The Pledge 4

“Hell No! It doesn’t, but you should have told me”. Pam said


“Well I did… I told you I was…. inexperienced.” Angel replied with tears running down her eyes.


“I am so sorry dear, you need to clean up. Come, let me help you.”


“No! I am fine, I just want you to….


Pam moved closer to her, placed a hand on her thigh. Dipped her head and kissed Angel’s neck lightly, running her hand up her back. Angel gasped, her own hand moved to Pam’s thigh before sliding round and cupped her firm, naked ass.


“I am in love with you Angel” she whispered, as she kissed her tears away. “loved you from the…..


“Ssshhh, I think I love too” Angel replied smiling yet tears still rolled down her eyes. She leaned into Pam and kissed her which lasted for a while. Finally they broke the kiss.


“Can I ask you a personal question?”


“Sure why not” Pam replied her.


“Can you tell me how and when you realized you were… Errrm you know… I really wanna know the whole story,”




“Yea!…you don’t have to answer that if you don’t wanna talk about it?”


“Naaaa, its alright hun…. Well” she paused, adjusted herself on the bed properly, placed Angel’s head on her thigh then smiled at her.. “it all began….




“Let’s play a game” Lynda said the moment she walked into a pub with Ijay, they had been dating for a while now and all seemed perfect. Lynda looked round and again repeated herself this time giggling “Let’s play a game, let’s pick a girl each then talk to her, the first to convince the girl to go home with us wins. Ijay looked round and with a smile, said “Lynda that’s doable but the thing is you might win and convince the girl to go home with you or us but I’ll end up winning the girl and I’m sure you don’t want that”. Hoping that would change her mind.


“Well i don’t mind people wanting what’s mine, that would spice up our relationship. Don’t you agree with me?” She said batting her lashes.


“No I don’t agree with you hun and I ain’t playing that game.” Ijay said with all seriousness. But in a short while Lynda would chip in talks of a 3some. Ijay thought that would be the best time to make her understand how much she meant to her so she voiced out


“Listen Lynda, this your idea of spicing up our relationship…..”


“C’mon Ijay, it…”


“A relationship should involve just 2 people, If you’re looking for that kind of spice then don’t be in a relationship, just keep having fun. Look I know myself, its either I’m here or there. What if I develop feelings for this person you bring?” Ijay clearly told her what her stand was on that, and again hoped she would drop that topic.


“ would be fun and that won’t happen” Lynda tried to assure her girlfriend. With a raised eyebrow Ijay bit her lower lip.




“I was molested at the young age of 8 but couldn’t tell anyone because I was scared, and she was my aunt. She had a very nice bubbly personality. She was young, in her twenties, sweet, dark and pretty. I really liked her. Anyways no one would have believed me you know. And yes that was my first lesbian sex.”




“My parents had traveled for a burial leaving me with her alone at home. I remember that day like it was just yesterday. It was raining heavily and was so scared sleeping alone. As I walked towards her room i heard noises. I came close to the door and it became increasingly apparent what was going on. My mind raced and wondered if i should just leave without causing a scene. Instead i opened her door quietly and then it dawned on me if i could even remain the same or remain silent after what I saw.




“I caught her masturbating. I tried to leave but my legs wouldn’t cooperate with me. There was something intriguing about it, but at the same time I was fucking scared.”


“Does that mean you were never attracted to girls or…..?”


“Well I was, but felt I was still growing up, and at some point I would be ready and the thoughts of boys and sex would kick in. I grew up a tomboy, but never really played with boys though. Just by myself rolling around in the mud, climbing trees, wrecking my bike, doing some stupid stuff. I had girls as friends and we would play together too, doing whatever girly stuff girls do.

Anyways I found myself staring at her touching herself while she moaned.


“So what happened next”…


I stood there for a while staring at her boobs and her pussy, it was a cold night yet i was sweating. I tried again to walk away and that was when her eyes flipped open. I wasn’t expecting what came next, she smiled as she got off the bed and walked towards me, she held me and stroked my hair, leaned in and kissed my cheek. I tried releasing myself from her embrace then she kissed my mouth. And then I panicked, but she held me so tight I found myself kissing her back, and I let everything else dissolve away and concentrated on her mouth. Her hand touched my boobs, worked on it with her spread thumb and forefinger. She squeezed softly, running her thumb over my nipple, and I gasped at how good it felt. I heard myself whimper.

She moved her mouth to my neck, kissing tenderly, and she placed my timid hand on her boobs. It was large and heavy in my hand, she squeezed my hand against her boobs, caressing it. Her breathing in my ear deepened….




“Meet my friend Eve” Lynda made an introduction. “Eve, my girlfriend Ijay”

they both exchanged pleasantries.

Eve stood about five foot six, with straight shoulder length hair and captivating brown eyes. A size 12 yet beautiful and classy, her boobs aren’t the biggest in the world at 34B, but they were firm with large nipples. Her best features were her butt and her shapely, slender legs. She had a firm body, and knew how to wear the right (hot) clothes to show off what she had. She was very confident she looked hawt and sexy.

ijay knew where that was leading to but because she was crazily in love, she was ready to do anything to make her girlfriend happy. Lynda started forcing a friendship between Ijay and Eve. Ijay became friendly since Lynda wanted her to. But you know how they say you never know what you’ve been missing till it comes to you. Ijay loved exchanging text messages with her girlfriend but she always gave excuses on how busy she was and couldn’t respond to texts and all. But this little bunny called Eve would respond to her texts in split seconds, In no time Ijay wasn’t texting girlfriend anymore. They were doing just calls but she was constantly talking to Eve. They grew fond of each other. Finally a date was fixed for the 3some…


They had all gone clubbing, laughing at different things, having a really good time. There was the occasional touch on the leg or brush of the arm and sexy looks at each other but nothing more, well at first but with drinks after drinks in their system, they started to feel really turned on. Touches and glances soon turned to touching more and in more private places. They started to get pretty wet and imagined themselves having to at least clean each other up with their tongue.


After a while, they left the club and headed to Ijay’s apartment.


To be continued..


Copyright @ 2013 All rights reserved.

6 thoughts on “The Pledge 4

  1. linda says:

    I like how d 2 stories r going on at dsame time.nice piece

  2. Zizi says:

    Oh!!! Gosh!!!! How long do we ve 2 wait 2 read abt d 3some. N hopin Lynda has nt bitten more dan she can chew wit dis Eve girl.

  3. Rukky says:

    #shaking my legs

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