The pledge 12

Angel hissed at Pam who had  a smile on her face which cleared off and was replaced with a confused look.

“Angel?” She asked uncertainly. “Are you alright? What’s wrong?”.

“Where the hell have you been, and you had better not tell me house hunting, someone saw you with some chic, drinking and having fun” She yelled.

“Are you kidding me?”

“I never should have told you I loved you, i never should have started or done…..whatever with you.” She lashed out those poisonous words Pam didn’t want to hear.

Pam stood, listening to her say words that seared her soul.

“Stop it!. Stop it right now Angel, what has gotten over you?” She half screamed walking towards her.

A video of Lynda having sex with 2 other girls. ijay was numb and in awe, she stopped the video almost immediately and headed to work, she was still in shock at what she saw. At work she lost all form of concentration. She picked her phone and again clicked on play, this time she used an ear piece, music blasted in the background, Ijay took her time to study the girls. One was tall, looked mid 20s, fair skinned, long, black hair that reached her broad shoulders. Ijay felt she had the most amazing body, out of the 3 girls, with her full boobs. The other girl looked shorter, had a low cut, dark skinned, with not so large boobs and a tattoo on her left breast. Lynda’s hands were on shorter girl’s boobs, while she kissed her. The light skinned girl caressed Lynda’s thighs then reached up to her pussy lips. Lynda’s nipples got instantly hard. She turned to the taller girl and kissed her deeply on her luscious red lips, letting her tongue slip into her mouth then back to the shorter girl, their tongues explored each others lips and mouths.

Lynda broke off her kiss and started to make out with the taller girl, half of their naked bodies was over the tattooed girl who felt momentarily ignored, but decided to make the best of the situation by playing with four boobs. Ijay heard Lynda moan and she bit her lower lip hard. Just when the tattooed girl was really starting to feel left out, they both kissed her ears at the same time. This blew her mind, having two hot mouths on her ears at once, blowing hot breath into them. She leaned back and enjoyed all the attention of their tongues, she spread her legs, and Lynda wasted no time in taking things to the next level. She got down on her knees between the shorter girl’s legs and gave her some quick hot kisses right on her pussy. She moaned when she stuck a finger into her pussy while still licking her pussy lips. Meanwhile the taller girl knelt behind Lynda and started to knead her ass. Lynda moaned, enjoying the feel of her hands all over her bare ass while she was giving another woman head at the same time. The tattooed girl ran her fingers through Lynda’s hair, she placed her hands on Lynda’s head and buried her face between her legs, urging her to lick faster. Lynda teased her a bit by slowing down her long licks.

“Lick it faster. Please!”

“Don’t tell me to….” Pam grabbed her tight, Angel began to struggle.

“Get your hands off…”

Pam cut her off with a long and deep kiss. As their lips locked, Angel began to move her body closer to Pam. She brought her arms around Pam to embrace her tightly, through Angel’s thin white tee, Pam could feel her boobs against hers, heaving with anticipation. They finally broke the kiss.

Pam stared deep into Angel’s eyes; “Calm down Angel, I am in love with you and no other. I can explain….” Pam started.

Pam filled her in on the details of her meeting with Jane and the events, skipping the kissing part. She also told her about the room space.

She smiled at Pam hoping she didn’t over react. ” I went crazy when I was told, gosh! I missed you, and I love you beyond….”

“Ssshhh”, Pam said placing a finger on her lips. “I know sweetie, I know”.

“I don’t want to get hurt Pam”

“You won’t, I pledged remember”

Angel looked up at her: “Will you really keep your promise to me?”

Pam smiled looking straight into her eyes: “I always keep my promises”.

“I love you” Angel whispered into pam’s lips as she tried to kiss her again.

“I love you too”

“You left me hungry” Angel said giggling,” cutting short the kiss, “let’s go get dinner, then you show me the apartment.”

“I don’t think we should take that space, I mean, eermmm,… Its….”

“Do you have a thing for your friend?”

“NO!…NO!… C’mon Angel”..

“Then take me there….”

To be continued.

8 thoughts on “The pledge 12

  1. jenny says:

    I hate d suspens. Its killen me. I get wet wen ever I am readen dis. Gurl u re a killer. #wink

  2. Teddy says:

    This ur background pic na wa o… #justsaying#

  3. Teddy says:


  4. honey says:

    Bn following the stories for a long time. And I loooove them all. But now the stories aren’t posted as usual and its making really sadm what’s the problem?

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