The Pledge 5

This is gonna be one of those -whatever-happens-in-Vegas….” they all laughed as they walked into Ijay’s apartment.


Eve relaxed on the sofa and then felt a hand on either knee climbing slowly upwards. Eve simply opened her legs and allowed the exploration to continue and wondered what would happen when their fingers met which was pretty close to happening.


As their fingers touched Ijay smiled broadly at Lynda who smiled back. Then in unison both women pushed a finger each into Eve’s body and she couldn’t suppress a moan of pleasure as they worked their way in. Eve’s body stiffened as two of ijay’s sausage- like- fingers penetrated her and found the very sensitive nerve endings, the G-spot. Meanwhile, Lynda’s index finger found her clit. Eve’s back arched again as Ijay’s finger found its target.


Ijay kissed Eve. She had the softest, sweetest lips ever. The first kiss was gentle, but it took her breath away. Eve began squeezing her boobs and they got a little passionate. Then just as it all began they stopped and began ripping each other’s clothes off. Eve was so obviously into Ijay and she couldn’t wait to have her. She was kissing her neck, squeezing her boobs, running her hands up and down her legs and stroking her pussy through her panties.

Eve’s nipples got so big when ijay sucked them. Ijay could smell the scent of her pussy, she so wanted to suck it more than any girl she had ever been with! Lynda joined in by stroking the two girls all the way to the bedroom.


Ijay was sandwiched between them. Lynda took her face in her hands and kissed her sensually. Her tongue slid across her lips and into ijay’s mouth, ijay’s heart raced and she could feel her nipples stiffen immediately. She felt Eve’s fingers on her other cheek and turned towards her, damn! she was an even better kisser than Lynda. Oh no don’t start comparing, Ijay thought to herself, but Eve had this way of kissing, it was like her tongue massaged her lips and she could feel the heat radiating from her. Ijay just let herself go and be drawn into the moment as she gently pushed her down onto the bed and mounted her.


“You’re so sexy, so very sexy!” She whispered to Eve, hoping Lynda dint hear her. Ijay’s firm, round boobs pressed into Eve as they kissed. Ijay loved the vaguely salty taste of Eve’s skin, her gentle odour.  From the corner of one eye, Eve could see Lynda caressing Ijay’s legs, massaging her ass, stroking the lips of her pussy. Ijay’s hands ran down the sides of Eve’s body. Ijay’s moan made Eve look over again, seeing Lynda bury her face in ijay’s pussy. She even moved up and licked her ass from time to time.


“Oh, Fucking hell, you know what I like baby, ijay half screamed.


“Please Ijay, eat my pussy” Eve begged.

In a flash, Eve felt ijay’s tongue on her pussy as she began to lick her. She was slow for a few seconds, but that’s all. Ijay began eating her voraciously, really sucking on her. Eve could feel her juice trickling out of her pussy and her clit was throbbing, Ijay suckled at that too. Her sausage- like- fingers- slid into the depths of her pussy and Eve wailed in delight, arching her body upwards as Ijay devoured her. Lynda sat on Eve’s face shutting her up, she began to ride her pussy all over her face. Eve lapped and sucked till she tasted Lynda’s cum..


“Strap on time” Lynda said as she got off her face.




Pam paused, shut her eyes for a while, like she was trying to remember what happened next.


“Go on” Angel said


With a smile she continued..”Will you come to bed with me?” I pulled back a bit, looked up at her and after a short while nodded. I dint know what to say and I dint want to offend her. She guided me into her bed and she started to unbutton my pajama’s top.


“Wait,” I said. “Is this right?.”


Reluctantly, she stopped and after a few seconds pulled off my shirt, and held it close. Then she nervously slid it off her shoulders and let it drop behind her.


“Can I touch you?” I breathed.


“God yes,” she said, surprised at the moaning quality of my voice.


And i did, the first boobs I had ever touched besides my own. My fingers rested on her boobs and I tried to play with her nipples. Then i draped my arms around her neck and closed my eyes, moaning as she gently squeezed sucked and kneaded my little boobs. Jolts of pleasure shot between my nipples, my bellybutton, my pussy, my back, my hair, and I moaned. I leaned forward and kissed her again. Her tongue was surer this time. Eager and hungry, and she moaned softly into my mouth.


“Wow” Angel said.


I gently took her wrists and moved her hands from my boobs, and then leaned in and kissed her cleavage, cupping her boobs in my hands, caressing gently. I squeezed them against my face, warm and soft as I nuzzled them. I kissed a path to her nipple, and she watched me take it in my mouth, gasping and trembling. I tried to do the same thing she did to me. She arched her back, holding her breath before letting it out in a half moan half cry. She pulled my face hard into her boobs, holding her breath again as I sucked and teased her nipple with my lips and tongue. She trembled and jerked, her head back. Then she pushed me away, panting. She looked at me and said breathlessly,

“I want to taste you.”


“And did she…”


“We should both clean up and sleep, we have lots of assignments you know.”


“Are you okay….?” Angel asked a bit worried.


“Yea hun, its just that….”


“Okay! I get the message let’s go shower.” She cut her off with a smile.




“No! I would rather have Ijay use that on me than you” Eve said to Lynda who wanted to use the strap on her.

Ijay stepped into a strap-on, and then played with her own nipples as Lynda positioned it, tightened the straps and made sure it was snug and secure. Then they changed places,


For Lynda, this was a dream come true, Eve gabbed the shaft of Ijay’s cock and started to lick it at a furious pace. Then, as Ijay started fondling her from behind, she took Ijay’s cock deep in her throat. After just a few minutes, it was more than Eve could take and with pleading eyes, she looked at Ijay. “I need you inside me! Please.”


Ijay held the strapon upwards by the base. “Hop on hun” she said.


Lynda placed her arms around Eve to steady her and to feel her boobs. Eve’s pussy was still soaked from the foreplay that had started in the club and easing down teased her pussy lips on the head. Ijay reached up and holding Eve’s hips pulled her down until she was fully impaled. A long sigh of pleasure escaped Eve’s lips as she felt the strapon deep inside her. Ijay started to make gentle upwards movements of her hips as Eve pushed down to meet her thrusts. As she became wetter, Eve started to ride the strapon harder lifting up until it almost left her body then pushing down hard.


She was Plain AWESOME. Ijay made love passionately with Eve using the strap. Gosh they were screams and moans that broke ijay in ways she couldn’t explain. It was ecstatic. Lynda stayed aside watching everything. They cared at first but then got lost in that moment and there was not a care in the world as they moved from one corner of the bed to the other, Bodies locked. Not seperating for a second. Ijay could feel Eve’s muscles tighten as she climaxed.. Clinging to her like she was her everything. Ijay laid in bed totally drained then looked towards Lynda and forced a smile from the corner of her lips. Lynda smiled back and excused herself. She went into the bathroom leaving ijay and Eve who tiredly reached for each other and there lips met in a kiss that told Ijay she was in trouble. As Lynda got out of the bathroom Ijay got up from the bed with the strap still on. She wanted to go wash off but she knew she had to take Lynda also to at least calm the environment. As Lynda got back to the bed Ijay followed her and flipped her over, and drove her strap into her, as she was fucking Lynda, her eyes never left Eve and looking at her just made her strength double because in her head she was fucking her again, She just stayed there looking straight into her eyes and Ijay couldn’t hold back anymore. She was gonna explode, she closed her eyes and came so hard. Lynda’s scream brought her back to reality as she also climaxed. They all passed out…


To be continued..


Copyright @ 2013 All rights reserved.

8 thoughts on “The Pledge 5

  1. Teddy says:

    And all I can say is WOW…!

  2. anonymous says:

    Omg!!!!!!! My fantasy… *Sigh*

  3. Swavey says:

    Wen is the next one coming out ooooo

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