The Pledge 20

Ijay, listened to the rain pounding on the roof while Becky snuggled up against her, an arm around her breast. In that moment and for some odd reason ijay felt right to have Becky in her arms who was still fast asleep. Ijay lost in thoughts wondered if this was “IT”. Becky adjusted herself still locked in Ijay’s arms, with that movement ijay pecked her forehead and Becky opened her eyes lazily with a smile~ that smile that says i know exactly where i am and with whom she was with and knew what had taken place. “Becky I don’t know what to call this but nothing has ever felt more right to me in a really long time” Ijay whispered to Becky as she stroked her hair down to her cheeks. Becky held on tight to Ijay sniffing her “I love you Ijay, i love you so much”

“shhhhhhh” Ijay took her lips with hers in a kiss that sealed the strange feeling~ the strange attraction~ the strange love and again they tore at each other. Ijay didn’t let Becky out of her sight and Becky loved every second of it, they had the most awesome weekend being locked up and away from everyone and everything. The weekend ended so soon and it was back to the real world..



“Are you……”

“Trust me Angel ‘m not..”

“Wow” Angel muttered

“Think about it, but for now I think you should head back to your hostel. By the way when are you two moving in?” a smile crept across her lips.

“What have I gotten myself into” Angel said to herself as she sat at the edge of the bed her face buried in her hands ignoring jay’s question. What she considered now was not how it had happened~ because she remembers that part vividly well now but how she was going to deal with it. Part of her wanted more of that; she just couldn’t help herself even though she tried to fight that slight annoying feeling, the other part feared loosing Pam whom she loved beyond words.

“I think I’m done for now.” Jenny said ” and I think you should leave now before Pam…..”

“Yea I know” Angel replied, wiping her face with the back of her hand.

“Angel” jay whispered walking towards her, “if you don’t want to…..”

“No, it’s okay,” Angel replied quickly. Taking a deep breath she stood up straight and closed the distance between them. “Jenny,” Angel said tentatively “I love Pam deeply, and I will do anything you want me to do to save my relationship, if satisfying your desires is what it takes, so be it but you have to promise me, no matter what happens you won’t spill.”

“I pledge” Jay quickly replied with a grin.




It became really difficult for Ijay seeing Becky and having to act like they were strangers. Ijay had found someone that made her forget about every hurt~every heart ache~ every fear and she just couldn’t stand Becky being around Lynda. What was she going to do? How was she gonna tell Lynda she had fallen for Becky. Ijay got out of the cab lost in thoughts and dragged herself into the house. It had been a long day at work and she managed to get off work earlier than usual; all she needed was to get out of her work clothes and get in bed. Ijay opened the door and was shocked by what welcomed her. “WT…”



Pam stared at the flowers she got Angel, there were where she left them the night before still wrapped in paper right on her night table. She reached out and gently touched the petals on the ones nearest her, letting her gaze fall on the framed picture of her Angel kept on the same night table. “Where could she possibly have spent the night” Pam asked herself. “OK!, I guess the right thing to do at this moment is to chill and make myself available, and wait for her return”. She said aloud. Pam missed her terribly, here she was rushing back to school with a bunch of flowers and some chocolates to meet her absence. She had tried her digits a number of times and it wasn’t reachable. Her eyes turned and met Angel’s birthday photograph on the wall. That gorgeous, immaculate smile, her penetrating eyes~ she was so in love with her.




Lynda was in bed with Becky! Well she was not seeing Lynda anymore but Becky? She quickly pushed the look of shock aside and quickly muttered “I’m sorry i interrupted”. Ijay faked a yawn while she dropped her bag then went into the bathroom. She sat there and couldn’t just believe what she saw; so Becky and Lynda have been an item? Bitch! Bitch! Bitch! she thought to herself as she hit her head continuously trying to snap out from the reality of what she just found out. The door to the bathroom opened and it was Lynda “Ijay I’m so sorry about what you saw didn’t expect you home so early”. Ijay forced a side smile, “its fine Lynda but you guys should lock the door next time, I can only imagine how awkward Becky feels right now” with that said she walked past Lynda. Becky was seated on the bed but couldn’t look up at Ijay ….





Angel decided the best thing to say or do would be nothing. Still, she felt guilt over what had happened. Angel muttered an oath under her breath as she opened Jay’s room door, shutting the door behind. She turned around and there stood Ella staring at her with a mischievous wicked grin and a camera….


To b continued….


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Rukky rushed out of her office building and luckily spotted a cab, she stopped the cab, bargained and finally got in. It was finally here ~ the D day. She became nervous, her hands sweaty, she felt like chickening out but it had been her fantasy to be dominated ~ used ~ enslaved ~ tortured in not too painful ways anyways and she had pleaded with this stranger whom she was yet to meet to be gentle with her.

She had been surfing the internet lately working on different projects being assigned to her when she came across a dating site. Reluctantly she logged in and her life had never been the same after then. Richy her internet lover was finally going to visit her that day and they had agreed her house instead of his. They had been chatting for a while and had gotten so used to each other, knowing their likes and dislikes, their fantasies and all there is to know.

Her phone vibrating between her legs made her shiver, it was a text message from him reminding her of their meeting. Her nervousness knew no bounds, should she cancel? She thought to herself as she looked out the window. She clicked on reply and simply typed ~”I’m on my way home, Master.”

“Good! When you get home, after your usual shower don’t get dressed. Strap a ball gag in your mouth, attach clamps to your nipples and pussy lips, buckle your collar into place and get a whip, before handcuffing your wrists behind the back of a chair and hey don’t lock the door.” His reply made Rukky shiver and the thought of all that made her instantly wet.

She unlocked her door and rushed in, went straight to her room and began taking off her clothes. She was running out of time and needed to finish her assignment before her master walks in. She rushed her bath and read the text message again to be sure what and what she needed to take out from her locker.


Her Master walked in looking really hot, quiet tall and well dressed. He went straight to business as he stood right in front of her and made her stand up she struggled a bit and eventually managed to stand still handcuffed to the chair. He drew her to him in a rough manner removed the ball gag and kissed her roughly, replaced it then pushed her away so he could assess her appearance: Just as he requested, the clamps were on her nipples and pussy lips, her collar was well buckled into place round her neck and the whip was right beside her on the floor. He was pleased.

Her Master uncuffed her from the chair, turned her around and spanked her forcefully. He brushed her hair forcefully to the side and kissed her neck then spanked her ass again; She squeezed her thighs tightly together around her aching clit the clamps not helping; shivers ran through her body as she felt the contact. He broke the kiss by pulling her hair back forcing her head backwards as he leaned down to kiss her neck again grabbing her breast with his other hand.

“On your knees in fours” He commanded this time he attached the lead to his wrist and pulled her forcefully with it. Her heart was pounding when he picked the whip and lashed it on her. She groaned in pain and pleasure and hit her first orgasm for the day. “Follow me” she followed on her hands and knees, too excited to notice the rough texture of the carpet, she was slightly chilly but didn’t dare complain!

Then he jingled the chain and spanked her hard. Somehow and to Rukky’s surprise Richy lead her to her bedroom.

“On the bed” he instructed. Rukky obeyed. He opened some of her lockers until he found what he was looking for~ some chains attached to metal restraints. She tried to break free by hurriedly getting up but he dragged her back, pushing her back to the bed. All she could do was kick her legs wildly. He fixed one of the metal restraints around her wrist and snapped it together, then forced her other arm behind her and fixed a clamp to her other wrist. She was pushing against him but he was too strong for her.

He held her there tightly as he fixed clamps around both legs separately. She struggled against his grip on her and then realised that her legs had been fixed by a chain to the bed pool making her legs spread wide apart. He reached up and grabbed the chain that was fixed on her right wrist pulling her while he tied it again on the upper part of the bed pool stretching her arm wide, then finally the left wrist now leaving her arms and legs spread wide.

Satisfied, he brought out his camera and snapped her. He stood back to admire her for a while smiled and walked off in search for his next victim…….


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Ladi smiled when he was asked to narrate his first time experience.

“Well” he said “I was a skinny eighteen-year-old and still in school. I had never been laid not because i didn’t want to but had always found the older woman sexually attractive, though there weren’t many guys my age who had but it was a regular topic amongst us…


Kate a young lady in her late twenties, nice looking with great boobs which she flaunts, always sexily dressed. She knew she was beautiful and made sure everyone else notices that.


We lived in an estate although there weren’t many houses there but we were all friendly to one another. What I didn’t know was I wasn’t the only one who had the hots for older women until I noticed my best friend Deji frequenting kate’s house. I confronted him and asked him his sudden love for kate, he simply said he runs errands for her, but there was this look on his face that said otherwise and I swore to find out.


Few days later, I stood shocked at the back window, gosh! What I saw was the most erotic sight I had ever seen; well not that I had seen any. Her long black hair looked sexy all over her face, her large solid boobs bouncing in the air, her round ass and a sexy flat stomach with a pierced belly button. My virgin dick stood at alert instantly at the sight and there stood my best friend the errand boy fucking Kate from behind. I took a closer look and noticed the bottle of vodka on the center table and two glasses, kate moaned so loud that if it hadn’t been the soft music that played at the back ground she would probably have been heard from the main entrance. Her dog sighted me and started barking thank God it was in its cage, I wondered if it had been sleeping all the while I stood there and at that instance Deji stopped banging. Kate and Deji shifted their gaze and caught me just as I was about to make a run.

“Ladi!” My friend screamed my name, I stood still my dick still erect and I tried hiding it with my hands. Deji opened the entrance door and ushered me in while he stood at the back of the door, I walked in and immediately began to apologize. Kate had worn a long shirt that barely covered her ass.

Ladi introduced kate to me like I dint know her; who doesn’t know kate in that small estate of ours I wondered to myself.

“Do you want me?” She inquired. I looked wide eyed. She giggled. Her giggle was cute and flirtatious. She made me sit on her couch then she sat down next to me. She began to unbutton her shirt, I licked my lips and watched silently, my dick again began to rise.

“Vodka?” She was clearly pretty drunk. I nodded my head, if that drink helped Deji, then I needed it and anything else that would help me. I downed a shot and shook my head. Deji laughed and filled the glass; after a few more shots

she leaned over and kissed me on the lips. I returned her kiss, She was passionate and skilled. She lightly circled her tongue around the inside of my lips, and I slowly melted away.

Kate placed her hand on my erection, while we kissed. She slowly rubbed up and down its length. I immediately began imagining a threesome. I had read enough sex stories and it was time to put them into practice. I slightly opened my eyes still kissing Kate and saw Deji stroking his dick, I gasped at his full length.

“Do you want me?” She inquired again. Then it dawned on me I hadn’t replied her the first time.

“Yes.” I said and I kissed her again. This time I reached up and massaged her impressive breasts through her shirt. My very first breast touching experience. She signaled to Deji who by now was stark naked she placed her hand on his erection and began expertly teasing his dick. She stroked the length of it then massaged the head.

“Get naked” she commanded while she pulled off her shirt.

“Hell yeah!” I gasped. I leaned over and kissed her again and while we were kissing I unzipped my fly and freed my 6-inch penis. She began giving me a full handjob. While she sucked on Deji’s dick. Her hand was slow and deliberate. I admired her boobs, her nipples were large, dark and hard they were not too saggy considering her age.

“Can I?” I asked


I began to suck on her nipples hungrily sucked as hard as I could.

“Do you want me to suck your dick?” She asked ever so charmingly. I nodded and relaxed more on her coach to prepare for her service. She gently licked the head of my raging dick, played with my balls and delicately circled her tongue around the head. She taunted me with her tongue, her loud moan made me realize Deji was fucking her from behind. Then she stopped

“Ready for me boy?” Like she knew I had never done that before. I leaned up and kissed her. She moved her hips forward then sat on me …This was it ~ I was losing my virginity…..


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