The pledge 13

“Ijay!!” her colleague screamed banging the table. Ijay hurriedly put her phone away when she noticed her colleague was trying to get a glimpse. Ijay smiled at her and got back to work. “Who sent this to me?” she questioned herself silently. Lynda was coming back home that same day and she would have to explain the video Ijay said to herself as she tried again to get back to work.

“Pam, are you listening to me, I asked if you were ready?” Angel smiled at her friend.

“Yeah! errm… sorry,” Pam stuttered

“Pam.” Angel walked over to where she stood. “What’s wrong?” She asked

“It’s…. nothing.” Pam tried to assure her.

“Doesn’t look like nothing.” Angel spoke softly.

“I’m fine, just a little tired,” she tried to smile.

They drove in silence except for the soft music that played in the background. Angel was wondering to herself, so certain there was something Pam didn’t want to talk to her about and she was getting a bit pissed.

“Hi, what can I get for you?” the waitress asked staring at Pam.

“We’ll have a look at the menu and I’ll come down to order,” Pam replied.

After so much deliberation, they settled for pizza and drinks.

As they sat eating the pizza Pam couldn’t take her mind off of one particular subject, Jay and her apartment, she had to find a way, any good excuse to help the situation.

“You done?” Angel asked.


“Shall we?”



Ijay got home after work and Lynda was home to welcome her. She looked relaxed and beautiful, ijay smiled as she slipped into her boxers and Tee.

“How was your trip? It’s good to have you back home” not meaning it, but she had to play cool

“Thanks sweets, I have really missed you.” Ijay got in bed and Lynda didn’t waste time to get on Ijay, like she had it all planned out in her head. She kissed Ijay full on the lips, pulled off Ijay’s tee began licking and flicking her nipples, taking them between her teeth and gently nibbling. She kissed and licked her way down Ijay’s body, reaching her pussy. She licked her entire wall with her tongue while her thumb worked on her clit. Ijay wasn’t into the act and it didnt take long before Lynda noticed. “Are you okay Ijay?” She whispered.

“Yea ‘m fine” she managed to say trying to sit up.

“What are you doing Ijay?”

“Trying to get up”

“Make love to me” she pleaded.. “Please Ijay, i have missed you.”

“You want me to….”



The distance was a short one, they got to Jay’s place in less than 10mins. Pam rang the bell and waited patiently.

“Oh! You back.” Ella said with a grin while she stepped aside. They had barely walked in when pam noticed Angel looked pleased at what she saw as she admired the entire sitting room.

“Erm, yeah… Is Jay….jane home?”

“Yeah, she is, make yourself comfortable while I….”

“Wait a minute!” Angel exclaimed, staring at the picture frame on the wall and walking towards it.

“Is this the Jane?” asking no one in particular.

“Yeah, that’s….. Oh here she comes” Ella said. Pam confused stared from Ella to Angel and then to Jay. What came next shocked her even more.



They both screamed and held each other tight, laughing and then hugging again.

“You look good and different” jay said

“Really?…thanks… You look good too”

“Gosh!, its been…. 3 or 4yrs..right?”

“Yea, you are so right, the last time we saw was at….”

“Camp meeting” they both said at the same time laughing.

Pam and Ella now seated stared at them as they chatted away. Once a while Pam felt Ella’s gaze on her, gosh, she looked sexy and beautiful, she thought to herself but tried not to make eye contact. After a while, Pam got up, she needed to smoke to clear her head, she leaned against the wall and lit a cigarette. .


Lynda now stacked naked was handcuffed tight, Lynda at first was a bit nervous but she somehow began to relax. ijay pulled out a pair of nipple clamps and hooked them on painfully, enjoying the other woman’s discomfort. She ran a contemptuous finger over Lynda’s pussy.

“Still wet. Stupid slut.”

Lynda now obviously scared “What has gotten over you, I ….”

“These are good cuffs Lynda,” she murmured, keeping eye contact and ignoring her question. “You won’t get out of them without my key… and therefore my kindness.

Ijay went to a drawer and laced on an enormous strap on. She wanna get fucked, like hell she would she thought to herself as she pushed Lynda down, and rubbed the tip gently against the mouth of her pussy, Lynda felt a little turned on by the gentle teasing motions, she ached her back and moaned softly. Ijay kept trotting in and out, not caring if Lynda was ready or not. She wasn’t game for any foul play, and she didn’t feel sexually aroused not to her surprise though. She was going to fuck her like a slut.

“Oh gawd Ijay….. I am sooo close… Soooo fucking close…”

Ijay increased her pace, Lynda tried to touch her, but ijay stopped her. Finally it was all over. Ijay uncuffed her, she then unclipped the sharp little clamps.

“I’m done”.


“Wait a second, ‘m I missing something here?, is Pam ur……”?

Angel embarrassed, blushed and looked down at her feet, Jay’s placed a finger under her chin and brought her gaze back up to meet hers. Angel tried to change the topic.

“And ‘m guessing this is the apartment Pam talked about. I am so… We are so game” she said with all excitement.


She turned to see Ella smiling, Pam watching with a straight face still smoking. Jane felt a lurch of sexual excitement rush through her body when she saw the pleased look on Angel’s face, but the sexual excitement was for pam.

“So when are you two moving in?” Jay asked walking towards Pam who leaned against the wall the whole time watching the whole episode that played out right in front of her, as jay walked towards her, Pam noticed jay had unbuttoned the first two buttons of her body fitted shirt making her cleavage visible. Pam looked at her as she took a drag on her smoke, enjoying the heady rush.

“Are you two….” Angel asked Ella softly.

“Naaaa, but I think I am now curious” she said while her eyes were fixed on Pam. Angel followed her gaze and noticed the lustful look on Ella’s eyes as she admired Pam.


Lynda slept off almost immediately and Ijay stared at her while she was asleep. Ijay picked her phone and opened the file again, she was still watching when Lynda woke up; Ijay didn’t put it away, she kept watching, Lynda turned, took a glimpse and froze…

To be continued.

Copyright @ 2013 All rights reserved.

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    …. I don’t even know what to say at this particular juncture

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