The pledge 14

“How – did – you – get – this?” Lynda stuttered. Ijay gazed at her “Should that be the question?” she spat. “What the fuck is this Lynda? When the fuck was this? And you had better not fucking lie to me because the hairdo you have on this fucking video is the same fucking one you have on right now; So don’t even think of lying. Is this the supposed business trip you went for? and don’t you just sit down there staring at me, I need answers slut, answers!” Ijay’s voice got louder and louder as she spoke.

“Please don’t yell” Lynda begged with teary eyes.



“Ella, Pam and I have been seeing each other for a while now” Ella had a look of shock on her face, one that you could not fake. “I see” she managed to say a bit disappointed. She gazed over at Pam for a few more seconds

“I adore everything about her, she is warm and tender and sweet…”.

“I see…excuse me” she said standing up with a fake smile and heading to her room.

“I see you know my girlfriend” Pam said while she puffed out.

“Yeah! fucking small world”

“Now let’s keep the record straight Jay, there is nothing between us, and there will never be anything between us, just you may know, so do you still want us here or….”

“Hey relax Pam, I lost interest when I met Angel” she lied. She is my friend, I cant hurt her. And yeah I would love to have you both here.”

“Very well then, we move in this weekend, what’s my bill?”

“We sort that out over the weekend”



Lynda knew how to get to Ijay but Ijay wasn’t falling for her act this time. “Lynda don’t even go there, just tell me what this is, tell me now!” She yelled

“Ijay I’m sorry I can explain, I didn’t go out of town” she paused “i’ve been here the entire time” Ijay paced around the room trying to contain herself.

“So you lied about a business trip so you could go somewhere in town to do this?” Ijay screamed and threw her phone at her luckily missing her target. Lynda tried to reach for Ijay but Ijay pushed her off fiercely, picked her phone and stormed out of the house.



Angel walked towards Pam and jay.

“So what are my two fav girls talking about?”

“You!” Jay replied


“Angel, its getting late, we should head back to school” Pam interrupted them “We have an early lecture remember”

Jay hugged Angel then faced Pam and gave her a tight hug her arms were wrapped around Pam’s waist, she could feel the heat from her body on hers; her nipples hardened immediately. Angel noticed a slight chemistry and had a puzzled look on her face, wondering.

With that done Angel led the way, Jay took the opportunity to brush her hand against Pam’s ass, and the heat grew between her legs and again Angel noticed the brushing.



It had been a good number of days since Ijay saw Eve. Eve was seemingly so busy and she was getting really uncomfortable with the distance. Lynda and Ijay became strangers living under the same roof. She went mute since the video and no matter how much Lynda tried to get her to talk about it she just wasn’t going to say a word. As far as Ijay was concerned it was over between them, the silence was killing Lynda but Ijay cared less.

Ijay went to her usual spot to relax when two girls walked in. Both wore very short skirts, one had a pair of black boots that went up to her knees, while the other had on an ankle boots, her perfect long legs well exposed. Ijay found it hard not to stare, and her eyes kept being drawn to their smooth skin but she was brought back to reality when amidst their chat one of them mentioned Eve’s full name. From the gist Eve had started seeing someone else and that was why she was seemingly busy these days. It felt like a knife was pierced through Ijay’s heart. She placed her face in her hands and was lost in thoughts when she heard a soft voice.. “Hi can I join you?…” Ijay looked up with pain in her eyes and forced a smile, she could only stare at the girl who stood about 5’8″ drinking in again the view of her long legs, the lady mistakenly dropped her keys, she had to drop her wine glass on the table then bent down to pick her keys. Ijay admired her perfectly round ass and for the first time noticed her brown, curly tresses spilling down her back

“Sure you can” she finally found her voice.



They drove in silence, both lost in thought. Angel broke the silence

“Did you ever have anything with Jenny? or are you having an affair with her?”

Pam didn’t know what to say, should i lie? crossed her mind.


“She took a deep breath to compose herself “Don’t go freaking out ok! Yeah I did, we were much younger…”

“Hold it right there!” She spat at her “Geez, I was fucking right, I read the chemistry between you two. And I knew there was something eating you up, why dint you mention it?”

“Angel please I….”

“You what?… You made me look stupid Pam, oh yes you did.” Pam decided to concentrate on her driving arguing with her girlfriend right now would solve nothing.

“Ain’t you gonna say something?”


“Fine!.. You go ahead and move in with her and enjoy….Pick up where you two…

“Shut up!”

“What?” her mouth fell open in surprise. “I said shut the fuck up!” Pam yelled at her for the first time. That did it Angel had tears rolling down her cheeks she could hardly believe her girlfriend would use such words on her.



“My name is Becky and I couldn’t help but notice you, are you okay?” She asked with a worried look on her face. Ijay got up and stretched her hand as she admired Becky. she introduced herself and tried to push the pain aside. “I’ll be better now that I have an angel with me” Becky giggled at this, feeling very flattered her eyes locking with ijay’s for just a few extra seconds.

Becky was dark skinned with beautiful eyes and she had a smile that will definitely light up any dark room, sexilly dressed with an average sized boobs, her top had a ‘v’ shaped neck exposing her cleavage, the star shaped pendant suffocated in between her boobs.

“What you drinking” they said and they both laughed.

After a while there was an utter silence then followed a long and very intense moment of the two ladies just staring deep into each other’s eyes. Ijay’s phone rang and it was Eve…


To be continued…


Copyright @ 2013 All rights reserved.

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  1. Teddy says:

    I dey wait….

  2. Shido says:

    Getting Interesting.

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