“If Only”…14

“Its not that bad” Micheal tried to assure her. He had spent the better part of his adult life trying to hide the fact that he had a tiny dick. So much so that he had gone out of his way to limit his interaction with women. He lusted after women as much as the next guy but whenever he sensed a relationship was heading toward something sexual he inevitably broke it off. But for how long was he going to do that.


“What did you just say?” Now fuming,

staring at his boxers, his tiny dick was almost completely hidden from view


“I…I..never mind”


“The sex is gonna be one sided, and you know why.”


That was a bit hard on Micheal who felt embarrassed, all he had just heard made his dick get smaller in shame. He had never felt so humiliated. Mick as he was often called was a relatively good-looking guy, good job and very rich.

He did have several casual sexual encounters but those more or less ended with him either being extremely embarrassed or simply satisfying the woman orally without exposing his dick. He had to say something, anything at all to save his face. Micheal wasn’t ready to loose Brandy. He was willing to be submissive to her if that would help. He decided to take a chance.


“I know I would not be able to please you with my… my… dick but I would make you cum with my tongue. Tell me what you like”.


Brandy took a while to think, she was as horny as hell, and leaving without achieving an orgasm dint seem like a good option. “You mean like concentrating on oral sex?” She asked to be sure she heard right.


“Well yea….”


“And you are ready to do whatever I ask of you?”




Brandy smiled to herself as she leaned back, she casually propped herself up with her arms, her legs dangling over the couch and spread slightly. Micheal couldn’t help but imagine himself down on his knees in front of her with his head buried between her thighs.


“Do you like what you see?”


“Yes,” he mumbled.


“Why don’t you show me what you have?”


Her sexiness and confidence were overwhelming. Micheal was at her beck and call and she was enjoying every second of the act. One of her fantasies was about to be accomplished.


“Okay,” he stuttered.


“Take off your top first.”


He slowly pulled his top over his head. She smiled as he let it drop to the floor.


“And now your boxers.”


Without so much as thinking he did as he was told. Her smile widened when she saw his undersized dick of about 4inches. At that point it didn’t matter to Micheal. There was no pressure on him anymore, because she already knew the size. He was completely mesmerized and was prepared to do absolutely anything that this woman asked.


With a smile she made a come hither motion with her index finger. Still under her control, he did as he was told. Micheal now stood completely naked with his tiny little dick directly in front of her.


“Get down on your knees.”


He immediately followed orders. She stared straight into his eyes, smiling seductively as her hands moved toward her pants. She pulled down her zipper. Slowly she slid her pants over her hips to reveal her skin-tight panties. With her pants on the floor and legs slightly parted she looked like some kind of goddess. A thin strip of dark hair showed through her white panties and her pointed nipples on her large boobs were fully erect. She spread her legs further apart to tease him even more.

Entranced, he watched as she slipped off her panties. His entire body was shaking as he stared at her luscious body being revealed before him.


“Use your tongue,” she commanded.


Once again he did as he was told. Mick moved forward and slowly ran his tongue over her boobs. Her body tensed with the first touch of his tongue. She let a soft moan escape as she watched him, after a while she flipped over and in fours.


“Slide your tongue along my ass.”


He placed his tongue between her ass cheeks and lightly moved from her pussy up to the small of her back. He repeated this several times. Each time her breathing seemed to increase in intensity.


“Oh yeah, I like that,” she cooed.


He continued to do as he was told.


“Now spread my ass.”


She slightly shuffled her position to get more comfortable as he put his hands on her ass to widen her.


“Put your tongue in my anus.”


She jumped when the tip of his tongue first rimmed her asshole.




He buried his face between her ass. Her breathing escalated as his tongue quickened its pace. Still watching his every move she balanced herself using one hand and put the other on the back of his head.


“Harder. Do it harder.”


With his face buried deep in her ass she moaned with the rhythm of his tongue.




She grunted as she slammed his face deeper into her ass. But even with the sound of her passion the smile never left her face. It was obvious Brandy loved dominating him as his exploration of her ass continued.


Suddenly she relaxed her grip on the back of his head. He tried to keep licking as she turned over but it was no use. He was still on his knees but now his face was between her legs instead of her ass. Her beautiful trimmed pussy was staring right at him.


“Eat me,” she demanded.


Micheal was kinda slow, Brandy grabbed his head forcefully and buried his face in her pussy.


“Ooooh yeaaaaa”


Micheal ate her out, he was good at that..


“Stop!, come fuck my boobs”


The moment he placed his tiny dick between her boobs she heard a familiar voice….


“Mick buddy! You home”..


Brandy froze….


To be continued.


Copyright @ 2013 sizzlingice.wordpress.com. All rights reserved.

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  1. Teddy says:

    Ooooooooo ahhhhh

  2. anonymous says:

    Sandra Ogunkoya!!!!

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