floor. She undid her short zip and stepped out of it. Jeff watched spellbound as Brandy

dropped to her knees in front of him, lifted his dick up with both hands and placed her mouth firmly over the end of his huge glans. She sucked hard and pumped him vigorously and sure enough, he swelled rapidly to an erection.


“Do you want me to take my bra off?”.


He nodded rapidly.


Brandy undid her bra while still sucking him.


“C’mon Jeff, feel this, tell me how much you have missed this” she said twisting her nipples.

Jeff pulled her up and practically dragged her to a bed.

“Nooo, let’s use that table, I have fantasied having you between my legs while I lean on a table. She took few steps and leaned on the table waiting.

Jeff stepped between her spread legs.

“Perfect! Don’t you think?” Smiling and looking at him seductively, while she grabbed his dick and rubbed the massive head against her pussy, she was so wet. Her juices were flowing easily with her anticipation and after a while he dipped his tongue into her pussy.


“Oh fuck! You are soaked” Jeff said.


She held her pussy lips apart with one hand and positioned him. He thrusts into her as deep as he could go.


“Oh yessssss…. Jeff, fuck me!”


He pulled out and pushed in again this time faster and harder.

She reached down beneath her bottom and pulled herself open as much as she could while Jeff thrust his hips, entering her more and more with each thrust.

His eyes were glued to her boobs and when she noticed that she raised her hands and tweaked her nipples, he groaned loudly and increased his rhythm.


“Yes, Jeff, that’s it, yes, yes! Faster!”


“You are so beautiful” Jeff whispered, staring at her.


He stopped and flipped her over, she already knew what he wanted, so she took her position and spread her legs wider while half of her body laid flat on the table. He placed a hand on her shoulder as he entered her from behind, her pussy massaging his dick as it was trapped inside. he began thrusting in and out of her again, while she banged back into him.


“Oh fuck!” Brandy said as she began to rub her clit, aggressively while Jeff continued riding her.


Jeff roughly pinched and twisted at a nipple, while the other shoved a finger into the girl’s anus now lubed by her juices. That did it for Brandy she tensed up and let loose one last long scream of

“Am cumming” and came really hard. Jeff was quiet close when he heard voices, but he didn’t stop, he just couldn’t stop, he was close, so very close, the voices were getting closer and closer, then he heard laughter, his mind told him to stop and get dressed, his body somehow didn’t want to stop fucking the very wet sweet pussy, and yet he knew he was gonna be in trouble if he didn’t stop now.

“oh fuck!,” please hold on for just a few minute he said aloud, Brandy was too carried away to have heard voices, she felt Jeff was telling her to hold on, she began thrusting back harder, she wasn’t tired and wanted him to know that.


“Am there baby!” He yelled, “yea… yea yea …yea…..


WTF is going on here…








Jeff pulled out and his sperm gushed out spreading everywhere, while he stood naked staring at four different girls including his girlfriend.

To be continued.

The Discovery 30

I winked then walked off praising myself with a smile. Let’s see how far she is willing to go. Damn! Nessa is fucking gorgeous!

I sat next to Lexy in a dark corner, sighted Nessa as she walked back into the hall, noticed she looked around, was she searching for me?

“Oh no!…please not here..My white sold me out all thanks to the Disco lights.

Nessa approached us, I twisted my lips as she did that. Lexy had one of her hands on my thigh tracing an imaginary image unconsciously.

“Hey!” Nessa said when she was close enough. We were used to screaming due to the loud music that played. Lexy looked up at her, and rested more on me.

“I didn’t get the name” she yelled.

“Ice” I managed to say..Damn! Why did she have to come here. My eyes kept going to her boobs, Plus I was imagining spreading her.

“Oh okay!, nice name”

“Thanks doll”

Lexy gave me a mean look, I could see that even in darkness.

“My girlfriend.. Lexy” had to say something. Shit!

“Oh seen!” She said.

“Hi” Lexy said out of politeness, but glad I showed her off.

“I think I know her”

Just what I was avoiding, I looked down and bit my lower lip.

“Oh really?” Lexy said now sitting up.

“You are Candy’s cousin, ain’t you?”


“I am Nessa”

“Holy shit!, Candy’s best friend”

Nessa was surprised to hear that, “you meant Candy’s girlfriend” she corrected her.

“Girlfriend? She looked wide eyed. Holy crap! My cousin is gay?”

“Oops! Guess i said a little too much. It must be the alcohol”. Nessa apologized and walked away.

There was an awkward silence for a minute or two. My mind raced..”Oh shit! Oh fucking hell”

Lexy sat up, “Wait a minute Ice! She paused.

“Oh please! I shut my eyes.. Oh please no! Don’t ask…oh fuck! I muttered..

“How did you know Nessa? How did you know Candy is gay? I couldn’t even recognize her, but you did…

“Damn! Busted again!” I took a stick of cigarette, as I tried to light it, she took it off my lips.

“Answer me gaddammit” she screamed at the top of her voice and drawing some attention.

“Hey! relax!..its not what you think.” trying to calm her.

“Damnit Ice! Answer me! Are you now screwing my cousin?”


“Say it Ice..go ahead and just say it?..”

“Okay!, can we step outside and talk?”

She stood up immediately, I followed suit, “think Ice, think gaddammit” as I ran my fingers trough my hair.

“I parked at that end” trying to buy some more time to think.


“Okay!, I ran into Candy in a mall, she said she came shopping. So did I. To my surprise she told me you told her about the suspension.”

Lexy nodded, “I had to talk to someone at that time and since we are close…”

“Anyways, that was how we met, she gave me her address and I also needed someone to talk to, so went over for a visit”.

“Okay?….. Go on”

“I saw Nessa’s picture. knew instantly they were an “item””…..I paused, took a deep breath and continued. “Though she kept denying it but she eventually agreed to been gay.


“So that’s it” hoping she wouldn’t ask more questions.

“So did my cousin hit on you?”

“Hell no!…”


“C’mon Lex..she is your cousin, how could I possibly fuck two cousins?” Trying so hard to sound irritated.

“With you Ice, anything can happen” she replied with a straight face.

“Very funny! Anyways, she got you some good stuffs, you should go pick them up”.

“Really?” I ignored her and placed my head on the steering wheel, Nessa’s image flashed through my mind..Damn! I ruined everything, all the chances of fucking Nessa all gone.

“Are you okay?”

“Yea I am” I raised my head then bit my lower lips, glazed through my glass thinking of my next plan.

“Make love to me”

I glazed at her, “I cant make love to you in a car Lex”

“Its been a while Ice and I have missed you”.

Her fingers traced my face, I was no longer in a good mood. Damn! I messed up big time. I should have….

“What’s on your mind”

“You” I lied.

“What about me?”

“Let’s go home”

“Do you think its a good idea?”

“Home is free”

“Oh okay” she became excited.


I turned and stared at her for a while, then leaned towards her and our lips met. As I kissed her, I imagined kissing Nessa. She looked soft, so I guess her lips should be soft as well. Fuck! stop it Ice! Just stop that thought.

I began to kiss her deep letting her know how much she affected me as I sucked, nibbled, and mashed my lips against hers. Then I stopped, traced my fingers on her lips while I licked mine..

“I love you Lex”

“I know! more”

We both laughed while I drove off heading home. As I drove, lexy reached for my CDs, searched and searched until she found Phil colins..

“I knew you were searching for that”

“I love his songs”

“Same here..


I finally pulled into my driveway I couldn’t remember a time I was this relieved to be home. For the first time I wasn’t in a good mood for sex. It wasn’t that I couldn’t take her there in the car as she requested, but the thought of me NEVER going to have Nessa troubled me. Damn fuck! Well her loss.

All I needed was a hot bath and my bed, and of course food, if there was any. I parked and we both got down heading for my front door. Knew the help would have locked the doors and gone to bed. I unlocked the door, waited for Lexy to walk in, then followed and shut the door behind me locking it.

I turned and was surprised when Lexy took me forcefully in her arms kissing me ardently. Any protests I had died the minute her lips touched mine, it had been weeks since we had seen each other and we had missed each other. I grabbed her body to mine. She pulled off my singlet and was already working on my tracks. She took a step forward making me lean against the door. Her tongue deeply in my mouth. Gosh! I had missed Lexy so I sucked on it hard. Her passion transferred itself to me immediately and my fatigue vanished. I became in the mood instantly. Her hand began to caress my thigh, the feel of it was ever so arousing, her hand soft and knowing….

“Let’s go to the bedroom”

“I cant wait”

Thank goodness the help sleeps at the boys quarters. That was a sign of relief.

Still kissing, I propelled her back, walking us until I was sure we had gotten to the couch. Then I stopped, pulled off her top, removed her boobs from her push up bra and buried my face between them while I gently pushed her down, her butt on the couch.

“Oh gawd Iceeee”

Her hands wrapped around me encouraging me in her movement that she was enjoying the feel of me against her. I could feel her chest rising and falling in an excited way. She arched against me, my hands pulled down her shorts, damn! No! I firmly squeezed her crotch, then my fingers played with her clit and then her wetness.

“Oh gawd Iceeeee…”

I stopped sucking her boobs kissed her tenderly shutting her up. She wrapped her legs round my waist, my fingers still on her clit, she began to hump~ grinding my fingers against our crotch. My tongue sneaked to an ear flicked and lapped. She moaned out loud and came. We were in that position for a while, her legs still wrapped around me.

“Can we go to the bedroom now?”

She giggled and nodded.


We rushed a bath and slept in each others arms, naked. Our legs between each other, our boobs pressed hard against each other. I was tired and quickly drifted off, so did she.


“Who is that?” I heard a knock on my door

“Its me, there is someone downstairs looking for you”.

“Who?” I half screamed. Looking at the wall clock. It was past 6am.

“Sister Ivy”

Shit! What have I gotten myself into.

“Who is that” Lexy asked

I ignored Lexy and stood up. I was fuming, wtf is wrong with that girl. I looked around till I found my pj, out of announce I rushed downstairs

“What are you doing here” I yelled at her, even before I got downstairs.

“Waiting for  you”

“Are you outta your fucking mind?”

“Who is she” lexy asked again, climbing down the stairs

“She is my sister” I heard Vicki’s voice.

Holy shit!….

To be continued

“If Only”…11

There was panic written on her face as she blurted “Oh my god.” She yanked her hand out of her pussy and hurriedly tried to pull up her pants

Alex looked away and stuttered “oh, eerrmm.”

“Mr Alex” she gasped.

“Oh uhm eerrm; What, uh, what are you doing here?” He managed to say, after all he was still her boss.

Ashamed, she lowered her head, her eyes tearing up. After several seconds, she said “Oh my god. I can’t believe you just saw me doing . . . THAT! I am so embarrassed.”

Alex felt pity then tried to play it off, “Hey, its no big deal. We all do it from time to time.” wondering if he should have used the term “we”

“Yes, but not in the office.”

“You should get dressed and get back to work” Alex continued,though not meaning it. He wished he could have her right there. It had been ages and his dick was still very much hard and protruding. Alex had often wondered what she’d look and sound like considering how she looked – and it was good. He reckoned this was the chance he had been waiting for. He took a quick decision and pulled her close to him. She willingly hugged back, it was time to move. His own needs had been met so far by watching and listening to Annie.

A quick look around to verify that no one was nearby, there was never anyone in that part of the wing anyways, but better safe than sorry. Satisfied, he locked the door and they slipped into each other’s arms and pressed their  lips together, their  tongues quickly snaking into each other’s mouth, her lips were very soft. His arms were around her waist, trying to pull her hips toward him. Her small hand began to caress his groin. His dick stiffened quickly under her touch. She reached lower, massaging his balls gently, causing his breath to come quick and shallow.

She undid her belt and dropped her pants for the second time that day. She lifted up her shirt, and unstrapped her bra, then tossed her shirt on the floor. She was now stark naked. She roughly pulled Alex’s pants and fumbled with the belts then zipped down. She slipped her hand inside his boxers pulled out his dick and began to caress it gently.

Without warning,Alex stopped her. He pushed her away in a gentle manner though.

“We cant do this” he said with all seriousness

“What!…No..! Please…!, Mr Alex… You cant…

“I am sorry Annie, but I cant do this”

“Oh god, its . . . It’s . . . It’s too embarrassing.” She managed to say.

Alex wore his pants and zipped up, he stopped at the door, took a deep breath and walked off.

Annie had never been so humiliated and embarrassed, she held back her tears as she got dressed slowly, she couldn’t see herself facing her boss. She needed to head home.

The door opened Alex walked in and rushed at her to her surprise. Not locking the door this time,he slid her zipper down and slipped his hand inside, cupping her pussy through her damp panties, she was so wet, she jerked up at his touch and moaned out his name. He moved his hand up and down against the soft moistness of her pussy while she humped his hand as they continued to make out that way.

Alex was no longer himself at that moment, he was on heat and needed to release. Once he had her good and worked up, he dropped to his knees before her and took her pants down for the third time that day. As his tongue brushed against the softness of her panties, tasting her juices, she moaned and shivered, her legs began to ache, she was loosing her balance all of a sudden. Gosh! How much she wanted him naked and vulnerable. She wanted him buried hot, hard, and throbbing inside of her. The thought of it caused more ache between her thighs.


“Unzip me,” Alex said in a commanding tone than he would not normally express. She began to undo his belt and his pants, watching them fall to his ankles. He help her by pulling them completely off.

Both naked, his body up against hers from behind, his dick pressing hard between her tight asscheeks,his arms around her waist, they looked perfect. She, too, realized it, and leaned back against him, she wanted to be in his arms forever. Annie felt a finger being stuck into her vagina from behind. It begins to stroke in and out of her deep and hard. His lips were on her neck, her most sensitive part, trailing warm, slow kisses down her neck. She shivered as he hit the joining of her neck, a soft moan escaped her lips. His sausage – like – finger still fucking her hard.

“Oh gawd…Alex”..she moaned.

Then all the sudden the finger was withdrawn and his big hard dick took its place. He entered her gently, and she found herself reacting to him, pushing her body against him as much as she could manage, she had waited for this moment so long, her hands placed on the wall, he took her from behind.

“Oh, oh, oh,” she gasped as he went deeper with tiny thrusts, touching places she didn’t think had been touched before. When she finally relaxed, he began to move inside her, faster, harder.

“That’s it, fuck me.” She had waited so long for him to take her. He drove into her with long, forceful thrusts that made her cry out, then pulled out just as quick. She was so close. She moved with the big cock inside her pulsating hard against the walls of her pussy.

Alex started with a low moan that came deep within his throat as the speed of his dick inside her increased. That did it! As Alex pushed his dick all the way inside her and held it there, she felt the cum hitting her, she came right away!

“Damn!” Annie said… “Finally”

Alex smiled, picked up his pants. He needed to clean up, as he walked towards the toilet, the door opened.

To be continued.

The Discovery 28

“Don’t even go there Ice”

“Whoever said I wanted to?” While I tried not to cough. It was my first time smoking and unbelievably was doing good.

“Details is all I wanna know” while I puffed out again, eyes still squinted

“Name is Nessa. Been dating for 4years, actually 4yrs december. She is in school, studying law.

“I like!, cant wait to meet her” I said with a wink

“Don’t even think about it Ice”

“Hey! Relax!” I said laughing. “A 3some wouldn’t be a bad idea you know” twisting my lips.

“I really do like her a whole lot for that”

“Interesting!..Look I have to run, we will continue our “tutorials” some other time” and we both laughed.

“Your stuffs?”

“Give them to your little cousin, they ain’t me anyways”


I got home and met some strange faces, plus my parents.

“Oh Ice, good you back, this is Pastor Ken and Miss Ivy. Where have you been by the way” I heard my mum say.

“Okay?” Ignoring her question.

“They are here to pre… talk to you”

“About?” trying not to get too irritated.

“Why don’t you sit down young lady and find out” my dad blurted out.

I stylishly rolled my eyes and walked towards Ivy then sat beside her. She shifted a bit, I almost started laughing.

“Hi Ice!, nice day isn’t it” Ken said.

“Yes, its been a great day actually!” I replied with a broad smile remembering the sex.

“Okay! Eerrm.. Clears throat. My name is Pastor Ken like you have been told”. He cleared his throat again “Your parents told me what you have been going through”.

I raised a brow. “What I have been going through?” I had to ask.

“Well”, cleared his throat again. I was beginning to think it was either he had cold or it was a normal practice and a very annoying one at that.

“You need to be delivered” oh finally! I thought to myself. No longer interested in his talks. So decided to concentrate on something else.

I had been glancing over at Ivy from time to time since I walked in thinking…. She wasn’t it, her boobs were average size, well, like a size 32C…A bit of lipstick, some make-up would have gone a long way . . hell, .. took another long look at her….Damn!. She wasn’t so ‘ bad looking’, after all, She looked smallish while seated. I couldn’t see her legs, sad though, she wore a long black skirt and a loose blouse. She noticed I was staring at her. I tried to read her facial expression, it read ‘omg! she’s looking at me like a girl looks at someone she wants, she stylishly turned and our eyes locked. I gave a side smile, I could see she was contemplating whether to smile back or not. Then she smiled. Damn! She was good looking!. Take off that loose blouse and I would bet she has a good figure. But that smile, it reminded me of someone, but couldn’t place it. Why am I . . .?

“ICE!” The pastor called out


“So here are the verses you would read” stretching out a hand towards me. Had to walk towards him to get them.

“So you remember how you were instructed to read the verses?”

I was confused…”Oh yes! I remember” I lied. Keeping a straight face, trying to look sober.

“Good! Let us pray”

I walked back, stood beside Ivy and stretched out my hand, she looked at me, smiled and joined hers with mine. I held tight unto her palm and began to caress her palm with my thumb. Squinted my eyes n tilted my head, while the rest closed there eyes

I caught her licking her lower lip, then she wiped a bead of sweat from her forehead. I smiled and continued, this time more pronounced. I leaned close and whispered “You look hot Ivy” as I watched some sweat form on her forehead once again.

“Stop it” she muttered, loud enough for my hearing only

“Do you honestly mean that?”

She licked her lips again, and wiped the sweat. This time she opened her eyes, looked around and was glad no one seemed to have noticed us. All eyes were shut except for hers and mine.

“So?” I whispered with a sexy smile, my lips turning up at the corners in a flirty way.

“So what?”

“AMEN” they all shouted. We both kept a straight face. After a while excused myself, and headed to my room, could sense Ivy’s eyes were on me as I walked, I giggled to myself.


I made for the door as i heard the bell ring, my parents had traveled for the weekend, leaving me at home after so much debate on whether I should tag along or not. I reminded them of the “tutorials” and how I would miss out if I tagged along. They called Candy and pleaded with her to watch over me. Was shocked to see Ivy at the entrance.

“Hi there, wow you look great” i said and meaning it, she looked different, a short multicolored skirt and a fitted body top, she had a good shape.

“Come in, want anything to drink?”

“Just some water thanks” Ivy said as she walked into the living room.

“Here you go dear” handing over a cold glass of chilled water as she sat down in a chair. Finally I thought to myself as I admired her legs, she had slim but not too long legs.

“Thanks” ivy smiled as she took a sip from the cold glass. I wasn’t prepared for what came next, she sat opened legged on the chair, her thighs glistening with sweat from the hot day.

“You sweating, let’s go upstairs, its more….comfortable”

She bit her upper lip as she stood up, she dropped the glass cup and trotted along after me. Half way upstairs the phone rang, I ignored whoever that was, the caller should call back I said to myself.

“How did you get here”


“U are really sweating, sure you okay? Or u would want to shower” she tensed up, and then managed to nod.

“Hey! Relax!, I don’t bite!”

She gave a weak smile and hit the showers. I stood there watching her turn the water on, a gush of cool water poured down hitting the shower net. She gasped at first. Soon though her body  adjusted to it and she just closed her eyes and let it flow. My god ,she looked beautiful. Flawless skin, firm breasts. Full hips and perfectly rounded ass cheeks, she was shaven clean as well! Another major turn on. I striped and joined her, leaned down and sucked one nipple for a moment and felt it harden as my tongue flicked lightly over it. She moaned lightly in response to my touch, there was something about her that reminded me of someone. She stood there like a statue. I stop and step away. With a smile my eyes roamed over her body lingering on her boobs.

“Your first time?”

“Yes” she replied with a nod.

Damn! That says it.. I never looked for the curious. They get all clingy and I am not in any way ready to settle down. She read my expression…

“And ready” she said looking straight at me.

I stepped forward and pined her to the wall, the shower still running, our bodies wet.

“Then touch me”. I said and guided her hand to my pussy. Slowly, she pushed her finger inside and found my clit.

“Yea, that’s the spot” i said then pulled away and smiled.

I backed her up against the shower wall and began to kiss her tenderly at first, with time she became more relaxed. “Oh Iceee,” she said as she slipped more into my arms and kissed me fully. My hands slipped around her back and pulled her tighter against me as I returned her kiss. Planted soft kisses on her neck till I began to suck on her nipples, she moaned so loud. The more i sucked and nibbled, the louder Ivy got.

I stopped suddenly and fell on my knees, my hands parted her thighs and my tongue flicked over her clit, damn! she tasted good. I thrust up into her pussy and fucked her good, while I brushed my finger over her sensitive clit, sounds of pleasure escaped from within.

“Iceeeee ” she moaned

Damn! That voice..I shook the thought off..

“Oh god…oh god,…oh good god. She screamed as she released right in my mouth.

She shivered uncontrollably as I licked her clean, spending extra time on her clit then she came again.

“You like?”

“I….l..o..v..e..” She managed to say. She took a deep breath and gave me a tight hug no longer shy.

“You should shower dear”, as I stepped out into my room.


As she stepped into my room her phone rang….

“Awwww my sister Vicki” she said as she picked her call.

“Hello Vicki”

I froze, that was it, “that smile, that fucking voice”…. that fucking smile reminded me of vicki’s..

“Am with a friend…. Ice”

Omg!, I just fucked Vicki’s sister.

To be continued.