“If only”… 15

“Ssshhh” Micheal said.

Brandy nodded her head, “oh God!” she whispered. “Not again”


“Heloooo, Mich..”


“Who is that?” Still whispering hoping and praying its not who she suspected.


The bell rang….. “Mich!, come open this fuckin door mehn…”


“Oh shit!, who the fuck is that? I ask again”…Brandy shot out this time, her voice a bit loud.


“My friend”


“His name gaddarmit”


“David.” He whispered wondering why she was so up tight.


“David?”… Just when she was about to ask if the door was properly locked the door opened and Jeff walked in.


“Hey man!..where you at? Jeff half screamed walking towards the sitting room.


“OMG! You dint lock your doors?” Brandy said siting up and searching for her clothes, sighted her bra and hurriedly wore it.


“Wow wow wow! Jeff said trying to look away but stylishly looked till he caught Brandy’s face.


“WTF!” He exclaimed. “Look who we have here?….. Brandy?… The sex maniac…..Oh fucking hell”


Brandy almost passed out, “I thought you said David… you…….” she screeched at Micheal who had been quiet and sad all trough at first at the intruder called David or Jeff who ruined his night, but now, even more angry knowing Jeff knew his “girlfriend”.


“WTF! You two know each other?” Micheal asked in surprise, as he reached for his boxers.


She chose to look at Jeff. She could hardly speak. He truly was, in her eyes, breathtaking.


“Hell yes we do!.. And I know one thing for sure that the more sex Brandy gets, the happier she is. Right?” Staring at Brandy.


“Wait a minute dude, is this the same Brandy that…..” No longer interested in wearing his boxers.


“Oh yes! Its the same Brandy all right”.


“Okay!,… that’s it!… I am just gonna get dressed and walk out….”


Jeff leaned close to Brandy, and whispered just one word..


“Threesome?” Loud enough for Micheal though.


Micheal wished he could describe the look of pure horniness that came into her eyes.


“Just….like….. that.” Brandy stuttered


“Yes. Just like that. You’re incredibly intriguing,” he said as he lowered a strap of her bra and kissed the top of her rounded large boobs, “you’re incredibly sexy,”


Micheal was surprised at what played out right in front of him.


Again Jeff chose to whisper into her ear, and while his warm breath sent tingles straight between her legs, she was wondering who gave away her secret about loving being whispered to. “You look stunning though. Smiling at her, he, repeating his move on the other side, “and I want you.” Their lips met and parted as they hungrily began kissing each other as if they were old lovers reunited.


As they kissed, her hands had rested on his thigh and she began slowly but firmly running her hand up and down, gradually getting closer to his groin, where his dick was now beginning to strain against his jeans.


Micheal’s hands slowly settled on her shoulders. Then moved all over her body, caressing her sensually. She was on fire suddenly. To her it was amazing, she had that instant reaction to the unexpected. Micheal squeezed her firm ass, running his hand up and down the side of her leg, and then moving it towards her rapidly heating pussy. Jeff still working on her breasts, and now his hands went lower, and he slipped two fingers into her wet pussy, she smiled inside when she heard him gasp at how wet she was.


“Let’s switch” Micheal said. Jeff striped off in less than a second.


Mich guided Jeff’s raging cock into her from behind, doggy style. Mich rubbed her clit in time to Jeff’s thrusts. ”


“This is so unbearably exciting!!!” She exclaimed as she bent forward to get closer. Mich knelt before her, suckling her breasts harder…then lowered his mouth to her clit.


Jeff pulled out his dick, making her feel somehow empty. He dragged her to the couch and sat her down, leaning her back. Micheal went down on her and started skillfully sucking her clit…while finger fucking her at the same time. Jeff. got behind her, raising her ass. He entered her pussy in one swift motion and slammed into her.. Brandy was going crazy her clit was being sucked and fucked at the same time. She couldn’t bear it no longer. She had to release…it had been so long she had a good fuck! She shuddered as she came all over Mich’s face. Her juices mixed with her cum flowed. After a while he dipped his tongue in so that he could taste her again then began to lick.


“Oh yeah, lick it. Faster. Come on, fuck with me your tongue.”


Mich was flicking her clit with his tongue, as she did her best to get all of Jeff’s dick into her mouth, she felt Mich push 2 fingers into her soaked pussy, the same time she felt Jeff’s hands on her head, pulling her further down onto his solid dick. Jeff was moaning now with his head thrown back, and Brandy was careful not to excite him too much because she had plans for his cum, which didn’t include it being shot down her throat.


Mich took her by surprise when he slid his tiny cock into her anus– she rolled her eyes and continued sucking Jeff’s dick not feeling any form of penetration done by Mich.


“Fuck! Fuck!” Mich finally came. Brandy stopped sucking Jeff and begged him to take her again,


“Where do u want it bitch” Jeff asked


To be continued…


Copyright @ 2013 sizzlingice.wordpress.com. All rights reserved.

8 thoughts on ““If only”… 15

  1. Toyin says:

    Expicit, exquiste, explosive…..and back to the suspense again.

  2. anonymous says:


  3. Swavey says:

    Yeah Bitch, lol, now am excited.

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