The pledge 19

Ijay slid her hands slowly down Becky’s body, down to where the bottom of her shirt hung on her stomach. Inch by inch, ijay guided her hands up and under her shirt. Moment by moment, she came closer to feeling the breasts, then felt the nub of her nipple, which was erect; her nipples are quite big~ Ijay thought to herself with a smile. As she explored her breasts and imagined them in her minds eye, she felt herself breathing harder. They were so soft, they were better than what she had ever imagined them. Becky began pulling her shirt up, so Ijay helped her take it off and then quickly discarded hers. A crash of thunder came just as Ijay reached her lips again, causing her to pull tight to her. “Its raining” Becky whispered.

“Perfect timing” ijay replied. A flash of lightning poured through the window, as they both fell into the bed



“Pam.. will… be… so.. mad.. at.. us.., how could…”

“Hey c’mon Angel, what’s with the tears? We were both high and we got carried away”

“No Jenny, you had all this planned out didn’t you?” Angel yelled at the top of her voice tears rolling down her cheeks “Gosh how could I be so stupid”

“Will you just shut the fuck up!”

“Don’t tell me that” she screamed…”Gosh! Pam! Are – you – gonna – tell – her?”

“You don’t have to tell her anything and I won’t but on one condition”

“I don’t? And what condition” Finally sitting up.

“Yea, you don’t” jay said mildly as she sat beside her admiring Angel’s full boobs. “I enjoyed every second I spent with you Angel and Pam doesn’t have to know”

“What the fuck are you driving at? Pam would be so disappointed in us”

“Us?” Jenny cut her off. “Wait a minute Angel did you just say us?” Suddenly tired of making her see reason

“Yea you……”

“Hellloooo you came looking for me remember, you are in my house, my bed, naked!..”

“Gosh Jay, is this what you…”

“Listen, you love Pam right?”

“With all my heart, I…”

“Please spare me the rest of the details”



Ijay reached up and started to play with her breasts once again by squeezing, and rolling her nipples between her fingers, she paid a lot of attention to her nipples, brushing, pinching and rolling them. This was getting ijay so turned on she felt herself growing wetter and her nipples getting harder. She slowly started to work her hands down Becky’s body, played with the elastic at the top of her g-string for a minute before she let her hand slid down inside. Becky moaned softly as her hand slid over her. With one hand on Becky’s breast, alternating between caressing the soft flesh and playing with her very erect nipple. Ijay let her other hand slide down over her soft pussy. Ijay could feel Becky’s breath escape her as her finger brushed over her hard clit, then slid over her full and aroused pussy lips, she let a finger slowly part them, juices instantly covered her fingertip as she let it slide gently between her outer lips, slowly caressing her soft and warm pussy. Ijay slowly withdrew her finger it was wet and glistening then brought it to Becky’s mouth. She hungrily sucked on it, as she did Ijay slid her g-string over her hips and down her thighs.



Angel wailed she threw the nearest object she could lay her hands on which was a pillow “Gosh I hate you for doing this to me, I hate myself for allowing this shit to happen” she stammered getting up and trying to get dressed.

“Relax Angel, like I said she doesn’t have to know and the condition is…”

“I will die of guilt don’t you get it jenny, don’t you!”

“Ok then, let’s go ahead and inform her after all I didn’t force you”

“No! Please! We cant tell Pam please! Omg! Why did I come here? What was I thinking? Why…”

“On one condition”

“Which is?”

“We keep having fun, I have ne….

“Are you outta your mind?”

“Tell me you didn’t enjoy what we had last night Angel, can you look me in the eyes and honestly say that?”

“Fuck off!”




Becky now completely nude, and Ijay was gazing at her body with lust, Becky’s fingers gently pinched ijay’s nipples she moaned and melted into her. Her tongue ran over ijay’s nipples sending electric sparks through her body, but most were concentrated in her rapidly moistening pussy. Her fingertips brushed over Becky’s inner thighs she spread her legs a little, enjoying the feeling. “I have wanted you so bad, wanted to love you, wanted to taste you.” Becky whispered looking straight into ijay’s eyes. “I know”..

Ijay moved up to the firm breasts and started to lick and suck the highly erect nipples again. Her tongue wrapped around the nipples and she bit gently on the flesh in her mouth. Her hand was drifting back to her pussy rubbing gently at the clit, opening the lips, inserting just the tip of a finger. Becky was now in such a state of ecstasy, she had lost her bearings, she did not know who she was at that point. She pulled her partners head closer to her breast, urging Ijay to bite more, feeling ijay’s back, letting her hand fall to her buttocks, grasping tightly, sharp nails digging in. Ijay rose, with a smile, she turned around, placing her mouth directly over the bright, clean clit in front of her, and placing hers in her friend’s face. She licked at Becky’s clit, using her hands to knead her beautiful pussy lips, opening her sex, drinking from her pussy. While Becky practically chewed on ijay’s large clit, while fingering her anus. To ijay’s surprise becky started pissing as she sucked, she drank as much as she could get, pushing one finger into her partners anus, and three into to her pussy. Becky’s face was now buried into Ijay’s pussy, licking, sucking, and biting. Ijay started to cum forcing her walls into Becky’s face, spilling urine as well. Becky lapped it up greedily as she sensed her peak ~ both women pulled their partners head closer, pumping harder and harder…..



“Do you really mean that!” Jay asked

“Why are you doing this to me jenny?”

“Well since I cant have Pam for obvious reasons, I can share you with her and ofcos before I forget I pledge not to say a word, you refuse I spill and we both loose, so what do you say?”




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The pledge 18

“Just stop it please!, were u even listening to me at all? Geeezzz, did u listen to yourself? You know what? I’m gonna get up now and leave then pretend this discussion never happened” Ijay could feel her heart beating fast again, damn this heart!

what is it about this girl that gets me this way? Ijay thought to herself as she got up and walked away.

Days went by and Ijay hadn’t set her eyes on Becky or heard from her, she couldn’t stop thinking about her though. Ijay needed time to be away from the house so she  checked into a hotel for a quiet weekend. It was barely 10am the following morning when she heard a knock. She lazily got up from the bed wondering to herself, she was yet to order breakfast so who could that possibly be?, she reached for the door and there stood Becky



And then more clicks followed by more flashes. The room was a bit bright, both of them did not notice the flash. Jay’s tongue continued to explore Angel’s sex, she slid her fingers into her dripping pussy, wetting them, and began to stroke her swollen clit, a finger on each side. She stroked it a few times, sending pleasure waves through her body. She moved closer and Angel could feel her heavy breath against her pussy. Angel’s lips were parted, her tongue licking her lips, head thrown back, eyes still shot. Jay brought out her fingers dripping with Angel’s juices. She sucked her fingers tasting her juices. “Mehnnnn,” she moaned. “God you taste so good!”

Without warning Jenny’s finger entered Angel’s asshole as her tongue slipped into her pussy. The orgasm that overtook Angel was as intense as she had ever had; causing sparks to flash behind her closed eyelids.. And then another flash.

“Jeeeeennnnyyyyy…..” Angel reached her orgasm, Jay reached up and kissed her….



Ijay stood there motionless; different questions ran trough her head~who told her where to find me~ How~ Why; With all those thoughts running trough her mind she couldn’t help but notice how stunning Becky looked. She came prepared Ijay concluded in her head as she admired her fully. Becky wore an extremely short skirt and a transparent fitted shirt that exposed not only her cleavage or the color of her bra but the outfit exposed her entire figure. Ijay stripped her naked with her eyes. “Hello won’t you ask me to come in?” Becky’s voice interrupted her thoughts. Ijay stepped aside without a word and Becky walked in. “Don’t ask me how I knew where to find you”. Ijay closed the door behind them and walked towards her. “I just had to see you” Becky whispered lightly, her lips only inches away from Ijay’s who closed up and took Becky in her arms…




“Oh Yes!, suck it, yes Angel suck it. Please suck my tits, Baby! ” Jay cried.

Angel sucked and tongued her nipple to full erectness, the nipples became long and firm. she sucked hard and bit gently on her erect nipples, Jenny began to grind her aching pussy against Angel’s thigh, her juices gushing out, she kept humping against her leg, a hand on her boobs while her other hand was between Angel’s thighs stroking up and down her pussy. Their breathing became ragged, Angel began to moan as she became more and more excited. She moaned again when Jay withdrew her fingers. She spread Angel’s pussy wide, and pulled upward till her pussy was directly against hers, they began to grind each other. They cried out as there clits made contact. And then from a short distance there was another click. Finally after hours of mad sex they slept in each other’s arms..There were few more flashes and a mysterious smile satisfied from a job well done left the doorway…..




Her breasts caught Ijay’s eye, she leaned forward and kissed Becky’s ear then whispered to her, “I am inside of you now feel my tongue in you. Isn’t that what you wanted?” She wrapped an arm around her and squeezed, knowingly grazing at the roundness of her breast.

“Ijay, I…

“Hush! Ijay said as she reached for her lips. Her lips felt like soft velvet against hers. Ijay couldn’t remember the number of times she had dreamt of tkissing her again. Her nose brushed against her soft cheek as their tender kiss became more passionate. Ijay began to suckle and nip her warm lips, gently placing her hand on the back of her head so she could pull her against her. Ijay could feel Becky’s hands wandering up and down her side, brushing the side of her breast then gradually her hands began carefully caressing her breast.

“Finally” Becky whispered

Ijay’s mind raced with images of her moist lips sucking on her breasts, and driving her crazy. She couldn’t hold herself back anymore. She pressed her tongue forward, parting their lips and slipping it into her, exploring the warm depths of her friend’s mouth. Becky responded eagerly, her own tongue stroking against hers..

“Hmmmmm” Becky moaned softly




As the light streamed through the windows, Angel slowly opened her eyes to the new day. She slowly looked around her and was kinda confused, her thoughts were a little muddled from the previous day. She pulled the covers away “omg” she blurted out

“Finally” Jay said walking into the room wrapped in her towel. Memories of the previous night flowed into Angel’s head, the way her friend had slowly seduced her by making her drunk, then the sex, it was mind blowing as she recalled jay’s fingers inside her then the image of Jay’s smooth pussy on hers..,..

“What have we done?” Angel cried out, tears rolling down her cheeks. “Omg! this is soooo wrong” she yelled…


To be continued…


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The pledge 17

Becky appeared again, Ijay had learned to stay away from anything that has to do with Lynda and she had found her peace again while working on getting her own apartment; she just couldn’t wait to own hers. There was a knock on the door and there was that familiar voice again. Ijay was in bed with her back to the door, and off course It was Becky..



Jay opened the fridge, looking around for a moment “got it” as she fished out the lime. She set the lime on the counter and started carefully slicing it, her hands moving in near slow motion, done slicing she grabbed the tequila bottle. “Ain’t you forgetting something” Angel stammered.” ”Ahan! the salt!” Jay grabbed the salt and then licked her hand, poured some amount of salt on it, before handing the shaker to Angel. She copied the movement, succeeding in getting more salt on the floor than her hand.



Ijay’s heart started beating fast but she didn’t move. She stayed still and listened to Becky and Lynda’s chat while her mind drifted off to that kiss. she got really uncomfortable so sat up trying so hard to avoid Becky’s stare. “Hi Ijay sorry if we disturbed your sleep.” That did it, Ijay couldn’t help but admire Becky who stood at the door looking really beautiful in a short fitted black dress, her make up perfectly done with long lashes, her legs well exposed, her red heels~ beautiful. “Becky right?” Ijay spoke when she eventually found her voice. “Good to see you again” not waiting for her reply, but she could see the surprise look on her face “Excuse me ladies” Ijay got up, picked up her satchel and left the house. She couldn’t stop thinking about how beautiful Becky looked and how much she wanted to feel her lips on hers again.



Finally set, Jenny grabbed the tequila bottle, and poured the shot glasses full. “How does it go again?” Angel said still holding tight the counter with a free hand while the other had salt. Jay’s right hand holding the shot glass, and her left with the salt, she looked into Angel’s eyes and asked, “ready?” Angel nodded, Jay clinked her glass to her friend’s, licking her wrist and then shooting the tequila. This time it burned a little less, and she sucked on the lime, all the while watching Angel do same. Angel felt unsteady on her feet, knowing that shortly, she would be too far gone to know what she should or shouldn’t be doing.



Ijay was at her spot taking a few drinks her faced buried in her phone as usual, then there was a tap on her shoulder.

“I knew I would find you here” Becky said as she took the sit beside Ijay without being invited. Ijay just watched her not knowing what to say but wondered where she had been all this while. A part of her wished she didn’t appear while the other part was excited to see her again. “I’ve been out of town Ijay” like she knew what she was thinking “that’s why I’ve not bothered you”. She smiled into Ijay’s eyes, then continued “I’m happy to be back though because we have pending issues to sort out don’t we?” Ijay’s eyes never left becky’s…

“We?” Ijay shot out “Listen Becky there’s no we there’s you who is obviously out to confuse me and then there’s me wondering what you’re all about. Look I don’t want any complexities, you are Lynda’s friend and she can’t see us together. I don’t want to be involved in anything that has to do with her. So please spare me the talks and just act like we never met.”



Impulsively, Jay started caressing Angel’s hair tenderly, and without thinking she pecked Angel on her warm cheeks, and as she felt Angel squirm, she unconsciously placed a kiss on the lips, a firmer and wetter kiss. The warmth of Angel’s lips on hers immediately set her body aflame, blurring her thoughts. She couldn’t control herself as she became more aggressive.

“Waaaat arrrrre…… ” Angel moaned the moment she felt Jenny’s hands on her boobs.

“You really don’t know what you’re in for, do you?” Jay replied, her voice getting deep and slow.

“Pleeeeessss oh fuck…”

“Do you really want me to stop?”

“Noooo please,.. I mean.. Fuck!”

“So, you have a high sex drive especially when you drunk?” Jay asked as she buried ha face on Angel’s boobs nipping her nipples one after the other, Angle’s body pinned against the kitchen wall.

“Yesssssss” Angel moaned out loud

“So do I,” she said. “I love sex, let’s go to the room”



“Ijay I can’t stop thinking of our kiss” Ijay froze and stared at her wondering if that was all she could come up with after all she said “Ijay I know I don’t know you enough to say this but I’m sure of what I feel, I am very much into you” Ijay was in shock she couldn’t find her voice. “I just want you to give me a chance to love you.” “Becky stop it! just stop!..



“I…” Angel began to say, but couldn’t think of any words. She looked around the spinning room, dazed and confused, wondering if she was dreaming, then she felt those lips again. “Please don’t stop” Angel whispered kissing Jay “I don’t intend to” Angel reached out grabbing for Jay’s breast she fell into her and they both landed in bed. They helped each other with their garments and in no time bodies locked. Angel’s left nipple was being sucked on while Angel pulled at Jay’s right nipple ring, “I like this, its sexy” Angel managed to say.

“‘M glad you like it” she replied still sucking on her nipple. Angel moaned and ran her fingers all over jay’s back, her vision no longer cloudy.

“Oh gawd what ‘m I doing she whispered to herself but finding it difficult to stop the act” Angel spread her thighs further, silently asking Jay to eat her. “Gawwd Angel…it-its sooo gorgeous.” Jay whispered as she buried her face between her legs. She stretched her drooling tongue and lapped.

“What ‘m I doing Angel asked herself this time aloud as her hips started moving to the rhythm of the tongue strokes as she groaned in pleasure. “Ohhh gosh Jennnnnnnyyyyyy…don-don’t stop…” Her voice was airy and somewhat broken as she encouraged the libidinous contact.

“Oh gawd yes suck…suck…please don’t stop…” Angel cried in passion as her cunt was almost ready to erupt.


Then there was a click followed by a flash…


To be continued…


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The pledge 16

“Pam, are you still awake?”

“Yea hun”

“I’m sorry I….”

Pam closed the gap between them, their boobs pressed hard against each other as she kissed her forehead…”I’m sorry I yelled at you” Pam said softly, “sorry I never mentioned that part of my past to you and believe me boo I dint make you feel stupid. Jay knows how much you mean to me and she knows whatever she and I had was long gone. Trust me Angel that’s all I ask of you.”



Without a smile Ijay took her hand firmly and said “hi” like they had never met before, scanned the faces of the others then said hi before heading to the room shutting the door behind her. She paced around the room wondering what Becky was doing in her house. “So Becky and Lynda are friends? Shit!” she half screamed as she got into bed, was it a set up? Wtf is going on? okay ‘m just gonna act like we have never met” she concluded to herself as she put her head phone on and got lost in the music. Her phone buzzed it was a text from Becky asking why she was so cold. Ijay read, ignored it and then went back to her music and soon enough, she slept off. A soft kiss on Ijay’s forehead interrupted her sleep she opened her eyes lazily at first trying to adjust to her surrounding, her eyes popped wide open when she noticed it was Becky, before she could say a word, Becky’s lips captured hers.




Angel kissed Pam when she was done with her long speech, “okay, I will try to act right” they both giggled.

“Do you think we should still rent that apartment?” Angel asked

“Depends on you, at least you….”

“Let’s take it and prove to those two we cant be tempted”


“Yeah! We!”

Pam laughed, “if that’s what you want sweetie”

“Anyways, its just monday, we still have time to think it over”

“Uhun” Pam answered sleepily”




Ijay immediately went numb with confusion she wanted to fight but gosh she loved the feel of Becky’s lips on hers, Ijay’s lips parted, her hands held Becky’s head as she devoured her lips, just when they were getting more into the act something snapped within ijay and the kiss ended sooner than expected. Realising what she was doing she pushed Becky off then got up from the bed with a mixture of shock, disbelief and confusion “What do you think you’re doing?” she managed to ask amidst all the feelings.

“Ijay we are alone” Becky whispered trying to touch her…



With time their course mates knew about their relationship, it was no longer news that Angel was Pam’s girl and with that they had “that” reputation on campus. Not that they cared, well it affected Angel for a while though but not Pam. On friday after lectures Pam needed to see her parents, she invited Angel who gave an excuse not to tag along. Bored she decided to pay Jay a surprise visit.




“We are alone? Is that why you should just come up and kiss me? Wtf, Who the hell are you? You knew who I was before you came up to me at the bar right? Is this some kind of set up? Did Lynda put you up to this?” Ijay kept rolling out the questions while Becky just stood there quiet. “Ain’t you gonna say anything?”

“Ijay we’ll talk when you are calm.” She smiled picked up her bag and left.

“Wtf just happened here? What have I gotten myself into? And come to think of it what the fuck is wrong with me? Did I just kiss her back?” She questioned herself. She touched her lips as she sat back in bed wondering when the door opened and Lynda walked in. “Ijay did Becky come in here? She was supposed to wait for me.”




Angel rang the bell and waited patiently

“Come in,” a sexy voice replied. Angel opened the door and stepped inside.

“Angel, it is so nice to see you again! Jay half screamed rushing towards her, they met half way the sitting room and hugged each other. “Please have a seat. I haven’t seen you for a few days, are you okay?” Angel sat on the couch and dropped her bag beside her.

“I’m doing fine, how are you?” Angel replied. Jay could tell the moment Angel came in the door something was wrong. “Angel is there something you want to discuss with me?”

“Actually yes I …..”

“Oh forgive me, what should I offer you? You drink right?”

“Yes….. I mean no…..’ Errm I try not to drink”

“Oh I see, well its friday just a glass to calm your nerves, that won’t hurt or would it?”

“Alright then just a glass”

“By the way where is your girlfriend” she said heading towards the kitchen, Angel right behind her.



“No” Ijay responded not looking away from her phone. Lynda tried to chat her up but she wasn’t about to act like everything was okay so she was mute… Ijay thought about Eve and felt hurt that she had lost her and as if Lynda read her thoughts….

“Oh have you heard your Eve is dating someone else?” then laughed mockingly. “The news is everywhere I warned you she was no good but….”

“Lynda please just shut the fuck up you are disturbing my peace and quiet” Ijay screamed and left the room. Ijay now emotionally drained needed some kind of distraction to get her mind off the situation so she buried herself in her work, she was at work all day everyday even if it was her off days. Ijay hadn’t set eyes on Becky since that shocking kiss and was kind of glad. She wasn’t ready for another drama not when it revolves around Lynda. It wasn’t easy for her though coupled with the fact she had to learn to be JUST friends with Eve. Just when everything seemed normal for Ijay….




Jenny opened a cupboard and grabbed two shot glasses, one had “eat you” boldly written, the other had “lick you”

Jay poured the two glasses full and then handed the one that said, “lick you,” to Angel she licked her lips trying to study her. Almost giggling Angel accepted the shot glass. “Cheers,” Angel said, tossing back the tequila and feeling her throat burn as it slid down, few seconds later she swayed a little bit as she grabbed the counter, then looked at Jay, her eyes wide, “Ack, aren’t we supposed to take these with salt and lime?”

“Right,” Jay replied, setting her glass down, one more and this time we will do it right.


To be continued…


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The pledge 14

“How – did – you – get – this?” Lynda stuttered. Ijay gazed at her “Should that be the question?” she spat. “What the fuck is this Lynda? When the fuck was this? And you had better not fucking lie to me because the hairdo you have on this fucking video is the same fucking one you have on right now; So don’t even think of lying. Is this the supposed business trip you went for? and don’t you just sit down there staring at me, I need answers slut, answers!” Ijay’s voice got louder and louder as she spoke.

“Please don’t yell” Lynda begged with teary eyes.



“Ella, Pam and I have been seeing each other for a while now” Ella had a look of shock on her face, one that you could not fake. “I see” she managed to say a bit disappointed. She gazed over at Pam for a few more seconds

“I adore everything about her, she is warm and tender and sweet…”.

“I see…excuse me” she said standing up with a fake smile and heading to her room.

“I see you know my girlfriend” Pam said while she puffed out.

“Yeah! fucking small world”

“Now let’s keep the record straight Jay, there is nothing between us, and there will never be anything between us, just you may know, so do you still want us here or….”

“Hey relax Pam, I lost interest when I met Angel” she lied. She is my friend, I cant hurt her. And yeah I would love to have you both here.”

“Very well then, we move in this weekend, what’s my bill?”

“We sort that out over the weekend”



Lynda knew how to get to Ijay but Ijay wasn’t falling for her act this time. “Lynda don’t even go there, just tell me what this is, tell me now!” She yelled

“Ijay I’m sorry I can explain, I didn’t go out of town” she paused “i’ve been here the entire time” Ijay paced around the room trying to contain herself.

“So you lied about a business trip so you could go somewhere in town to do this?” Ijay screamed and threw her phone at her luckily missing her target. Lynda tried to reach for Ijay but Ijay pushed her off fiercely, picked her phone and stormed out of the house.



Angel walked towards Pam and jay.

“So what are my two fav girls talking about?”

“You!” Jay replied


“Angel, its getting late, we should head back to school” Pam interrupted them “We have an early lecture remember”

Jay hugged Angel then faced Pam and gave her a tight hug her arms were wrapped around Pam’s waist, she could feel the heat from her body on hers; her nipples hardened immediately. Angel noticed a slight chemistry and had a puzzled look on her face, wondering.

With that done Angel led the way, Jay took the opportunity to brush her hand against Pam’s ass, and the heat grew between her legs and again Angel noticed the brushing.



It had been a good number of days since Ijay saw Eve. Eve was seemingly so busy and she was getting really uncomfortable with the distance. Lynda and Ijay became strangers living under the same roof. She went mute since the video and no matter how much Lynda tried to get her to talk about it she just wasn’t going to say a word. As far as Ijay was concerned it was over between them, the silence was killing Lynda but Ijay cared less.

Ijay went to her usual spot to relax when two girls walked in. Both wore very short skirts, one had a pair of black boots that went up to her knees, while the other had on an ankle boots, her perfect long legs well exposed. Ijay found it hard not to stare, and her eyes kept being drawn to their smooth skin but she was brought back to reality when amidst their chat one of them mentioned Eve’s full name. From the gist Eve had started seeing someone else and that was why she was seemingly busy these days. It felt like a knife was pierced through Ijay’s heart. She placed her face in her hands and was lost in thoughts when she heard a soft voice.. “Hi can I join you?…” Ijay looked up with pain in her eyes and forced a smile, she could only stare at the girl who stood about 5’8″ drinking in again the view of her long legs, the lady mistakenly dropped her keys, she had to drop her wine glass on the table then bent down to pick her keys. Ijay admired her perfectly round ass and for the first time noticed her brown, curly tresses spilling down her back

“Sure you can” she finally found her voice.



They drove in silence, both lost in thought. Angel broke the silence

“Did you ever have anything with Jenny? or are you having an affair with her?”

Pam didn’t know what to say, should i lie? crossed her mind.


“She took a deep breath to compose herself “Don’t go freaking out ok! Yeah I did, we were much younger…”

“Hold it right there!” She spat at her “Geez, I was fucking right, I read the chemistry between you two. And I knew there was something eating you up, why dint you mention it?”

“Angel please I….”

“You what?… You made me look stupid Pam, oh yes you did.” Pam decided to concentrate on her driving arguing with her girlfriend right now would solve nothing.

“Ain’t you gonna say something?”


“Fine!.. You go ahead and move in with her and enjoy….Pick up where you two…

“Shut up!”

“What?” her mouth fell open in surprise. “I said shut the fuck up!” Pam yelled at her for the first time. That did it Angel had tears rolling down her cheeks she could hardly believe her girlfriend would use such words on her.



“My name is Becky and I couldn’t help but notice you, are you okay?” She asked with a worried look on her face. Ijay got up and stretched her hand as she admired Becky. she introduced herself and tried to push the pain aside. “I’ll be better now that I have an angel with me” Becky giggled at this, feeling very flattered her eyes locking with ijay’s for just a few extra seconds.

Becky was dark skinned with beautiful eyes and she had a smile that will definitely light up any dark room, sexilly dressed with an average sized boobs, her top had a ‘v’ shaped neck exposing her cleavage, the star shaped pendant suffocated in between her boobs.

“What you drinking” they said and they both laughed.

After a while there was an utter silence then followed a long and very intense moment of the two ladies just staring deep into each other’s eyes. Ijay’s phone rang and it was Eve…


To be continued…


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The pledge 13

“Ijay!!” her colleague screamed banging the table. Ijay hurriedly put her phone away when she noticed her colleague was trying to get a glimpse. Ijay smiled at her and got back to work. “Who sent this to me?” she questioned herself silently. Lynda was coming back home that same day and she would have to explain the video Ijay said to herself as she tried again to get back to work.

“Pam, are you listening to me, I asked if you were ready?” Angel smiled at her friend.

“Yeah! errm… sorry,” Pam stuttered

“Pam.” Angel walked over to where she stood. “What’s wrong?” She asked

“It’s…. nothing.” Pam tried to assure her.

“Doesn’t look like nothing.” Angel spoke softly.

“I’m fine, just a little tired,” she tried to smile.

They drove in silence except for the soft music that played in the background. Angel was wondering to herself, so certain there was something Pam didn’t want to talk to her about and she was getting a bit pissed.

“Hi, what can I get for you?” the waitress asked staring at Pam.

“We’ll have a look at the menu and I’ll come down to order,” Pam replied.

After so much deliberation, they settled for pizza and drinks.

As they sat eating the pizza Pam couldn’t take her mind off of one particular subject, Jay and her apartment, she had to find a way, any good excuse to help the situation.

“You done?” Angel asked.


“Shall we?”



Ijay got home after work and Lynda was home to welcome her. She looked relaxed and beautiful, ijay smiled as she slipped into her boxers and Tee.

“How was your trip? It’s good to have you back home” not meaning it, but she had to play cool

“Thanks sweets, I have really missed you.” Ijay got in bed and Lynda didn’t waste time to get on Ijay, like she had it all planned out in her head. She kissed Ijay full on the lips, pulled off Ijay’s tee began licking and flicking her nipples, taking them between her teeth and gently nibbling. She kissed and licked her way down Ijay’s body, reaching her pussy. She licked her entire wall with her tongue while her thumb worked on her clit. Ijay wasn’t into the act and it didnt take long before Lynda noticed. “Are you okay Ijay?” She whispered.

“Yea ‘m fine” she managed to say trying to sit up.

“What are you doing Ijay?”

“Trying to get up”

“Make love to me” she pleaded.. “Please Ijay, i have missed you.”

“You want me to….”



The distance was a short one, they got to Jay’s place in less than 10mins. Pam rang the bell and waited patiently.

“Oh! You back.” Ella said with a grin while she stepped aside. They had barely walked in when pam noticed Angel looked pleased at what she saw as she admired the entire sitting room.

“Erm, yeah… Is Jay….jane home?”

“Yeah, she is, make yourself comfortable while I….”

“Wait a minute!” Angel exclaimed, staring at the picture frame on the wall and walking towards it.

“Is this the Jane?” asking no one in particular.

“Yeah, that’s….. Oh here she comes” Ella said. Pam confused stared from Ella to Angel and then to Jay. What came next shocked her even more.



They both screamed and held each other tight, laughing and then hugging again.

“You look good and different” jay said

“Really?…thanks… You look good too”

“Gosh!, its been…. 3 or 4yrs..right?”

“Yea, you are so right, the last time we saw was at….”

“Camp meeting” they both said at the same time laughing.

Pam and Ella now seated stared at them as they chatted away. Once a while Pam felt Ella’s gaze on her, gosh, she looked sexy and beautiful, she thought to herself but tried not to make eye contact. After a while, Pam got up, she needed to smoke to clear her head, she leaned against the wall and lit a cigarette. .


Lynda now stacked naked was handcuffed tight, Lynda at first was a bit nervous but she somehow began to relax. ijay pulled out a pair of nipple clamps and hooked them on painfully, enjoying the other woman’s discomfort. She ran a contemptuous finger over Lynda’s pussy.

“Still wet. Stupid slut.”

Lynda now obviously scared “What has gotten over you, I ….”

“These are good cuffs Lynda,” she murmured, keeping eye contact and ignoring her question. “You won’t get out of them without my key… and therefore my kindness.

Ijay went to a drawer and laced on an enormous strap on. She wanna get fucked, like hell she would she thought to herself as she pushed Lynda down, and rubbed the tip gently against the mouth of her pussy, Lynda felt a little turned on by the gentle teasing motions, she ached her back and moaned softly. Ijay kept trotting in and out, not caring if Lynda was ready or not. She wasn’t game for any foul play, and she didn’t feel sexually aroused not to her surprise though. She was going to fuck her like a slut.

“Oh gawd Ijay….. I am sooo close… Soooo fucking close…”

Ijay increased her pace, Lynda tried to touch her, but ijay stopped her. Finally it was all over. Ijay uncuffed her, she then unclipped the sharp little clamps.

“I’m done”.


“Wait a second, ‘m I missing something here?, is Pam ur……”?

Angel embarrassed, blushed and looked down at her feet, Jay’s placed a finger under her chin and brought her gaze back up to meet hers. Angel tried to change the topic.

“And ‘m guessing this is the apartment Pam talked about. I am so… We are so game” she said with all excitement.


She turned to see Ella smiling, Pam watching with a straight face still smoking. Jane felt a lurch of sexual excitement rush through her body when she saw the pleased look on Angel’s face, but the sexual excitement was for pam.

“So when are you two moving in?” Jay asked walking towards Pam who leaned against the wall the whole time watching the whole episode that played out right in front of her, as jay walked towards her, Pam noticed jay had unbuttoned the first two buttons of her body fitted shirt making her cleavage visible. Pam looked at her as she took a drag on her smoke, enjoying the heady rush.

“Are you two….” Angel asked Ella softly.

“Naaaa, but I think I am now curious” she said while her eyes were fixed on Pam. Angel followed her gaze and noticed the lustful look on Ella’s eyes as she admired Pam.


Lynda slept off almost immediately and Ijay stared at her while she was asleep. Ijay picked her phone and opened the file again, she was still watching when Lynda woke up; Ijay didn’t put it away, she kept watching, Lynda turned, took a glimpse and froze…

To be continued.

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The pledge 12

Angel hissed at Pam who had  a smile on her face which cleared off and was replaced with a confused look.

“Angel?” She asked uncertainly. “Are you alright? What’s wrong?”.

“Where the hell have you been, and you had better not tell me house hunting, someone saw you with some chic, drinking and having fun” She yelled.

“Are you kidding me?”

“I never should have told you I loved you, i never should have started or done…..whatever with you.” She lashed out those poisonous words Pam didn’t want to hear.

Pam stood, listening to her say words that seared her soul.

“Stop it!. Stop it right now Angel, what has gotten over you?” She half screamed walking towards her.

A video of Lynda having sex with 2 other girls. ijay was numb and in awe, she stopped the video almost immediately and headed to work, she was still in shock at what she saw. At work she lost all form of concentration. She picked her phone and again clicked on play, this time she used an ear piece, music blasted in the background, Ijay took her time to study the girls. One was tall, looked mid 20s, fair skinned, long, black hair that reached her broad shoulders. Ijay felt she had the most amazing body, out of the 3 girls, with her full boobs. The other girl looked shorter, had a low cut, dark skinned, with not so large boobs and a tattoo on her left breast. Lynda’s hands were on shorter girl’s boobs, while she kissed her. The light skinned girl caressed Lynda’s thighs then reached up to her pussy lips. Lynda’s nipples got instantly hard. She turned to the taller girl and kissed her deeply on her luscious red lips, letting her tongue slip into her mouth then back to the shorter girl, their tongues explored each others lips and mouths.

Lynda broke off her kiss and started to make out with the taller girl, half of their naked bodies was over the tattooed girl who felt momentarily ignored, but decided to make the best of the situation by playing with four boobs. Ijay heard Lynda moan and she bit her lower lip hard. Just when the tattooed girl was really starting to feel left out, they both kissed her ears at the same time. This blew her mind, having two hot mouths on her ears at once, blowing hot breath into them. She leaned back and enjoyed all the attention of their tongues, she spread her legs, and Lynda wasted no time in taking things to the next level. She got down on her knees between the shorter girl’s legs and gave her some quick hot kisses right on her pussy. She moaned when she stuck a finger into her pussy while still licking her pussy lips. Meanwhile the taller girl knelt behind Lynda and started to knead her ass. Lynda moaned, enjoying the feel of her hands all over her bare ass while she was giving another woman head at the same time. The tattooed girl ran her fingers through Lynda’s hair, she placed her hands on Lynda’s head and buried her face between her legs, urging her to lick faster. Lynda teased her a bit by slowing down her long licks.

“Lick it faster. Please!”

“Don’t tell me to….” Pam grabbed her tight, Angel began to struggle.

“Get your hands off…”

Pam cut her off with a long and deep kiss. As their lips locked, Angel began to move her body closer to Pam. She brought her arms around Pam to embrace her tightly, through Angel’s thin white tee, Pam could feel her boobs against hers, heaving with anticipation. They finally broke the kiss.

Pam stared deep into Angel’s eyes; “Calm down Angel, I am in love with you and no other. I can explain….” Pam started.

Pam filled her in on the details of her meeting with Jane and the events, skipping the kissing part. She also told her about the room space.

She smiled at Pam hoping she didn’t over react. ” I went crazy when I was told, gosh! I missed you, and I love you beyond….”

“Ssshhh”, Pam said placing a finger on her lips. “I know sweetie, I know”.

“I don’t want to get hurt Pam”

“You won’t, I pledged remember”

Angel looked up at her: “Will you really keep your promise to me?”

Pam smiled looking straight into her eyes: “I always keep my promises”.

“I love you” Angel whispered into pam’s lips as she tried to kiss her again.

“I love you too”

“You left me hungry” Angel said giggling,” cutting short the kiss, “let’s go get dinner, then you show me the apartment.”

“I don’t think we should take that space, I mean, eermmm,… Its….”

“Do you have a thing for your friend?”

“NO!…NO!… C’mon Angel”..

“Then take me there….”

To be continued.