“if only”… 16

“Sshh, don’t answer that” He signalled to Mich to join him. From either side, they had a hand each on her thigh ensuring she doesn’t get up.

Their hands pulled her legs apart and each hand reaching further up till they got to her pussy lips, they entered her with their fingers.


“O-h-h-h-h-h holy shit!” Brandy groaned.


They sucked hungrily on a nipple each. Brandy aware of the sensations had neither the inclination nor the energy to object. Her eyes closed as she settled into the feeling of being so used, loving the sensation of the 2 pairs of hands on her.


“Please fuck me Jeff”


The force of Jeff’s thrusts were so vicious, thrusting in and out of her with long, hard and deep strokes. Her pussy was being stretched and very wet, “Goddamn, girl!” he struggled to say as he panted. “Oh, fuck!”

Brandy looked up at him and smiled.

“Ooh, if only you weren’t the best fuck I ever had! But dammit”.. Jeff stuttered.


Brandy’s nipples hardened and she rolled them between her thumb and forefinger. She opened her legs wider to receive more of Jeff’s dick who pulled back and penetrated her again and again.

“Ohmigod!” “Oh oh oh oh… Oh, yeah! Oh, fuck!” Brandy breathlessly muttered. The world was spinning.


“Hey! What ‘m I supposed to do?” Mich asked while stroking his tiny dick. Brandy almost said “just keep doing that and watch how a real man fucks. But instead she said “come lick me dry” looking him straight in the eye while she licked her lips. “while I fuck Jeff with my mouth”.

Jeff grabbed his dick and shook it in front of her. “Yeah?” he sneered. “You fucking slut. Is that where you fucking want it now?”


“Oh yeah,” she breathed. She opened her mouth and he rammed it into her throat…. Hard. She gagged for a minute, then relaxed her throat as he began a second assault. His shaft slid past her tongue, over her tonsils, and deep into her throat.


After a few slow, deep thrusts, his dick popped out of her mouth and slapped against her cheek. She spat on it, then drooled over it. She grabbed his dick with her fist and pumped it hard about ten to twelve times. “You fucking like that, Jeff?” She sneered at him. “Do you like it when I fucking fist your dick like that?”





The door bell rang, bringing her back to reality. “Brandy! I know you are in there, open this door!”

Brandy sat up, shocked. “Henry?” She whispered, she couldn’t believe her ears. “Henry?” She whispered again as she got off the bed rushing towards the door. “Did Henry come for her?, has he forgiven her?” Is the wedding still going to take place?” So many questions ran trough her mind.

“Brandy!!!!, open this door, we need to talk!”

Brandy stood at the other end, took a deep breath before finally opening.


Henry, about six-foot-three. a very successful man, with great looks, he looked like one of the male model candidates. He had one of those bodies that was just muscular enough to indicate he worked out regularly, but trim enough to still look very stylish, very strong arms and hands, perfect face, dark slightly curly hair, black eyes, plus he had ‎a warm personality and a good sense of humor.



Brandy met him at his birthday party, he had just turned thirty five, Brandy had felt drawn to him physically, and they both hit if off instantly. He was very sweet and very attentive. At first all Brandy wanted was sex but as the relationship progressed she realized she was in love with him and decided to be faithful. Little did she know her past would come knocking, and it was just few days to her wedding. He had called her and called it off without any form of explanation. That had been her fears, (her past), she wasn’t really surprised, but wished she knew what he heard.


“Henry, please forgive me” Brandy was wailing as she fell on her knees, the moment she opened the door and Henry walked in, right behind him was his sister.


“We have forgiven you Brandy” his sister said. “Do you remember me at all?”


Brandy stared at the girl who she dint know, and at the same time wondering who she was.


“That’s my sister precious”




“She just got back from the states, the one I told you went for her masters, she didn’t want to miss my wedding…..”


“Let me take it from here Henry” Precious said, cutting off her brother “Brandy, I am Sandy’s friend.


Brandy froze, her mouth wide open, she tried to speak but found no words. Now she knew why Henry called off the wedding. “I was among the girls who beat you up back then when you were caught with Jeff”. She went on.


“OMG!” She finally said, crying out loud and hoping the ground would open and swallow her.


“My brother is in love with you and he has….


Brandy rushed up and hugged henry, who reached for her lips and kissed her slightly.


“Ewwwww, when last did you brush or shower?” Henry asked with a smile.


“Since the day you called it off”


“Okay, my job here is done, I  better leave you two, Precious said, she walked towards Brandy and gave her a tight hug and whispered into an ear “we have to talk”. Brandy nodded in acceptance thanked her for everything then promised to be good.


“You need a hot bath B” Henry said.


“What I need right now is a good make up sex Brandy replied giggling into his eyes



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  1. Rukky says:

    Hahaha, nonsense gal.

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