The pledge 6

“We should,” pam said, her throat dry and cracked from talking


“Okay,” she replied, quietly.


Pam started to move, but was stopped with an arm.


“Wait,” Angel said.


She looked at Pam, searching her face again like she had few hours ago. Her eyes were wet, not tearing but on the verge, and when she caught her eyes Pam didn’t dare move.


“I’m not going anywhere,” Pam tried to assure her, softly. “I’m right here.”


“Do you…” her voice faltered and she cut herself off.


Pam waited, not wanting to ask the wrong question.


She hesitated and looked away, swallowed hard and brought her eyes back to meet Pam’s, who didn’t know why she was upset, but tried to soothe her as best as she could. Pam brushed away the stray hair from her cheek using a hand and smiled into her eyes.


“You don’t regret what we just did, do you?” Pam finally asked, her voice low, almost a whisper.


“No,” Angel shook her head.


Pam nodded, quietly agreeing.


“I’m sorry,” she said, blinking and wiping her eyes. “I think good sex leaves me a bit emotional and I just discovered one.”


Pam laughed, completely surprised at the remark, and she hesitantly laughed a little with her


“I don’t think you meant it the way I took it, darling,” Pam teased. “But I’ll take that as a compliment….”


She slid her hand down her ribs, first to her waist and then her hip. Pam very much wanted to keep her in bed, to keep touching her and let her hands take their time and really explore her. She was so gorgeous, and her voice, soft and full of emotion, made it even harder to resist taking her again. Thankfully, just before it was too late, she suggested they should have a shower.

In the shower they both washed quietly, it wasn’t that things had gotten tense or odd between them… “it was.. well….” Pam thought, they both simply had a lot on their minds. She was the first to break the silence.


“Would you help me with my back?”




Ijay started hooking up with Eve and they couldn’t keep their hands away from each other. Eve took such good care of her. There were times Ijay was so ill.. She still would want to make love to her, Eve would reluctantly join her in bed and they would have passionate sex, Ijay would pass out afterwards then wake up feeling much better, She was her medicine, her peace of mind.

Ijay began neglecting her girlfriend Lynda who noticed Ijay and Eve got fond of each other and got really uncomfortable.


“What’s so special about Eve?” Lynda asked


“She’s a good friend. Is there any problem?”


“Well i know she must have told you…. different stuffs”.


Ijay lifted her head from her phone and looked confused, with a smile she said..


“Naaaaaa Eve hasn’t told me anything” and faced her phone again. The smile got her confused because Ijay wasn’t expecting what came after she looked back at her phone.


“Well i had sex with Eve even before the threesome.”


That came as a shock to Ijay who tried not to react, she wanted her to finish her story, so didn’t look up. She kept fondling with her phone but her head was spinning.


“I even had an orgy with Eve and 2 other friends.” Lynda went on. That did it, at that point Ijay looked up fuming…


“What???” she exclaimed.


“Omg!” Lynda shuddered, and at that point she knew she had said too much and then she managed to whisper..


“Eve didn’t tell you?” hating herself….


“Errrrr No! Eve didn’t tell me any of these but thanks for the revelation my dear” and she was back to her phone again smiling. Lynda got very jittery.


“Please Ijay it happened just once and I’m sorry. I promise it will never happen again”. She pleaded and pleaded.




Ijay’s mind raised, damn fuck! Here she was busy loving the devil whole heartedly, and to think she was feeling bad about what she was doing with Eve. Gradually everything began to play back in her head.




Pam turned to help, after looking around to be sure they were safe to avoid rumors. still stirred by the beautiful shape of her, brought the soap to her shoulders. She rubbed in a good lather and handed her the bar. She took it from her, still quiet.


Pam began to slide her soapy hands down her back.


“I think this is the 100th shower I’ve taken this weekend,” pam chuckled.


“Not that I’m complaining, I’m just pointing it out.”


“I didn’t think you were complaining,” Angel replied, turning around. “It’s actually quite hard to imagine you doing that.”


“Maybe because I’ve had nothing to complain about”


She leaned in and stepped up on her toes to give her a quick kiss that surprisingly lingered. “Exactly,” she whispered as she reluctantly pulled her lips from hers….



Ijay remembered a particular day she was home alone when one of Lynda’s friends brought her rings home. Damn! (apparently she forgot them at theirs after their sex session). When ijay confronted her that day, she gave a flimsy excuse which she pushed off and kept on loving. Gosh! How stupid….


“Eve begged me to break up with you and be with her” Lynda said bringing Ijay back to reality.


“Eve never supported our relationship and always spoke ill of you” she went on and on.


Ijay received all while she stared at Lynda, speechless. The next day, Eve came visiting and Ijay laid it all on the table….


To be continued…


Copyright @ 2013 All rights reserved.

10 thoughts on “The pledge 6

  1. Teddy says:

    Ok now. E don set

  2. khris says:

    Pam n Angel I like d love brewing!

  3. Rukky says:

    What’s dat na,continue it na. Lol

  4. jenny says:

    Pam n Angel, I love d romance. Can’t 2 see how it goes wit ijay,eve n lynda. Nice 1 dear.

  5. anonymous says:

    Dis writer is a witch! I’m sure we’d wait another 4weeks for part 7 n 8! #smh

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