The pledge 8

“I just feel… You know… Gossips and all”


“Oh!..” Pam said trying not to laugh.


“Will you relax?! As long as you are with me, be prepared for the worst. We know each other well now, don’t we?”


Angel nodded


“Good! That’s all I needed to know. And I have already decided we would live together right through to graduation, and maybe after that too”.,she continued, studying her expression and got a shy smile in reply.


“Come to bed, I want to cuddle, did I ever mention to you I love to cuddle?”


Pam rolled right up against her back, not waiting for her reply. She sneaked an arm up over her side and pushed some of her hair out of the way with the other before finally going still.


“Mm-hm. You’re so warm and soft and comforting.” Angel said as they both cuddled up in bed. Pam giggled, Angel poked her in the side just to make her flinch. They settled more into each other after that and talked for a while. There was no one particular subject, they mostly said whatever came into their heads. Pam just liked feeling her fingers running through Angel’s hair.


“Too bad. There is school tomorrow, and we need to get up fairly early too.” Angel whispered. Pam kissed her neck then held her tight. None said a word again…..




Eve told ijay so much, she was shocked Eve knew that much about her and there was no way she would have cooked all that up.


“Wow!” Ijay muttered “Lynda was really a snake”.


Ijay digested everything and confronted Lynda later that day, but as expected she denied it all and Eve became an enemy. Ijay who thought she had found someone she had been missing felt heart broken, but breaking up with Lynda seemed like a wicked thing to do. But despite all she had found out about Lynda, she still had a soft spot for her and was ready to give her a benefit of the doubt.


Lynda after all said and done said she was sorry and somehow Ijay believed she would get better. Ijay made up her mind to let Eve go. Decided to work it out with Lynda and see how far it could go. But no matter how hard she tried (and she did try), she couldn’t let Eve go and they got more and more into each other. Things with Lynda started suffering much because Ijay would rather be with Eve than with her. Though Lynda wasn’t the faithful girlfriend, she got really agitated. Someone was taking what was rightfully hers and she wasn’t just gonna sit around and watch that happen.



Pam awoke just as Angel was trying to delicately slip out from under her arm. She was clearly making an attempt not to disturb her, but she failed.


Pam tightened her grasp on her, holding her down as she almost slipped away. Angel gave up on subtlety once she realized Pam must be awake and began prying her way free laughing while doing that.


“You’re such a little cuddle-slut,” she said.


“I’m not,” Pam said. “You’re just being a meanie.”


Angel struggled free and sat up safely out of Pam’s reach giggling. She brushed a few strands of hair behind her ears.


“What time is our first lectures?” Pam asked




“What time is it?”


“6.30… We..


She was cut off by a pillow to her face. Angel couldn’t help giggling as she threw it back at Pam.


“Come back to bed”


“Okay, enough silliness,” she said, trying to look serious. “We kinda need to get moving.”


“Okay!!! You win”….




Lynda wanted her girlfriend back and for herself only. If Eve wanted war she was more than willing to start one with her. Lynda thought bringing another girl in would help spice up their relationship, she bit her lips as she remembered Ijay’s warnings she was full of regret but she wasn’t gonna give up on Ijay. She loved Ijay too much to let her go.


Few days later, Ijay visited Eve who asked Ijay to move into hers, Ijay declined. She wasn’t gonna move in with another girlfriend. Eve was upset, an argument developed. Eve went on and on about how they should call it off.

Ijay watched and listened in silence


“Its over ijay, I cant do this anymore”


Ijay closed up on her and pushed her against the wall…

“I am in love with you Eve” she whispered as her lips touched Eve’s who let out a moan. They kissed deeply and passionately, tearing at each others clothes and in split seconds they were naked. Ijay moaned deeply as Eve feasted on her nipples one after the other. Eve found Ijay’s warmth and found her way in. Taking her both lovingly and fiercely, Ijay moaned deeply urging her on. She lifted her head, searching for ijay’s mouth, breathing heavily through her nose, she wriggled her tongue into her mouth while their lips met. Their eyes were closed, and they had a look of bliss on their faces.



Pam and Angel hurriedly got dressed, they kissed before stepping out, heading for their first lecture of the day. Pam was tempted to hold her hands as they walked towards their class, but a look on her face told her she wasn’t ready for all that PDA. She was so shy and felt the whole school had there eyes on them. In class, Angel was about sitting somewhere else when Pam kinda dragged her to sit beside her.


After lectures, Angel gave an excuse not to house hunt, so Pam decided to do that on her own. As she drove off from school, she sighted an advert. Trying to get the digits on her phone and the same time driving. Bang! She ran into someone..


“OMG! Are you okay?…Oh, I’m so sorry” Pam half screamed with genuine concern and trying to assist her in getting up.






“OMG” they both exclaimed as they hugged each other. Horns were heard bringing them to reality that they were actually in the middle of the road. They both hurriedly got into Pam’s car and drove off…



Ijay’s fingers moved down toyed with Eve’s clit, ijay entered her pussy with first one, then two fingers until she could feel the juices begin to soak her fingertips.


“Ohhh yeaaaa”..Eve moaned into ijay’s mouth.


Then there was a knock at the door. “Fuck! Who could that be?” Ijay wondered.


Eve dragged herself off the bed grudgingly and they were reaching for their clothes when the door was forced open. Eve’s mum and sister walked in and right behind them was Lynda.


To be continued…


Copyright @ 2013 All rights reserved.

4 thoughts on “The pledge 8

  1. khris says:

    Ghen ghen!! Ijay n eve in trouble..

  2. Teddy says:

    E don set…. loool!

  3. Angel says:

    Oops……. hmmmmmmmm wowwwwww#breatinheavily#

  4. Rukky says:

    Wat a snitch Lynda. Hahah, getting tougher

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