Rukky rushed out of her office building and luckily spotted a cab, she stopped the cab, bargained and finally got in. It was finally here ~ the D day. She became nervous, her hands sweaty, she felt like chickening out but it had been her fantasy to be dominated ~ used ~ enslaved ~ tortured in not too painful ways anyways and she had pleaded with this stranger whom she was yet to meet to be gentle with her.

She had been surfing the internet lately working on different projects being assigned to her when she came across a dating site. Reluctantly she logged in and her life had never been the same after then. Richy her internet lover was finally going to visit her that day and they had agreed her house instead of his. They had been chatting for a while and had gotten so used to each other, knowing their likes and dislikes, their fantasies and all there is to know.

Her phone vibrating between her legs made her shiver, it was a text message from him reminding her of their meeting. Her nervousness knew no bounds, should she cancel? She thought to herself as she looked out the window. She clicked on reply and simply typed ~”I’m on my way home, Master.”

“Good! When you get home, after your usual shower don’t get dressed. Strap a ball gag in your mouth, attach clamps to your nipples and pussy lips, buckle your collar into place and get a whip, before handcuffing your wrists behind the back of a chair and hey don’t lock the door.” His reply made Rukky shiver and the thought of all that made her instantly wet.

She unlocked her door and rushed in, went straight to her room and began taking off her clothes. She was running out of time and needed to finish her assignment before her master walks in. She rushed her bath and read the text message again to be sure what and what she needed to take out from her locker.


Her Master walked in looking really hot, quiet tall and well dressed. He went straight to business as he stood right in front of her and made her stand up she struggled a bit and eventually managed to stand still handcuffed to the chair. He drew her to him in a rough manner removed the ball gag and kissed her roughly, replaced it then pushed her away so he could assess her appearance: Just as he requested, the clamps were on her nipples and pussy lips, her collar was well buckled into place round her neck and the whip was right beside her on the floor. He was pleased.

Her Master uncuffed her from the chair, turned her around and spanked her forcefully. He brushed her hair forcefully to the side and kissed her neck then spanked her ass again; She squeezed her thighs tightly together around her aching clit the clamps not helping; shivers ran through her body as she felt the contact. He broke the kiss by pulling her hair back forcing her head backwards as he leaned down to kiss her neck again grabbing her breast with his other hand.

“On your knees in fours” He commanded this time he attached the lead to his wrist and pulled her forcefully with it. Her heart was pounding when he picked the whip and lashed it on her. She groaned in pain and pleasure and hit her first orgasm for the day. “Follow me” she followed on her hands and knees, too excited to notice the rough texture of the carpet, she was slightly chilly but didn’t dare complain!

Then he jingled the chain and spanked her hard. Somehow and to Rukky’s surprise Richy lead her to her bedroom.

“On the bed” he instructed. Rukky obeyed. He opened some of her lockers until he found what he was looking for~ some chains attached to metal restraints. She tried to break free by hurriedly getting up but he dragged her back, pushing her back to the bed. All she could do was kick her legs wildly. He fixed one of the metal restraints around her wrist and snapped it together, then forced her other arm behind her and fixed a clamp to her other wrist. She was pushing against him but he was too strong for her.

He held her there tightly as he fixed clamps around both legs separately. She struggled against his grip on her and then realised that her legs had been fixed by a chain to the bed pool making her legs spread wide apart. He reached up and grabbed the chain that was fixed on her right wrist pulling her while he tied it again on the upper part of the bed pool stretching her arm wide, then finally the left wrist now leaving her arms and legs spread wide.

Satisfied, he brought out his camera and snapped her. He stood back to admire her for a while smiled and walked off in search for his next victim…….


Copyright @ 2013 All rights reserved.

The pledge 19

Ijay slid her hands slowly down Becky’s body, down to where the bottom of her shirt hung on her stomach. Inch by inch, ijay guided her hands up and under her shirt. Moment by moment, she came closer to feeling the breasts, then felt the nub of her nipple, which was erect; her nipples are quite big~ Ijay thought to herself with a smile. As she explored her breasts and imagined them in her minds eye, she felt herself breathing harder. They were so soft, they were better than what she had ever imagined them. Becky began pulling her shirt up, so Ijay helped her take it off and then quickly discarded hers. A crash of thunder came just as Ijay reached her lips again, causing her to pull tight to her. “Its raining” Becky whispered.

“Perfect timing” ijay replied. A flash of lightning poured through the window, as they both fell into the bed



“Pam.. will… be… so.. mad.. at.. us.., how could…”

“Hey c’mon Angel, what’s with the tears? We were both high and we got carried away”

“No Jenny, you had all this planned out didn’t you?” Angel yelled at the top of her voice tears rolling down her cheeks “Gosh how could I be so stupid”

“Will you just shut the fuck up!”

“Don’t tell me that” she screamed…”Gosh! Pam! Are – you – gonna – tell – her?”

“You don’t have to tell her anything and I won’t but on one condition”

“I don’t? And what condition” Finally sitting up.

“Yea, you don’t” jay said mildly as she sat beside her admiring Angel’s full boobs. “I enjoyed every second I spent with you Angel and Pam doesn’t have to know”

“What the fuck are you driving at? Pam would be so disappointed in us”

“Us?” Jenny cut her off. “Wait a minute Angel did you just say us?” Suddenly tired of making her see reason

“Yea you……”

“Hellloooo you came looking for me remember, you are in my house, my bed, naked!..”

“Gosh Jay, is this what you…”

“Listen, you love Pam right?”

“With all my heart, I…”

“Please spare me the rest of the details”



Ijay reached up and started to play with her breasts once again by squeezing, and rolling her nipples between her fingers, she paid a lot of attention to her nipples, brushing, pinching and rolling them. This was getting ijay so turned on she felt herself growing wetter and her nipples getting harder. She slowly started to work her hands down Becky’s body, played with the elastic at the top of her g-string for a minute before she let her hand slid down inside. Becky moaned softly as her hand slid over her. With one hand on Becky’s breast, alternating between caressing the soft flesh and playing with her very erect nipple. Ijay let her other hand slide down over her soft pussy. Ijay could feel Becky’s breath escape her as her finger brushed over her hard clit, then slid over her full and aroused pussy lips, she let a finger slowly part them, juices instantly covered her fingertip as she let it slide gently between her outer lips, slowly caressing her soft and warm pussy. Ijay slowly withdrew her finger it was wet and glistening then brought it to Becky’s mouth. She hungrily sucked on it, as she did Ijay slid her g-string over her hips and down her thighs.



Angel wailed she threw the nearest object she could lay her hands on which was a pillow “Gosh I hate you for doing this to me, I hate myself for allowing this shit to happen” she stammered getting up and trying to get dressed.

“Relax Angel, like I said she doesn’t have to know and the condition is…”

“I will die of guilt don’t you get it jenny, don’t you!”

“Ok then, let’s go ahead and inform her after all I didn’t force you”

“No! Please! We cant tell Pam please! Omg! Why did I come here? What was I thinking? Why…”

“On one condition”

“Which is?”

“We keep having fun, I have ne….

“Are you outta your mind?”

“Tell me you didn’t enjoy what we had last night Angel, can you look me in the eyes and honestly say that?”

“Fuck off!”




Becky now completely nude, and Ijay was gazing at her body with lust, Becky’s fingers gently pinched ijay’s nipples she moaned and melted into her. Her tongue ran over ijay’s nipples sending electric sparks through her body, but most were concentrated in her rapidly moistening pussy. Her fingertips brushed over Becky’s inner thighs she spread her legs a little, enjoying the feeling. “I have wanted you so bad, wanted to love you, wanted to taste you.” Becky whispered looking straight into ijay’s eyes. “I know”..

Ijay moved up to the firm breasts and started to lick and suck the highly erect nipples again. Her tongue wrapped around the nipples and she bit gently on the flesh in her mouth. Her hand was drifting back to her pussy rubbing gently at the clit, opening the lips, inserting just the tip of a finger. Becky was now in such a state of ecstasy, she had lost her bearings, she did not know who she was at that point. She pulled her partners head closer to her breast, urging Ijay to bite more, feeling ijay’s back, letting her hand fall to her buttocks, grasping tightly, sharp nails digging in. Ijay rose, with a smile, she turned around, placing her mouth directly over the bright, clean clit in front of her, and placing hers in her friend’s face. She licked at Becky’s clit, using her hands to knead her beautiful pussy lips, opening her sex, drinking from her pussy. While Becky practically chewed on ijay’s large clit, while fingering her anus. To ijay’s surprise becky started pissing as she sucked, she drank as much as she could get, pushing one finger into her partners anus, and three into to her pussy. Becky’s face was now buried into Ijay’s pussy, licking, sucking, and biting. Ijay started to cum forcing her walls into Becky’s face, spilling urine as well. Becky lapped it up greedily as she sensed her peak ~ both women pulled their partners head closer, pumping harder and harder…..



“Do you really mean that!” Jay asked

“Why are you doing this to me jenny?”

“Well since I cant have Pam for obvious reasons, I can share you with her and ofcos before I forget I pledge not to say a word, you refuse I spill and we both loose, so what do you say?”




Copyright @ 2013 All rights reserved.

The Discovery 31

Fucking hell!!!!! Busted!! again!!!

I could feel the tension and for a moment I couldn’t utter even a simple word in English; it seemed I had forgotten everything.

I wiped the sweat on my forehead with the back of my hand, while I chewed on my bottom lip relentlessly, on the verge of drawing blood, that was how tensed I was. I looked at Lexy. “Oh fack! am I going to loose her again? I shook my head at myself. I was going mad.

“I can see you guys are still living strong” Vicki said. Breaking the silence.

“Hi Vicki” Lexy greeted her.

“What the hell are you two doing here” I asked, trying to be bold, while i stared from Lexy to Vicki then to Ivy, oh fuck! and to think I have had them all. Damn! I seriously need to settle down. But somehow an image of Vicki’s nipples under all those clothes flashed in my head and her moans at the same time..

“Ugh!” I silently scolded myself

“Well we went for a program last night, my sister pointed your house and out of curiosity I decided to drop by” Vicki said smiling. “Small world isn’t it?”

“Like seriously!, this early?” I said aloud. But deep within me I was relieved ~ If really that was the only reason they had for this unexpected visit…

I took a deep breath in and out, then sat down..whew a sigh of relief swept through me.

“Okay!, I am going back to bed” Lexy said and disappeared upstairs. I glanced at her, she appeared unaffected by their presence. Obviously, her leaving us would help me a whole lot.

“Can you give us a minute?” Vicki said, but she was looking not at her sister, but at me. I tried to ignore the way her hand moved over her boobs, stroking lightly; to my surprise, Ivy made for the stairs.

“Where the hell do you think you are going to?” I yelled out of irritation and then regret for ever having anything with her.

“Want to go up to your room” Ivy replied.

“You know her room?” Vicki asked

“Oh No!..eerrm..” She stuttered

I closed my eyes and took another deep breath…I could handle Vicki, she was a small fry, but lexy…I wouldn’t wanna hurt her.

She walked back and walked out.

“Did you have anything with my sister?”

“Are you outta your fucking mind?” I had to play smart..”Did she tell you I had anything with her?” Hoping and praying silently…

“No she didn’t…”

“Good!” Another relief swept through me. Gosh!

“But she seems to like you a lot and has been going on and on talking about you, so I was thinking…”

“Thinking I should have you both?, you know it wouldn’t be such a bad idea screwing two sisters.. You should be glad if I ever…

“ICE!…please stay away from my sister, she is young and naïve. I….”

“She seems like a nice kid.” I cut her off again, glad I was getting her upset.

“Ice please, I…”

I raised a brow, I had had enough…”Look Vicki, if this is the reason you visited me this early then fuck off!. I need to catch some sleep, shut the door behind you and hey do me a favor..tell your sister I don’t wanna ever set my eyes on her again or her coming here!” I took some few steps, then turned and said, that also applies to you..

“I’ve been thinking about you lately you know….”

“Huh! Are you fucking kidding me?” I whispered. Damn! Now that was tempting, but the moment I heard footsteps coming from the stairs….

“Fuck off Vicki and tag your sister along with you…. “Just get lost”.


“Wow” Lexy said grinning. I walked past her and entered my room, she tagged along.

“You know Ice, I think you over reacted, like you were trying to defend yourself by attacking”

“Meaning” with a raised bow

“Like you really had something with that girl…what’s that her name again self…”

“So fucking what? I had her in the showers” I almost said. but this is Lexy, not Vicki or…. If lexy hadn’t been here, I would have told Vicki I fucked her sister and would do it again if she comes looking for me….

“You accused me of screwing your cousin last night, then this morning you are assuming I fucked Vicki’s sister”. I said instead.

“I am sorry hun”

“Yea! You should be…I need me some sleep” while I stripped, she did same. I always enjoy sleeping naked


She laid beside me, half on top of me actually, her head rested on my chest, a leg in between my legs. My arms wrapped tight around her, I lightly pecked her hair.

Slowly her hand began to fondle my boobs, my nipple grew erect and hard, her mouth went to the side of my neck and softly sucked the spot where it joined my shoulder. Again I wasn’t in a good frame of mind for sex and I saw that coming.

“Gosh!, my head hurts” I lied. Thinking that would help the situation.

Lexy took a nipple in her fingertips and gently tugged it. It became harder instantly..

“Stop it Lex” I whispered.

She leaned down and took the hard nipple between her lips, circled it with her tongue and lightly nibbled on my boobs.

“Stop it Lexy” I said again in a more affirmed tone.

She pressed her thigh into my wetness. “Gosh you feel so good against me” she whispered. I could feel my wetness against her thigh.

“Shit! My mind was telling me no but my body betrayed me…

With her tongue she lapped my ears…

“STOP IT GADDARMIT” I screamed..

To be continued.

The Discovery 30

I winked then walked off praising myself with a smile. Let’s see how far she is willing to go. Damn! Nessa is fucking gorgeous!

I sat next to Lexy in a dark corner, sighted Nessa as she walked back into the hall, noticed she looked around, was she searching for me?

“Oh no!…please not here..My white sold me out all thanks to the Disco lights.

Nessa approached us, I twisted my lips as she did that. Lexy had one of her hands on my thigh tracing an imaginary image unconsciously.

“Hey!” Nessa said when she was close enough. We were used to screaming due to the loud music that played. Lexy looked up at her, and rested more on me.

“I didn’t get the name” she yelled.

“Ice” I managed to say..Damn! Why did she have to come here. My eyes kept going to her boobs, Plus I was imagining spreading her.

“Oh okay!, nice name”

“Thanks doll”

Lexy gave me a mean look, I could see that even in darkness.

“My girlfriend.. Lexy” had to say something. Shit!

“Oh seen!” She said.

“Hi” Lexy said out of politeness, but glad I showed her off.

“I think I know her”

Just what I was avoiding, I looked down and bit my lower lip.

“Oh really?” Lexy said now sitting up.

“You are Candy’s cousin, ain’t you?”


“I am Nessa”

“Holy shit!, Candy’s best friend”

Nessa was surprised to hear that, “you meant Candy’s girlfriend” she corrected her.

“Girlfriend? She looked wide eyed. Holy crap! My cousin is gay?”

“Oops! Guess i said a little too much. It must be the alcohol”. Nessa apologized and walked away.

There was an awkward silence for a minute or two. My mind raced..”Oh shit! Oh fucking hell”

Lexy sat up, “Wait a minute Ice! She paused.

“Oh please! I shut my eyes.. Oh please no! Don’t ask…oh fuck! I muttered..

“How did you know Nessa? How did you know Candy is gay? I couldn’t even recognize her, but you did…

“Damn! Busted again!” I took a stick of cigarette, as I tried to light it, she took it off my lips.

“Answer me gaddammit” she screamed at the top of her voice and drawing some attention.

“Hey! relax!..its not what you think.” trying to calm her.

“Damnit Ice! Answer me! Are you now screwing my cousin?”


“Say it Ice..go ahead and just say it?..”

“Okay!, can we step outside and talk?”

She stood up immediately, I followed suit, “think Ice, think gaddammit” as I ran my fingers trough my hair.

“I parked at that end” trying to buy some more time to think.


“Okay!, I ran into Candy in a mall, she said she came shopping. So did I. To my surprise she told me you told her about the suspension.”

Lexy nodded, “I had to talk to someone at that time and since we are close…”

“Anyways, that was how we met, she gave me her address and I also needed someone to talk to, so went over for a visit”.

“Okay?….. Go on”

“I saw Nessa’s picture. knew instantly they were an “item””…..I paused, took a deep breath and continued. “Though she kept denying it but she eventually agreed to been gay.


“So that’s it” hoping she wouldn’t ask more questions.

“So did my cousin hit on you?”

“Hell no!…”


“C’mon Lex..she is your cousin, how could I possibly fuck two cousins?” Trying so hard to sound irritated.

“With you Ice, anything can happen” she replied with a straight face.

“Very funny! Anyways, she got you some good stuffs, you should go pick them up”.

“Really?” I ignored her and placed my head on the steering wheel, Nessa’s image flashed through my mind..Damn! I ruined everything, all the chances of fucking Nessa all gone.

“Are you okay?”

“Yea I am” I raised my head then bit my lower lips, glazed through my glass thinking of my next plan.

“Make love to me”

I glazed at her, “I cant make love to you in a car Lex”

“Its been a while Ice and I have missed you”.

Her fingers traced my face, I was no longer in a good mood. Damn! I messed up big time. I should have….

“What’s on your mind”

“You” I lied.

“What about me?”

“Let’s go home”

“Do you think its a good idea?”

“Home is free”

“Oh okay” she became excited.


I turned and stared at her for a while, then leaned towards her and our lips met. As I kissed her, I imagined kissing Nessa. She looked soft, so I guess her lips should be soft as well. Fuck! stop it Ice! Just stop that thought.

I began to kiss her deep letting her know how much she affected me as I sucked, nibbled, and mashed my lips against hers. Then I stopped, traced my fingers on her lips while I licked mine..

“I love you Lex”

“I know! more”

We both laughed while I drove off heading home. As I drove, lexy reached for my CDs, searched and searched until she found Phil colins..

“I knew you were searching for that”

“I love his songs”

“Same here..


I finally pulled into my driveway I couldn’t remember a time I was this relieved to be home. For the first time I wasn’t in a good mood for sex. It wasn’t that I couldn’t take her there in the car as she requested, but the thought of me NEVER going to have Nessa troubled me. Damn fuck! Well her loss.

All I needed was a hot bath and my bed, and of course food, if there was any. I parked and we both got down heading for my front door. Knew the help would have locked the doors and gone to bed. I unlocked the door, waited for Lexy to walk in, then followed and shut the door behind me locking it.

I turned and was surprised when Lexy took me forcefully in her arms kissing me ardently. Any protests I had died the minute her lips touched mine, it had been weeks since we had seen each other and we had missed each other. I grabbed her body to mine. She pulled off my singlet and was already working on my tracks. She took a step forward making me lean against the door. Her tongue deeply in my mouth. Gosh! I had missed Lexy so I sucked on it hard. Her passion transferred itself to me immediately and my fatigue vanished. I became in the mood instantly. Her hand began to caress my thigh, the feel of it was ever so arousing, her hand soft and knowing….

“Let’s go to the bedroom”

“I cant wait”

Thank goodness the help sleeps at the boys quarters. That was a sign of relief.

Still kissing, I propelled her back, walking us until I was sure we had gotten to the couch. Then I stopped, pulled off her top, removed her boobs from her push up bra and buried my face between them while I gently pushed her down, her butt on the couch.

“Oh gawd Iceeee”

Her hands wrapped around me encouraging me in her movement that she was enjoying the feel of me against her. I could feel her chest rising and falling in an excited way. She arched against me, my hands pulled down her shorts, damn! No! I firmly squeezed her crotch, then my fingers played with her clit and then her wetness.

“Oh gawd Iceeeee…”

I stopped sucking her boobs kissed her tenderly shutting her up. She wrapped her legs round my waist, my fingers still on her clit, she began to hump~ grinding my fingers against our crotch. My tongue sneaked to an ear flicked and lapped. She moaned out loud and came. We were in that position for a while, her legs still wrapped around me.

“Can we go to the bedroom now?”

She giggled and nodded.


We rushed a bath and slept in each others arms, naked. Our legs between each other, our boobs pressed hard against each other. I was tired and quickly drifted off, so did she.


“Who is that?” I heard a knock on my door

“Its me, there is someone downstairs looking for you”.

“Who?” I half screamed. Looking at the wall clock. It was past 6am.

“Sister Ivy”

Shit! What have I gotten myself into.

“Who is that” Lexy asked

I ignored Lexy and stood up. I was fuming, wtf is wrong with that girl. I looked around till I found my pj, out of announce I rushed downstairs

“What are you doing here” I yelled at her, even before I got downstairs.

“Waiting for  you”

“Are you outta your fucking mind?”

“Who is she” lexy asked again, climbing down the stairs

“She is my sister” I heard Vicki’s voice.

Holy shit!….

To be continued

The Discovery 27

I waited patiently, waited to see her stark naked…twisted my lips and watched her as she took her garments off one after the other, I laid there quiet, waiting to see her next move, boiling inside, but had to control myself to achieve what I had in store for her.

Gosh, she looked beautiful, her skin ~ spotless, it glowed in the dim light, her tummy very flat, I looked between her legs and saw her very visible clit. Gosh! It was huge, looked bigger than what I expected. Damn! I felt myself ogling. I licked my lips, watched how she wore her strap on, then she started walking towards me the rubber dick was bouncing and swaying as she moved, that brought me back to reality.

“Hell no! You cant use that on me” I yelled with all seriousness, the moment she mounted the bed. “But I could use it on you” I said with a harsh tone, keeping a straight face while I got off the bed. There was a bit of an awkward silence and I didn’t care. She wasn’t expecting that, I could tell. She sat there motionless, probably trying to digest what just played.

I picked up my dress, then dropped it, was I gonna walk off without fucking her? Wtf was wrong with me?. My eyes went round her room searching for my personal belongings, (clothes) then remembered they were still in her car, I ran my fingers through my hair thinking of my next move. Damn! I was almost losing it, then I realized there and then that I wasn’t in love with her, I just wanted to  fulfill my fantasies, and I was tired of playing cool just to get into her pants.

“No one fucks me!” I heard her say. Finally! I thought to myself, she is back to reality.

“Wow!”I said with a tilted head. “Same here!, Welcome to the club” I said with a fake smile and a stretched hand, I wasn’t expecting her to stretch hers anyways. I had had enough of her, who the fuck does she think she is? No one dares control me, I am… ICE!!

“Now you listen Candy”, more awkward silence before I went on, “You certainly know how to control your ‘bitches’, you surely do!, but I’m certainly not one of them. I gave you some privileges because you are much older and more experienced, plus I thought I could learn a thing or two”… I lied! More like I wanted to fulfill my fantasies would have been better.


“Sssshhh! I ain’t done yet. Well looks like there was really not much to learn. But sincerely I think you have crossed the line”. I felt an immense amount of pride for that personal achievement.

“Wow” her eyes widening in surprise. “Lexy was right”

“Excuse me!” With a raised eyebrow

“I had been hinted”, she got up and lit a cigarette. I thought I could break you, I actually felt I had succeeded. Now staring at me. We do have a lot in common you know and I really do like you”

“Interesting! So what..”

“I’m sorry Ice, for my shitty attitude, she cut me off, I didn’t mean to” Candy apologized, meaning every word of it while she removed her strap on.

That did it, I had gotten her, I bit my lower lip trying hard not to laugh. Then walked towards her, Damn Ice! Damn! you good! next line of action and be fast, I thought to myself.

Blowing out a breath of air, I pulled Candy close to me and hugged her. She smelled so wonderful. I felt her clit right away. Gosh I had to have her, even if it meant once, how could I just walk away without fucking her I asked myself again. My mind began to race. Here we were stalk naked, her clit so close to mine, I felt her dampness. Think Ice, think!

I broke the embrace and said “if you want us to keep seeing each other, the game has to change, but for now..

My lips met hers, as we kissed each other hard, liked the way kissing her made me feel, I teased her lips, bit her lower lip then kissed down her neck, then back to her mouth. I nibbled at her lips until she found the rhythm and responded in kind. Then we fondled each others boobs, grinding hard against each other still standing. I gently pushed her to lie on her back without breaking our kiss then mounted her, very soft body I must say. We began a slow, rhythmic dance with our pussies pushing hard against each other. Her eyes shut, mine squinted. I couldn’t believe she allowed herself to be pressed onto the bed. I felt her heart pounding hard as we french kissed. Gosh! Her full lips were so soft and her tongue was wonderfully now forcing its way into my mouth, our kiss was getting deeper and more passionate, our heads turning against each other as we sucked each other’s tongues so deeply, I controlled the kiss and happy I was in charge. She let out a little gasp of pleasure during our kiss, I smiled in response.

After a few moments she tried to roll me over, I gently pushed her back, giving her a mischievous smile. She tried again, and I pushed her down more until she was flat against the sheets. I kissed my way to her ear then trailed love bites towards her neck, nipped around it, kissed it tenderly, then sucked on it.

“”OOOHH GOSSSH.” Candy groaned.

My mouth sucked her hard nipples, i loved the feel of Candy’s pointed nipples in my mouth. Her hands were caressing, massaging my round, soft ass. Her fingers glided between my ass-cheeks playing tenderly at my anus. I moaned with pleasure, I moved up a bit creating a small space between us while my fingers went in search of her clit. We both gasped when I felt it, gosh! It was really BIG!

“Icccceeee” she moaned but it was quickly silenced by my lips pressed against hers slightly fierce but more gentle than ever. More love bites on her boobs, tommy, till I got to her pussy, I needed to see her clit properly, feel it.

“WOW!” I exclaimed while my tongue licked it, felt like a small dick in my mouth, I sucked on Candy’s swollen clit, she moaned in ecstasy, spreading her legs wider, humping her pussy hard against my mouth. “oh yeah, please don’t stop,” Candy moaned loudly.

I placed 2 fingers into her pussy, my tongue never leaving her clit, while the other was busy on her boobs. It was an incredible feeling, and I felt my orgasm coming, without really being touched, I slid a finger into her ass while she kept humping; “OH, MY GOD!!” Candy screamed her breath was coming hard, I was so tempted to stop, but I wanted to watch her cum, just then she hit her orgasm.

“Who is in charge now?” I muttered.

I knew she didn’t hear me, I positioned her in such a way our pussies met, we began rubbing and grinding furiously against each other, we sat up a bit as we kissed and fondled each other. I could feel her juices still flowing, I pulled up a bit, wanted her “small dick” inside me, “oh shit” I signed from excitement when Candy pressed her pussy more against mine. Making her clit dive more into my pussy, I grabbed her ass and pulled her more against my dripping pussy even harder, grinding with hunger for one another. We were both wet with sex sweat.

“Oh fuck!” We both exclaimed at the same time as we both reached our orgasm but we continued rubbing each other, it was a long-lasting climax. She tried breaking the contact, but I held her back, tightening my legs around hers, the smell of sexual release filled the room. Finally after what seemed like forever we broke the contact, I reached up and kissed her with a smile, she placed her head on my chest. We were both trying to catch our breath.

“So what precisely did Lexy say?”

“You are a tough one to crack” she managed to say still kind of panting.


“So does she know about us”

“Hell no!, she is my little cousin and please let’s keep it that way”

“Interesting” I said again.

“Anyways, what’s up with us?”

“Whats up wit us? I asked wit a raised brow? Could you please help me with my clothes, while I rush a shower? completely ignoring her question.

“Yea sure”. While she staggered up, she wrapped herself with a towel and walked out of her room while I headed to her shower.

I wore my jeans and tees, she remained silent, watching me, then lit a cigarette and smoked.

“I asked a question” she finally said breaking the silence

“Which was” I said walking towards her now fully dressed.

“What’s up with us”

“Oh!, there nothing up with us” I replied while I took a stick of cigarette squinted my eyes and lit it.

“By the way” I went on, “who is that hottie on that picture frame” while I puffed out the smoke.

To be continued…

The Discovery 26

She wasn’t looking at me any longer and i had this funny feeling she wasn’t going to answer so I said, “You just want a fuck buddy, is that it?”

“No,” she said, emphatically, she seemed a little shocked from the question.

“Then what?” I half screamed.

She looked over her shoulder at me and said “we should get going” then walked towards the door, Just as I expected, she avoided the question.


I stared out of the window as she drove, the song that played was an R&B love song – I felt it. As if she saw through me, she reached over and stroked my thigh, I gazed at her then squinted my eyes and without a word shifted my leg until her hand slid to the seat, which made her to  keep both hands on the steering wheel. She drove straight to a shopping mall and did some shopping for me; though not my regular wears though, I hated heels, short dresses or skirts, but she got them anyways and made me wear a sleeveless and shockingly short black dress. My legs were bare and luckily smooth shaven; on my feet I wore a stylish red criss-crossed high-heels. Although I felt I looked funny in them, she assured me I looked good and very sexy.


I stepped into her apartment and the first thing I noticed was a massive picture frame of her and someone else ~ a chic, they stared into each others eyes, I saw love, I squinted my eyes, cleared my throat and asked her who the other girl was, as I admired the entire house( lovely apartment I must say and quiet expensive too).

“You should do more of the listening than asking” she said as she walked off towards her room. I stood in shock for some  few seconds…

“Wtf?” I yelled out in anger plus jealousy as I walked behind her. Her room was very spacious, with a massive bed that could accommodate four adults without any form of discomfort, It had a big screen television, chairs and a table. She stopped,turned and raised an eye brow, but remained silent, instead lit a cigarette and smoked.

“So you can ask me questions and I dare not ask you?” Still screaming. I leaned on her dressing table very upset. She smiled which got me more upset, then she started walking slowly towards me still smiling.

“I know how to shut you up” as she placed her cigarette on the ash tray.

“I don’t want to……

My demand was interrupted by her lips on mine. Momentarily i responded, sliding my arms around her neck and leaned into her. Then I pushed her away.

“No Candy. I’m still upset with you.”

She pulled me back to her and nuzzled my neck…

“Ooooh shit!. You know that’s a spot ya” her hands caressed my boobs, she pressed my body close against hers, loving the way our boobs pressed against each others. I squeezed my thighs together to quell the sudden flutter of arousal she had triggered within me. She kissed me again and our tongues met. My clit began to throb, my body filled with heat and desire, her hands roamed all over my clothed body, then slowly took hold of the bottom of my dress and lifted it over my head then undid my bra, leaving my skin bare except the panties i wore. She kissed me passionately licking the bottom of my lip with her tongue. She moved her lips down to my neck sucking on the skin lightly and licking it with her tongue. Her hands moved seductively down my body touching each curve of my body.


Then just as it started unexpectedly, she stopped abruptly. I was still wondering why the hell she stopped when she lifted me up surprising me and threw me on the bed. She dug though her stuff and got out one of her vibrators and her strap on.


I laid there watching my emotions change from shock, disbelief, awe, confusion.

“Please tell me I am thinking what you think you’re thinking. What are you up to?”


“Well, I thought I could fuck you, here and now”.

To be continued…

The Discovery 25

“Wow! you have a positive influence on Candy” my mum said the moment she walked in.

“You have no idea” I replied with a smile.

“Ice and I got talking” Candy said facing my mum. I paused and stared at her, wondering what she had in store this time. “I offered to coach her so she wouldn’t fall back because of the two weeks suspension”

I was in shock, but quickly regained my composure, smiled and nodded my head in acceptance.

Just as Candy fore-sighted, mum was so taken in by her, she thanked Candy for her nice gesture with a hug and agreed to the “tutorials”. “Its nothing really” Candy said with a smile. “Your tutorial starts tomorrow 9am she said facing me with a straight face. Gosh! This girl is good I thought to myself while I bowed my head with a side smile, she deserved it.


I picked up the shower head, and soaked myself. searched through the various “products” i had in the shower then picked my favorite, the lemon shower gel, squirted it all over my pouf, then worked the pouf all over my body. As I did that, my mind wandered off on Candy’s plans.. I had began to fall really hard for her in an annoying way. She was the first girl that had ever had that much control over me, and why I allowed her was a mystery. Was I really falling in love with her?.. Damn! My nipples grew hard while I suds out my boobs. “Get a grip ICE!, I said aloud, as I rinsed my body.


I looked at my naked body in my wall mirror admiring myself, been a while I did that, my boobs didn’t seem to have developed much, same height about 5ft 5 with straight, shoulder length, black hair. Stood sideways and ran my hands over my body, loved what I saw, my b-cup boobs stood firm and round, tucked part of my hair that covered part of my face over an ear and continued to admire my slim firm body.

Just then i heard the doorbell, looked at my wall clock, Candy was early, didn’t hear her drive in either. The doorbell rang again, this time I grabbed my towel and ran down the stairs.

“You’re early” I panted as i opened the door.

“Sorry, couldn’t wait.”

“You smell good” as I tried to shut the door after her.

“Your parents?” Completely ignoring my compliments. Great!


With that said she lowered her head and started planting soft, gentle kisses on my neck. I tried to move away, tried to stop her, but I couldn’t. Instead found myself starting to enjoy the feel of her soft lips massaging my neck, soft moans and sighs escaped from my lips as she kissed round to the front of my neck and sucked on it gently. I stroked her small boobs, she let out a little moan, I loved the way she moans. Candy lowered her kisses down to my towel, I held onto it so it wouldn’t slip off, she licked around my nipples before sucking them into her mouth. “Candy” I moaned. She started to stroke my thighs as well. “Oh fuck!” I muttered, “Candy please stop” but she went on ever so softly, stroking higher and higher. “Candy! Oh shit I moaned, please stop” as her fingertips brushed my pussy lips I jerked suddenly then forced myself free.

“What’s wrong? I thought….”

“The househelp is home!”

“Oh shit, why didn’t you stop me”

“I did…twice!” I replied with a raised eyebrow, before walking up the stairs very wet.


The phone rang immediately I got downstairs, Candy was flipping trough a magazine, she gazed at me, smiled while I picked the call.



“Please who is this” I just couldn’t place the voice


“Waow!” I screamed in an excited manner, “missing me already huh?”

She laughed at the other end then said “my mum was really furious the other day and warned me to stay off you, I got your number from Pearl, and no!” She giggled, “I didn’t tell her, and to answer your earlier question, I miss you silly”

“Interesting! I miss you too”, then promised to call back and hung up.

“Who the fuck is Jess” Candy shot at me

“Hey! Relax, she is just…

“Just what?… Silence!… Now listen, I can handle you fucking my little cousin, but while we are together you don’t feaking play games” I could detect anger in her voice. I rolled my eyes and had a confused look.

“I won’t be insulted by you fucking all the small girls in the neighborhood” she went on.

“Okay! That’s it!. Look, for once in our lives let’s have a real conversation. I hesitated for a moment to queue up the question that had been on my mind for some days, “What do you want from me?”

To b continued