The pledge 7

Ijay confronted Eve and to her surprise Eve laughed out loud and joined her in bed.


“It isn’t…..”


Ijay was cut short with a kiss that made her motionless at first then she started to caress her boobs slowly and tenderly, she kissed the bulging tops of her boobs and then slowly moved her lips down to kiss each of her hard nipples through the silky cups. Eve’s head went back and she moaned her approval over and over as ijay mouthed her nipples and pulled them gently with her lips.


“Oh Baby! I’ve been wanting you to do that to me. It feels so good even through my bra. Suck me Baby. Suck my nipples Baby.”

As Ijay was playing with her right nipple she moved the left bra cup down to expose her breast completely. Ijay changed sides and she freed the second breast.


“Baby. Oh Fuck that feels so fucking good” she moaned.




Pam and Angel stood for a few seconds after the kiss, facing each other, not moving, just staring at each other. Finally they laughed breaking the silence.


“You make me happy” Angel whispered.


“Am glad”


They continued their shower in silence as they stole side glances at each other. Pam finished first and waited patently for the other before heading back to their room.


“I think we should get a room off campus to save money and have a bit of freedom” Angel suggested the moment they walked in.


” I tried this year, there were lots of offers, but most of the apartments were horrible, or under the power of weasely landlords. I heard once that there’s a rule: there’s either a nice place or a nice landlord, but not both”. Angel laughed and fell on pam, who staggered back and rested on the wall. Angel kissed her then said between the kisses..


“Well, we could try again”


“Well yea, we could, It means peace and quiet”


Angel smiled into pam’s eye..



Eve threw her head back against the pillow and closed her eyes. She concentrated entirely on the sensation of the mouth on her breast. While she pulled down her short skirt. Ijay placed her lips on her skin, then her tongue on her nipple and teeth gently nipping at her.

Each time the tongue hit her skin Eve felt a twinge in her pussy. Ijay’s tender fingers caressing the bottom and sides of her boobs increased her desire even more. Eve arched her back, forcing more of her breast into Ijay’s mouth. She felt Ijay’s body above her pressing her down. Their legs intertwined. Skin rubbed against skin.


Ijay’s tongue sliding across her stomach, her fingers moved down both sides of her rib cage until resting on her hips. Ijay’s tongue stopped just to the side of her clit, teasing her with long strokes. Eve squirmed, anxious for the tongue and lips to embrace her clit but wishing she could extend her pleasure forever. Eve spread her legs in anticipation. Ijay’s tongue moved lower until it could lick the lips surrounding her pussy. Eve raised her hips off the bed. She felt nothing for an agonizing few seconds, she was about to open her eyes when she felt air that lightly encircled her clit just before the tongue touched her.


“Oh gaaaawwwdd Ijay”…. She moaned and clutched at the sheets with both fists. She pulled at the linen as Ijay began to lick her clit over and over, with long, even strokes the tongue moved up; then Eve felt nothing; then up again. She never wanted it to end. When she thought it couldn’t get any better, Ijay’s lips wrapped around her clit and sucked on it. Eve lifted her legs and wrapped them over Ijay’s back


“Ohhh shiiiiiitttttt…… Just as she was about to cum, Eve felt Ijay’s tongue stab at the entrance to her cunt. Seconds later, it was buried deep inside her. Eve pushed up harder fucking ijay’s face. Ijay’s hands on Eve’s ass.


Finally, she had to cum.


“Oh, God, Baby….. Yesssss. Yesssss.”




“Would it be too early to say”….. She paused and looked up at Pam, not sure if she should go ahead and say it and not wanting to scare her off.


“Say you love me?”. “Was that your intended question?” Hoping she was right.


“Eerrm..yes” she finally said looking down at her feet, not sure what to expect. Pam searched for her face, looked into her eyes, kept the stare until Angel was bold enough to look straight into hers. With a smile Pam said…


“Finally she looks at me. And no its not too early sweets and I love you too.”


Angel leaned over and quickly… fearlessly…lightly kissed Pam on the lips. Pam accepted the kiss and lingered on Angle’s lips, faintly touching them with her tongue. Angel reciprocated by opening her mouth and touching Pam’s tongue with her own. Angel felt her boobs contact Pam’s skin and shivered.

They were looking at each other, Pam enthralled by Angel’s beauty even in the dim light. She cupped the other girl’s breast in her hand, Pam’s fingers closed over her nipple and began squeezing,


“I love you Angel, I really do”…


When Pam heard her moan, she lowered her head and kissed Angel again.


“Okay! Enough for one night” Pam said breaking the kiss. “We should get some sleep, she looked around the room and decided they truly needed more space, bigger bed and yes privacy.


“We will go house hunting tomorrow after lectures” Pam said as they got into their PJS…




“What? Thought that was what you wanted?”


“Yeaaaa, but!.. Never mind…”





Eve and Ijay laid in bed, Eve trying to catch her breath, Ijay wondering why she did what she just did. And she was yet to get answers, as if Eve read her mind, she sat up, took a long breath, stroked Ijay’s hair then said..


“Its true we had an orgy Ijay but I have never had sex alone with Lynda. The truth is we didn’t have an orgy once, twice or 3 times….


To be continued…


Copyright @ 2013 All rights reserved.

10 thoughts on “The pledge 7

  1. Teddy says:

    …. I cannot move

  2. Garde says:

    not fair o..dis suspense cn wound sombory.. waiting to hear wat eve has to say.. she doesnt sound like good people to me o

  3. Toyin says:

    The blog from this device is a lot better than the mobile version. And as for this story all I can say is you are quite the sizzler miss ice. Fingers crossed waiting for part 8

  4. El says:

    *droooools* ORGY!!!!!!

  5. Swavey says:


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