The pledge 9

Eve and Ijay froze, they were still half naked. ijay hurriedly got dressed while Eve threw on a long shirt. They could see her hard nipples through it and that just made Ijay bite her lips.


“Evelyn!” Her mothers tone was harsh, her skin glittering with sweat and her body was shaking with anger. Ijay picked up her satchel, contemplating if she should greet Eve’s mum, but she eventually did. As she tried to walk out, Eve’s mum blocked her exit.


“Not so fast!, you ain’t leaving here until you tell me what you were doing with my daughter” Eve’s mum blurted out pushing Ijay in the process. Eve’s sister rushed towards her mum to stop her from pushing Ijay further, that was the only chance ijay had and she took to her heels ~ right behind her was Lynda


“Ijay I am sorry, I didn’t know it would….. Ijay… Ijay!!!.. I had to do something, she is in the way of our relationship”



“Waow, its so good to see you again after all these years”


“Yea J”, remembering her pet name. “its been.. How many years now?” squinting her eyes trying to remember.


Jane couldn’t help but stare at her friend as she drove. She couldn’t get over the fact that she had turned into such a beautiful tomboy since the last time she had seen her. She hoped Pam was still into girls, because seeing her had brought back so many memories. The last they saw was about two years ago when suddenly her parents decided they move to a different state to start a new life after they had been duped.


“So you back to town with your folks?”


“Yea! Few months back”


“Oh really?.. Nice!”


“Done with school.. Or…”


“Part time”




“Its so good to see you Pam, so good to see you.” Pam gave her a side glance and smiled.


J in her 20s, was 5’5″ tall and trimmed in weight, a very attractive chocolate skinned lady with full lips and sexy brown eyes, all framed by her soft shoulder length jet black hair. She was always smartly dressed  and very neat.


They had been friends since they were kids. Attended the same high school, planned attending the same college before she left for another state, they kept in touch for a while and later drifted apart.


“Gosh my hair is in a mess” Jane said the moment Pam pulled up in front of a lounge.


“You haven’t changed one bit” Jane was always very concerned with how she looked – watching what she ate, and trying so hard to keep fit. Her jet black hair was always neatly made, even after so many years, she still had those……


“Why you staring at me” Jane asked smiling.. hoping… wishing…


“You look stunning to me, you are immaculately made up and your hair to me is not out of place. C”mon let’s go have a drink and catch up”..


“Just curious, do you still wear those padded bras?” Pam asked. They both laughed as they walked into the lounge.




Ijay wasn’t going to  create a scene so she looked back at her and then walked away, got into a cab and headed home. Ijay could not help but imagine what was going on at Eve’s. “How could Lynda do this? How could she go as far as involving Eve’s family?” Ijay said aloud. She wondered about a lot of things in anger….


Lynda walked in with a bottle of tequila and tried to entice Ijay with that because she knew Ijay couldn’t resist tequila. As she offered the bottle to Ijay, who by the way remained silent all through her display. Ijay took the bottle still silent and smashed it on the wall. Lynda wasn’t expecting that, there was this look Ijay gave her she had never seen.


“How could you do that Lynda?” Ijay yelled at the top of her voice, Lynda took a step back, she had never seen this side of her and she was definitely getting scared.


“Okay! you need to hear this from me. I am in love with Eve. I love being with her. And I’m not sorry about how or what I feel. Now go kill yourself”

Lynda stood there motionless while Ijay stormed out of the apartment.




“Would you want to  check it out?” Jane asked the moment they sat and ordered their drinks.


“Naaaa! I would pass”


Jane was surprised at her response, she tried again.


“Don’t you remember how we…..


“I remember Jane, but I would rather pass” smiling not wanting to hurt her feelings.


“Who is she?”


“Her name is Angel and yes, before you ask I love her to bits”


“I see! lucky her”..



Two days after Eve’s mum walked in on them, Eve wasn’t still taking Ijay’s calls. ijay left voice messages, sent a million and one text messages but got no response. She was broken. She and Lynda still lived together but they had become strangers. Exactly 2 weeks after the incident, Ijay’s phone rang and it was Eve. She said they had to meet and talk. They met at a bar and Ijay was flushed seeing Eve in a black fitted short dress and flat shoes.. She was beautiful and she was all that mattered. Eve saw Ijay and smiled as she got up to give her a hug. Ijay didn’t want to let go. Eve struggled to break free.


“I have missed you Eve” Ijay whispered.


“I have missed you more” Eve replied with a smile that made ijay’s heart jump for joy. They stared at each other for a while…


“Ijay I love you very much but we can’t keep this up. We can’t keep seeing each other. It has nothing to do with Lynda involving my family because I have taken care of that. But I just don’t think its wise that I’m in a relationship with you and you’re living with her. As long as you’re there Ijay, I just don’t think this thing between us will work. So please let’s end this now”.


Ijay eyes went pale with sadness but she couldn’t say a word. Eve made sense and it was all hard on her heart. She swallowed hard and spoke eventually.


“Eve I’m sorry, sorry for everything, sorry for all that s…. that happened in your house” That was all she could say, she was hurting. She had lost Eve just like that. Wanting to clear her head she ordered for some shorts of tequila and was gulping… Eve touched her hand from across the table and they stared into each others eyes. They were probably wondering the same thing (how they were going to survive this) Wondering eyes turned to needing eyes and Eve let out a silent moan and immediately took her hand off Ijay’s. They settled their bills and headed out silently..



“I am in search of an apartment” Pam said trying to change topic and regretting why she asked that question.


“Oh really?, I have just the right place for you”.


“You do?” Surprised and at the same time excited.


“Uhun! You are going  love this apartment she said smiling into her eyes…


To be continued…

4 thoughts on “The pledge 9

  1. Teddy says:


  2. anonymous says:

    amazing! Keep it coming, writer… *wink*

  3. jay says:

    You just always have me glued to your blog.You rate da best Mami!

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