The pledge 15

“Angel, Angel”, Pam called out to her practically running after her till they got to their room. Pam pulled her and Angel fell into her arms bawling, mumbling incoherently. She held her for what seemed like forever, until she was finally calm enough to speak.

“You yelled at me Pam”

Pam’s heart broke for her, it wasn’t her intention to make her wail. Pam made her sit at the edge of her bed then got her a bottle of water and some aspirin.

“I am sorry boo” Pam finally said “we should go shower that would make us feel better” and they did just that, Pam crawled into her bed and laid behind her. She put her right arm under the pillow and her left around her waist. Angel grabbed her hand and squeezed it tight, holding it against her stomach. “I love you Pam.”

“I love you too, Angel,” more than you know” Angel turned around and faced Pam, “I love it when you gaze right into me” Pam reached for her lips with hers. “What else do you love about me?”

“I think she paused and shivered in pleasure at the thought…..I think the problem is I love you too much”



“Ijay I need to see you” Eve said from the other end. Ijay was silent for a few seconds “cool meet me at my spot”

“A friend is coming to join us Ijay said to Becky” as she leaned back in her seat and sighed.

“That’s the reason you looked so gloomy earlier right? Maybe I should excuse you before she gets here.” She managed to say with a smile.

“Oh no no no you don’t have to leave, please stay” Ijay said with pleading eyes.

“Do you really think I should?”

“I do,” answered ijay firmly and with great feeling, meeting her new friend’s gaze without flinching. Ijay and Becky chatted away like they had known each other for ages they were so engrossed they didn’t know when Eve walked in.



Pam placed a hand on her thigh, squeezing and rubbing, Angel’s hand sliding in between Pam’s thighs from time to time..



“‘M I supposed to be worried?”

“No my love, you get too worked up over nothing”

“I saw the way Ella was looking at you”

“Well I dint notice and I ain’t interested.”


“”Shhh” Pam shut her up wit a kiss their lips locked in battle, occasionally nipping or licking her ear. She couldn’t get enough of Angel while their tongues warred, hands everywhere, Pam reached down and began teasing her wall, she wanted to go slow to tease, but as she felt her moist she felt something snap inside and shoved two fingers inside her pussy and deepening the kiss. Angel ripped her mouth away, gasping for air. “Oh God, oh baby, slow down or, I swear, we’re both gonna explode soon.” Pam withdrew her fingers.




Ijay heard the familiar voice call her name, she immediately got up to give Eve a hug as she led her to a seat. “Eve meet my friend Becky but I call her my Angel” Ijay said with a naughty grin “Becky meet Eve”. Eve smiled at Becky as she sat down then there was an awkward silence. “Okay i have to go now” Becky said breaking the silence “it was nice meeting you Eve, and you Ijay thanks a lot for making me laugh so much today, I should see you again soon” Ijay got up and gave her a tight hug then whispered thanks for staying back, Becky smiled at her as she walked away.

Ijay gave Eve a long hard look “so you’ve been so busy these days yeah?” Eve simply smiled “Ijay, who was that?” she said pointing at the door obviously referring to Becky and ignoring ijay’s question, Ijay laughed hard “Are you jealous? Come off it babes you know I have the hots just for you” she tickled her in the process and she giggled. “Is there anything you think I should know? What has been going on with you? Tell me”



Sighing and moaning softly, Angel tilting her head to one side to provide her friend with easier access to her neck, Pam skimming the tip of her tongue in small circles, each circle getting a little bigger with every pass of her tongue. Angel groaned and frantically ran her hands down Pam’s back. Pam ran her hands up and down Angel’s body feverishly. “Oh, my, God,” Angel whimpered in a throaty, emotion choked voice. “That feels so good, Pam..” Looking up, Pam found Angel watching her, her eyes smoky, her breathing ragged gasps. Pam reached up to cup the back of Angel’s head, pulling her gently for another mind-blowing kiss. Angel kept her hands on Pam’s back, skimming her fingertips to the back of her thighs, then up front again, then back again, reaching around a little further between Pam’s legs each time. Pam’s hand returning to Angel’s mound, she traced a finger up and down her wall, just the tip at first, then sliding in a little deeper with each pass. Finally, she pushed two fingers completely inside, Angel ached with a loud moan, Pam moaned along side with her on how easily her fingers slid in. Angel was losing control she began bucking against Pam’s hand, Angel wanted to feel Pam, so she pushed in a finger then she slid a second finger into her, Pam knew Angel was trying so hard to satisfy her, so she decided to teach her some more, she increased the pace making sure she slapped her palm against Angel’s clit with each thrust. Angel mimicked her movements and, in moments, they were viciously bucking against each other.

“Oh gawd” Angel moaned. They felt the pressure building up inside them, then, suddenly, Angel orgasm exploded, her heart pounding so hard she thought it might burst through her chest. Pam’s orgasm quickly followed and they sank, exhausted.



Eve talked about everything except the story Ijay overheard about Eve being in a relationship. Ijay listened to Eve while her mind wondered off to her chat with Becky, she made her laugh so easily and she liked that.

“Ijay!” Eve’s voice brought Ijay back to reality,”what were you thinking about?” “Nothing” Ijay said lazily as she sat up and took her hands in hers. “I missed you Eve” she said looking straight into her eyes. Eve’s eyes dropped and that was when Ijay was convinced she was hiding something. Eve tried to speak but Ijay hushed her. “You don’t have to say anything babe, you technically don’t owe me an explanation”

They walked out silently, gave each other a hug and walked off to different directions. Lynda was in the sitting room with some 3 visitors all girls, she called out to ijay to come meet her friends. Ijay reluctantly walked to them and Lynda started the introduction, she was busy with her phone when she heard a familiar voice say

“hi” Ijay looked up and saw Becky…..


To be continued.


Copyright @ 2013 All rights reserved.

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    When is the next post coming up??????

  2. honey says:

    That’s harsh ☹

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