The pledge 13

“Ijay!!” her colleague screamed banging the table. Ijay hurriedly put her phone away when she noticed her colleague was trying to get a glimpse. Ijay smiled at her and got back to work. “Who sent this to me?” she questioned herself silently. Lynda was coming back home that same day and she would have to explain the video Ijay said to herself as she tried again to get back to work.

“Pam, are you listening to me, I asked if you were ready?” Angel smiled at her friend.

“Yeah! errm… sorry,” Pam stuttered

“Pam.” Angel walked over to where she stood. “What’s wrong?” She asked

“It’s…. nothing.” Pam tried to assure her.

“Doesn’t look like nothing.” Angel spoke softly.

“I’m fine, just a little tired,” she tried to smile.

They drove in silence except for the soft music that played in the background. Angel was wondering to herself, so certain there was something Pam didn’t want to talk to her about and she was getting a bit pissed.

“Hi, what can I get for you?” the waitress asked staring at Pam.

“We’ll have a look at the menu and I’ll come down to order,” Pam replied.

After so much deliberation, they settled for pizza and drinks.

As they sat eating the pizza Pam couldn’t take her mind off of one particular subject, Jay and her apartment, she had to find a way, any good excuse to help the situation.

“You done?” Angel asked.


“Shall we?”



Ijay got home after work and Lynda was home to welcome her. She looked relaxed and beautiful, ijay smiled as she slipped into her boxers and Tee.

“How was your trip? It’s good to have you back home” not meaning it, but she had to play cool

“Thanks sweets, I have really missed you.” Ijay got in bed and Lynda didn’t waste time to get on Ijay, like she had it all planned out in her head. She kissed Ijay full on the lips, pulled off Ijay’s tee began licking and flicking her nipples, taking them between her teeth and gently nibbling. She kissed and licked her way down Ijay’s body, reaching her pussy. She licked her entire wall with her tongue while her thumb worked on her clit. Ijay wasn’t into the act and it didnt take long before Lynda noticed. “Are you okay Ijay?” She whispered.

“Yea ‘m fine” she managed to say trying to sit up.

“What are you doing Ijay?”

“Trying to get up”

“Make love to me” she pleaded.. “Please Ijay, i have missed you.”

“You want me to….”



The distance was a short one, they got to Jay’s place in less than 10mins. Pam rang the bell and waited patiently.

“Oh! You back.” Ella said with a grin while she stepped aside. They had barely walked in when pam noticed Angel looked pleased at what she saw as she admired the entire sitting room.

“Erm, yeah… Is Jay….jane home?”

“Yeah, she is, make yourself comfortable while I….”

“Wait a minute!” Angel exclaimed, staring at the picture frame on the wall and walking towards it.

“Is this the Jane?” asking no one in particular.

“Yeah, that’s….. Oh here she comes” Ella said. Pam confused stared from Ella to Angel and then to Jay. What came next shocked her even more.



They both screamed and held each other tight, laughing and then hugging again.

“You look good and different” jay said

“Really?…thanks… You look good too”

“Gosh!, its been…. 3 or 4yrs..right?”

“Yea, you are so right, the last time we saw was at….”

“Camp meeting” they both said at the same time laughing.

Pam and Ella now seated stared at them as they chatted away. Once a while Pam felt Ella’s gaze on her, gosh, she looked sexy and beautiful, she thought to herself but tried not to make eye contact. After a while, Pam got up, she needed to smoke to clear her head, she leaned against the wall and lit a cigarette. .


Lynda now stacked naked was handcuffed tight, Lynda at first was a bit nervous but she somehow began to relax. ijay pulled out a pair of nipple clamps and hooked them on painfully, enjoying the other woman’s discomfort. She ran a contemptuous finger over Lynda’s pussy.

“Still wet. Stupid slut.”

Lynda now obviously scared “What has gotten over you, I ….”

“These are good cuffs Lynda,” she murmured, keeping eye contact and ignoring her question. “You won’t get out of them without my key… and therefore my kindness.

Ijay went to a drawer and laced on an enormous strap on. She wanna get fucked, like hell she would she thought to herself as she pushed Lynda down, and rubbed the tip gently against the mouth of her pussy, Lynda felt a little turned on by the gentle teasing motions, she ached her back and moaned softly. Ijay kept trotting in and out, not caring if Lynda was ready or not. She wasn’t game for any foul play, and she didn’t feel sexually aroused not to her surprise though. She was going to fuck her like a slut.

“Oh gawd Ijay….. I am sooo close… Soooo fucking close…”

Ijay increased her pace, Lynda tried to touch her, but ijay stopped her. Finally it was all over. Ijay uncuffed her, she then unclipped the sharp little clamps.

“I’m done”.


“Wait a second, ‘m I missing something here?, is Pam ur……”?

Angel embarrassed, blushed and looked down at her feet, Jay’s placed a finger under her chin and brought her gaze back up to meet hers. Angel tried to change the topic.

“And ‘m guessing this is the apartment Pam talked about. I am so… We are so game” she said with all excitement.


She turned to see Ella smiling, Pam watching with a straight face still smoking. Jane felt a lurch of sexual excitement rush through her body when she saw the pleased look on Angel’s face, but the sexual excitement was for pam.

“So when are you two moving in?” Jay asked walking towards Pam who leaned against the wall the whole time watching the whole episode that played out right in front of her, as jay walked towards her, Pam noticed jay had unbuttoned the first two buttons of her body fitted shirt making her cleavage visible. Pam looked at her as she took a drag on her smoke, enjoying the heady rush.

“Are you two….” Angel asked Ella softly.

“Naaaa, but I think I am now curious” she said while her eyes were fixed on Pam. Angel followed her gaze and noticed the lustful look on Ella’s eyes as she admired Pam.


Lynda slept off almost immediately and Ijay stared at her while she was asleep. Ijay picked her phone and opened the file again, she was still watching when Lynda woke up; Ijay didn’t put it away, she kept watching, Lynda turned, took a glimpse and froze…

To be continued.

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The pledge 12

Angel hissed at Pam who had  a smile on her face which cleared off and was replaced with a confused look.

“Angel?” She asked uncertainly. “Are you alright? What’s wrong?”.

“Where the hell have you been, and you had better not tell me house hunting, someone saw you with some chic, drinking and having fun” She yelled.

“Are you kidding me?”

“I never should have told you I loved you, i never should have started or done…..whatever with you.” She lashed out those poisonous words Pam didn’t want to hear.

Pam stood, listening to her say words that seared her soul.

“Stop it!. Stop it right now Angel, what has gotten over you?” She half screamed walking towards her.

A video of Lynda having sex with 2 other girls. ijay was numb and in awe, she stopped the video almost immediately and headed to work, she was still in shock at what she saw. At work she lost all form of concentration. She picked her phone and again clicked on play, this time she used an ear piece, music blasted in the background, Ijay took her time to study the girls. One was tall, looked mid 20s, fair skinned, long, black hair that reached her broad shoulders. Ijay felt she had the most amazing body, out of the 3 girls, with her full boobs. The other girl looked shorter, had a low cut, dark skinned, with not so large boobs and a tattoo on her left breast. Lynda’s hands were on shorter girl’s boobs, while she kissed her. The light skinned girl caressed Lynda’s thighs then reached up to her pussy lips. Lynda’s nipples got instantly hard. She turned to the taller girl and kissed her deeply on her luscious red lips, letting her tongue slip into her mouth then back to the shorter girl, their tongues explored each others lips and mouths.

Lynda broke off her kiss and started to make out with the taller girl, half of their naked bodies was over the tattooed girl who felt momentarily ignored, but decided to make the best of the situation by playing with four boobs. Ijay heard Lynda moan and she bit her lower lip hard. Just when the tattooed girl was really starting to feel left out, they both kissed her ears at the same time. This blew her mind, having two hot mouths on her ears at once, blowing hot breath into them. She leaned back and enjoyed all the attention of their tongues, she spread her legs, and Lynda wasted no time in taking things to the next level. She got down on her knees between the shorter girl’s legs and gave her some quick hot kisses right on her pussy. She moaned when she stuck a finger into her pussy while still licking her pussy lips. Meanwhile the taller girl knelt behind Lynda and started to knead her ass. Lynda moaned, enjoying the feel of her hands all over her bare ass while she was giving another woman head at the same time. The tattooed girl ran her fingers through Lynda’s hair, she placed her hands on Lynda’s head and buried her face between her legs, urging her to lick faster. Lynda teased her a bit by slowing down her long licks.

“Lick it faster. Please!”

“Don’t tell me to….” Pam grabbed her tight, Angel began to struggle.

“Get your hands off…”

Pam cut her off with a long and deep kiss. As their lips locked, Angel began to move her body closer to Pam. She brought her arms around Pam to embrace her tightly, through Angel’s thin white tee, Pam could feel her boobs against hers, heaving with anticipation. They finally broke the kiss.

Pam stared deep into Angel’s eyes; “Calm down Angel, I am in love with you and no other. I can explain….” Pam started.

Pam filled her in on the details of her meeting with Jane and the events, skipping the kissing part. She also told her about the room space.

She smiled at Pam hoping she didn’t over react. ” I went crazy when I was told, gosh! I missed you, and I love you beyond….”

“Ssshhh”, Pam said placing a finger on her lips. “I know sweetie, I know”.

“I don’t want to get hurt Pam”

“You won’t, I pledged remember”

Angel looked up at her: “Will you really keep your promise to me?”

Pam smiled looking straight into her eyes: “I always keep my promises”.

“I love you” Angel whispered into pam’s lips as she tried to kiss her again.

“I love you too”

“You left me hungry” Angel said giggling,” cutting short the kiss, “let’s go get dinner, then you show me the apartment.”

“I don’t think we should take that space, I mean, eermmm,… Its….”

“Do you have a thing for your friend?”

“NO!…NO!… C’mon Angel”..

“Then take me there….”

To be continued.

The pledge 11

Ijay stretched and woke up with a weak smile. Eve’s lips on her forehead did the magic, she pulled Eve into the warmth of her embrace.. an embrace that told Eve that she was loved deeply by this soul. Ijay closed her eyes wondering what next. Eve remained quiet in her arms thinking the same.


“So what next?” they said simultaneously and both busted out laughing. None of them answered the question, there were no words. Ijay stayed the entire weekend at Eve’s and she wished it didn’t have to end. 



Angel… Pam remembered how good their love making had been, how she had pledged to love her and immediately disengaged from the kiss…


“Stop it J!.. I cant do this!” She half screamed, realising how loud her voice was she cautioned herself… “I am sorry Jane, I just cant”, she whispered. 

Jane stood surprised… no, make that shocked & devastated, her heart ached at the thought of not having her. 


The tall butch leaned on her dressing table; silent for about two minutes, thinking ~ of many unanswered questions.


”How could i?” Came to mind.


”Why?’ was next in line. She walked towards the door..

Jane spoke in that low, smooth, voice of reason. “Wait! think about this; she wouldn’t even know….”



Ijay walked home and was welcomed by a teary eyed Lynda who held on to her crying. 

“Why are you doing this to me Ijay? I said I was sorry, promised I’ll be better but you’re still hurting me, still seeing Eve.”


Ijay’s heart sank as she watched Lynda sob. She couldn’t stand to watch a girl cry, that was her weak point and Lynda took full advantage of that. Ijay took Lynda in her arms trying to comfort her the best way she could, Lynda kept talking while in tears and Ijay hushed her with her lips on hers in a kiss that left Lynda motionless and speechless.


As Lynda laid in Ijay’s arms, Ijay wondered what she was gonna do. She was in love with two women and one person would get hurt. Who would it be?  



“I know.” Pam replied with amazement in her tone walking back, “But I can’t help but wonder why you want this even after I told you about my girlfriend, your primary motive is very clear, to help yourself, even at my expense.”


“That’s not true Pam, we had something good and I miss that. Seeing you has brought back so many memories I never forgot. I tried to keep in touch, searched for you when we….”


“You said “Had” jay, I have moved on, I would die of guilt if we do this, I feel terrible as it is already. 

Gosh! I love Angel. I don’t want to ever hurt her. Ever! Fuck! this is so hard for me, but it would never work with us. I pledged Jane, I pledged… 


Jane could feel her heart thumping so hard and fast. It clenched so tight and hurt so much she thought it would literally break into pieces. With effort she kept calm, looking at Pam and in a soft voice asked..”So that’s it?” with tears building up which she struggled to hold back, trying so hard not to break down, but she knew her voice betrayed her. 

Pam noticed this, stretched out her hands, jane fell into them and held Pam. She looked up and again tried to kiss Pam, who tilted her head and pecked her cheeks instead and finally said… 


“Yea J, that’s it.” 


Jane closed her eyes from the intense pain she felt with those words. 


“It hurts…”


“Wait… Jane… Can’t we at least be friends?” Pam asked.

Jane closed her eyes again for a few seconds before looking up at Pam and asking. “Do you actually believe that after what we had we could just be friends, Pam?” Shaking her head Pam replied. “Let’s just leave it like this. It’s better this way. I have to go now” as she walked towards the door, she stopped and searched her pocket for her car keys, she was tired of trying to make her see reasons why….


“The room space, are you still interested?” 


She turned and faced her..”ummm…, gosh!….” 


“Hey, relax! I have gotten the message, friends you said…” 


“Okay, I will talk to Angel about it, whatever she decides…”



Lynda made an enemy out of Eve; looking for every and any avenue to embarrass her. Eve was getting tired and irritated especially because Ijay blatantly refused to move in with her. Eve would lay in her bed every night and would picture Ijay making love to Lynda. Eve was loosing her mind and decided to end this once and for all which she knew deep down she couldn’t…


Ijay was totally confused but she knew who she would choose if it came down to choosing one. Lynda had been there for her so much and it would be wicked to end it with her just like that though she gave Ijay the best reasons to walk away without looking back. 


Lynda had to go on a trip so she left town and Ijay had just Eve to worry about. Lynda called as much as she could while she was away and Ijay felt she had really turned a new leaf. 


Ijay stretched in her bed as she woke up one morning.. it was a new day and she hoped it would bring by lots of good things as she smiled at herself and lazily got out of bed. her phone rang and she grudgingly reached for it… 


“hello”, she said tiredly.

But there was no response. She threw the phone back to the bed as she walked off to go get ready for work. Ijay’s phone beeped, it was a mail from someone she didn’t know. She opened the file and couldn’t believe what she saw. It was a video of……


To Be Continued…


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The pledge 10

Ijay leaned slightly towards Eve and touched her forehead against hers the moment they walked into Eve’s apartment. She could feel her hot breath on her face. Ijay waited for Eve to lean in the rest of the way and let their lips meet like so many times before. Still somehow this time seemed different to the girls, Ijay knew that.

Then suddenly, she felt Eve’s hands slowly inch up and touch her neck gently, it felt like time slowed down. Her every movement made Ijay want to scream out of pleasure and her every breath made her long for her even more, with hungrier lust and passion..


Eve loved to tease her and did it at any opportunity she got, she was doing it to increase their pleasure, even without realizing it most of the time. Their lips met for a kiss which started slowly, she pulled back a few inches but Ijay pushed forward. Their lips met again, more fiercely, without warning they began to tear at each other…..

Ijay wasted no time taking her in her arms. She kissed her hard as she squeezed her ass cheeks. Eve gasped, Ijay brought a hand to her pussy. It was already moist.



Pam, lit up a cigarette, the mentholated smoke burned its way down her throat into her lungs. She exhaled the smoke and scanned the room then signaled to a waiter for her bills, paid and got up.


“Shall we?”





Eve brought her even more closer and used her tongue to play with her ear. Ijay felt like she was going to melt if she kept this up. Her tongue traced a path from her ear to her neck and down to her breasts and sucked greedily on her nipples while Ijay’s hands were working on her pussy. She teased her clit for a moment then stopped. They both gazed at each other for a while. Eve smiled shyly as Ijay pushed her onto the bed. She kissed her softly on the mouth moving left and right to suckle on her sensitive earlobes then moved to the sides of her neck, Eve threw her head back to reveal her throat. With that, she kissed her throat, moving down to her painfully erect nipples down across her belly to her navel. Eve was moaning and writhing on the sheets as Ijay hit every sensitive spot, making her very wet.



Jane gingerly opened the door to her apartment and walked inside, she perceived a regular scent and knew someone was home.

The apartment looked spacious enough, with 3 rooms, fully equipped.


“Well, how do you like the place?” J asked the moment Pam walked in.


‘It’s…,…’ Pam scanned the room till she spotted Jane’s picture on the wall.


“Nice” not knowing what else to say, surprised Jane brought her to her apartment and wondering why.


“Hi, I am Ella..”


Pam turned around and opened her mouth to reply but no words came out. She was dumfounded..


”Um yeah..’M Pam” she stuttered out the words.


Pam didn’t know what had come over her but she couldn’t help but stare at her. The girl had on a body fitted t-shirt with the word HOT stretched across her well endowed chest. Her eyes were defined by her long lashes, which enhanced her bright eyes. Her nose pointed and cute with wide always ready to smile full lips. Pam quickly turned away, realizing that she had been staring.


”I just got back from school and I am exhausted.” Ella explained, facing jane.


“Sorry about that” J giggled..


”I was going to hop into the shower when I heard voices. We’ll catch up later that’s if I don’t sleep off.” she concluded with a smile.


“Alright dear” J smiled back..


Pam found herself involuntarily watching Ella’s ass as she disappeared into her room. When she was out of sight, Pam let out a deep breath trying to cool herself down. ‘I can’t be attracted to another girl. I mean, I have Angel for crying out loud!’ Pam yelled in her head. Maybe…… alcohol, yes! it must be the alcohol she assured herself.


“That’s my flat mate” J said smiling.

“You like?”



Ijay went to the dresser and took out a rubber dick. Properly worn, Eve reached out and nearly got her fingers around the base of the dildo as she lifted her legs and pulled ijay into her. Ijay rolled over and pulled her on top. Dick still buried in her, Ijay drove against her cervix, her juices rolling, soaking the sheets. She rose as Ijay reached for her boobs, Eve rode the rubber dick. Lifting all the way nearly letting it pop out of her squishy pussy before letting herself sink down the full length of never softening latex.

Eve slid off the dick and knelt between ijay’s legs, her hand moved along the cock as her head lowered and her tongue rolled over the tip. She sucked her pussy juices off the dick. Ijay felt her clit throb along the base. Eve began to finger fuck her. Ijay moaned softly, her pussy was dripping.



“Is there something I should know?” Pam asked ignoring her question.


“Are you deliberately ignoring my question?” J asked while she walked towards the kitchen, emerged few seconds later with a bottle of Tequila and two glasses. Pam waited patiently till they both settled on the couch before she spoke.


“No I am not! She is cute no doubt but….”


“But she is straight.”




“I know what you must be thinking ~ wasted beauty huh?”. They both laughed but Pam wanted to set the record straight.


“Not like I was interested though” looking at her wrist watch. “I really have to get going, Angel might be worried. But before I go, I would like to see the apartment you mentioned earlier….”


“Right here, there is a spare room and we have been looking for the right person to fit in.” Pam took a while to digest what she had just heard, she looked around, yea the apartment was ~ perfect. But she knew the implication and that she wasn’t ready for.


“Wow!, I wasn’t really searching for…..” She dint want to hurt her friend. “I will have to discuss it with Angel and get back to you”. She had to say something, but it was a NO for her.


“Very well then, we could go see her together, after we are done with this” referring to the Tequila.



Ijay flipped her over, looked her in the eyes as she slowly pushed back the dick inside her. She moaned and pushed down, her wetness engulfed the dick that glided in so easily. As she started to pull and push, Eve threw her head back and moaned. “More….more….”

She cried as she started to fuck her faster. Ijay looked into her eyes and knew she wanted her to fuck her as hard and as fast as she could. One more look of pleading from her and Ijay fucked her with as much vigor as she had. Her moans grew louder and more intense as her hips pushed up to meet her thrust every time. As Ijay reached for her very swollen clit, she moaned her name, which drove her to fuck her with all the energy she had. Finally, after a few minutes of intense, hard fucking, Ijay felt Eve’s body stiffen hers was shivering.


“”Ohhhh “Ohhhh Ijayyyyyy!!” she cried out and came all over the dick. Ijay came right after. Eve held her as she floated down from her orgasm and remained quiet till they slept off in each others arms.




On the couch they chatted as they drank. Shot after shot, J’s vision getting worse and worse.

“I get extremely horny when i drink hard liquor.” (But now as she looks back on it maybe that was her intention the whole time.) And out of no where, she leaned over, towards Pam, and started kissing her, parting her lips with her tongue and shoving it into her mouth.


“Your flat mate is home J” Pam said


“Let’s go to my room” she whispered into her mouth, laughing as she picked up the almost empty bottle.


Kissing her was great, and Pam was getting so turned on, and yes she was tipsy. But she had to caution herself, because Pam knew what she was up to. She got up and followed her to her bedroom. Thinking to herself “should I or should I not” Before they got to her bed, her hands were all over pam’s body, pulling at her clothes and kissing her passionately. Pam was so wet all she could think about was…..


To be continued…..


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