The pledge 10

Ijay leaned slightly towards Eve and touched her forehead against hers the moment they walked into Eve’s apartment. She could feel her hot breath on her face. Ijay waited for Eve to lean in the rest of the way and let their lips meet like so many times before. Still somehow this time seemed different to the girls, Ijay knew that.

Then suddenly, she felt Eve’s hands slowly inch up and touch her neck gently, it felt like time slowed down. Her every movement made Ijay want to scream out of pleasure and her every breath made her long for her even more, with hungrier lust and passion..


Eve loved to tease her and did it at any opportunity she got, she was doing it to increase their pleasure, even without realizing it most of the time. Their lips met for a kiss which started slowly, she pulled back a few inches but Ijay pushed forward. Their lips met again, more fiercely, without warning they began to tear at each other…..

Ijay wasted no time taking her in her arms. She kissed her hard as she squeezed her ass cheeks. Eve gasped, Ijay brought a hand to her pussy. It was already moist.



Pam, lit up a cigarette, the mentholated smoke burned its way down her throat into her lungs. She exhaled the smoke and scanned the room then signaled to a waiter for her bills, paid and got up.


“Shall we?”





Eve brought her even more closer and used her tongue to play with her ear. Ijay felt like she was going to melt if she kept this up. Her tongue traced a path from her ear to her neck and down to her breasts and sucked greedily on her nipples while Ijay’s hands were working on her pussy. She teased her clit for a moment then stopped. They both gazed at each other for a while. Eve smiled shyly as Ijay pushed her onto the bed. She kissed her softly on the mouth moving left and right to suckle on her sensitive earlobes then moved to the sides of her neck, Eve threw her head back to reveal her throat. With that, she kissed her throat, moving down to her painfully erect nipples down across her belly to her navel. Eve was moaning and writhing on the sheets as Ijay hit every sensitive spot, making her very wet.



Jane gingerly opened the door to her apartment and walked inside, she perceived a regular scent and knew someone was home.

The apartment looked spacious enough, with 3 rooms, fully equipped.


“Well, how do you like the place?” J asked the moment Pam walked in.


‘It’s…,…’ Pam scanned the room till she spotted Jane’s picture on the wall.


“Nice” not knowing what else to say, surprised Jane brought her to her apartment and wondering why.


“Hi, I am Ella..”


Pam turned around and opened her mouth to reply but no words came out. She was dumfounded..


”Um yeah..’M Pam” she stuttered out the words.


Pam didn’t know what had come over her but she couldn’t help but stare at her. The girl had on a body fitted t-shirt with the word HOT stretched across her well endowed chest. Her eyes were defined by her long lashes, which enhanced her bright eyes. Her nose pointed and cute with wide always ready to smile full lips. Pam quickly turned away, realizing that she had been staring.


”I just got back from school and I am exhausted.” Ella explained, facing jane.


“Sorry about that” J giggled..


”I was going to hop into the shower when I heard voices. We’ll catch up later that’s if I don’t sleep off.” she concluded with a smile.


“Alright dear” J smiled back..


Pam found herself involuntarily watching Ella’s ass as she disappeared into her room. When she was out of sight, Pam let out a deep breath trying to cool herself down. ‘I can’t be attracted to another girl. I mean, I have Angel for crying out loud!’ Pam yelled in her head. Maybe…… alcohol, yes! it must be the alcohol she assured herself.


“That’s my flat mate” J said smiling.

“You like?”



Ijay went to the dresser and took out a rubber dick. Properly worn, Eve reached out and nearly got her fingers around the base of the dildo as she lifted her legs and pulled ijay into her. Ijay rolled over and pulled her on top. Dick still buried in her, Ijay drove against her cervix, her juices rolling, soaking the sheets. She rose as Ijay reached for her boobs, Eve rode the rubber dick. Lifting all the way nearly letting it pop out of her squishy pussy before letting herself sink down the full length of never softening latex.

Eve slid off the dick and knelt between ijay’s legs, her hand moved along the cock as her head lowered and her tongue rolled over the tip. She sucked her pussy juices off the dick. Ijay felt her clit throb along the base. Eve began to finger fuck her. Ijay moaned softly, her pussy was dripping.



“Is there something I should know?” Pam asked ignoring her question.


“Are you deliberately ignoring my question?” J asked while she walked towards the kitchen, emerged few seconds later with a bottle of Tequila and two glasses. Pam waited patiently till they both settled on the couch before she spoke.


“No I am not! She is cute no doubt but….”


“But she is straight.”




“I know what you must be thinking ~ wasted beauty huh?”. They both laughed but Pam wanted to set the record straight.


“Not like I was interested though” looking at her wrist watch. “I really have to get going, Angel might be worried. But before I go, I would like to see the apartment you mentioned earlier….”


“Right here, there is a spare room and we have been looking for the right person to fit in.” Pam took a while to digest what she had just heard, she looked around, yea the apartment was ~ perfect. But she knew the implication and that she wasn’t ready for.


“Wow!, I wasn’t really searching for…..” She dint want to hurt her friend. “I will have to discuss it with Angel and get back to you”. She had to say something, but it was a NO for her.


“Very well then, we could go see her together, after we are done with this” referring to the Tequila.



Ijay flipped her over, looked her in the eyes as she slowly pushed back the dick inside her. She moaned and pushed down, her wetness engulfed the dick that glided in so easily. As she started to pull and push, Eve threw her head back and moaned. “More….more….”

She cried as she started to fuck her faster. Ijay looked into her eyes and knew she wanted her to fuck her as hard and as fast as she could. One more look of pleading from her and Ijay fucked her with as much vigor as she had. Her moans grew louder and more intense as her hips pushed up to meet her thrust every time. As Ijay reached for her very swollen clit, she moaned her name, which drove her to fuck her with all the energy she had. Finally, after a few minutes of intense, hard fucking, Ijay felt Eve’s body stiffen hers was shivering.


“”Ohhhh “Ohhhh Ijayyyyyy!!” she cried out and came all over the dick. Ijay came right after. Eve held her as she floated down from her orgasm and remained quiet till they slept off in each others arms.




On the couch they chatted as they drank. Shot after shot, J’s vision getting worse and worse.

“I get extremely horny when i drink hard liquor.” (But now as she looks back on it maybe that was her intention the whole time.) And out of no where, she leaned over, towards Pam, and started kissing her, parting her lips with her tongue and shoving it into her mouth.


“Your flat mate is home J” Pam said


“Let’s go to my room” she whispered into her mouth, laughing as she picked up the almost empty bottle.


Kissing her was great, and Pam was getting so turned on, and yes she was tipsy. But she had to caution herself, because Pam knew what she was up to. She got up and followed her to her bedroom. Thinking to herself “should I or should I not” Before they got to her bed, her hands were all over pam’s body, pulling at her clothes and kissing her passionately. Pam was so wet all she could think about was…..


To be continued…..


Copyright @ 2013 All rights reserved.

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