“If Only”…13

Brandy fell on her knees, crying and pleading. Hating herself for not locking the door., she crawled to where she dropped her bra and shorts, as she tried to wear her bra, the four girls walked towards her.


“Please Sandy, its not what you think” Brandy pleaded.


“Its not what I think?” Sandy screamed.


“You are such a bitch and you would be treated as such” one of the girls said.


Jeff rushed for his clothes and began to wear them one after the other. He sensed trouble and he needed to rush out before it started.


Present day…


Brandy got off the bed, she dint want to remember how she had been beaten mercilessly, she still had some scars that had refused to clear. She needed to pee and smoke. Her head was hurting and she was starving…

As she smoked, she remembered how Jeff tried to come between Sandy and her friends versus her, only for Sandy to slap him. She tried to laugh when she remembered his facial expression, then how he bolted out, rushed to his car and drove off.


Few years ago..


The news spread like fire, you- know- what- they- say- about- bad- news- spreading- faster- than- good- news, Brandy was laughed at, mocked, humiliated, and all that reminded her of her secondary school days, again she hated herself and hated life. She left school, enrolled herself in a part time program and started a small job.


Sandy broke off her engagement with Jeff, which, by the way, was still a point of contention between them and their families. Their parents, totally clueless, still pushed hard at them to ‘get back together’; Jeff and Sandy both knew, in their hearts, that wasn’t going to happen.


Few months later Brandy met Micheal, who was single and searching. They hit it off almost immediately, they had been dating for three weeks now but he found himself thinking about her all the time. Micheal invited Brandy to spend the weekend at his house, that was going to be their first private time together and Brandy was looking forward to it.


Brandy rang the bell at Micheal’s apartment 10 minutes earlier than the appointed time. He opened the door, his eyes traveled up and down her body.


“I am sorry I’m early but I just couldn’t wait to see you any longer.”


“Hey! Its okay, come on in and open the wine. Dinner is almost ready.”


“Dinner?..you making dinner for us?” Brandy was shocked, she had never met a man so loving and caring to the extent of making dinner.


“Why not?..I am a great cook”


Brandy followed him into the kitchen admiring his ass as he walked in front of her. She took a seat at the kitchen table while he finished getting dinner ready. Brandy began to assess all his qualities, he had a strong body, his legs were long and hairy, thanks to the boxers he wore. She was about to view his dick through the boxers though at least to check out its size when he turned and walked towards the dining table where he placed dinner and began pouring the wine. When she sat down he raised a glass and said, “To the most beautiful woman I know.”


She drank to his toast with a shy smile and they proceeded to eat dinner. The meal was excellent and filled with the small talk couples enjoy when a relationship is new. After the meal they went into the living room and sat next to each other on the couch. For a long time neither said a word. Micheal reached out to caress her cheek and gaze into her eyes. He leaned forward and kissed her forehead very gently. She closed her eyes as he kissed his way down her nose and grazed her lips with his. Her arms reached out to pull him to her and she kissed him back.


The intensity of their kisses increased as Micheal ran his fingers through her hair. Her left hand was behind his neck pulling him tightly to her while her right hand caressed his strong hard chest. Her lips parted and his tongue began to probe her mouth. He tasted the sweet wine on her as he slid his hands down her back. Brandy was on heat and needed to feel his dick. She reached down and placed her palm trying to massage his dick, Micheal stopped her. “Damn” she said quietly still kissing. She pulled off her top, she needed to tell Micheal she was ready. She undid her bra and stared at Micheal, then they began to kiss again.

Brandy tried again as her palm reached for his dick she felt nothing. She was a bit confused, but didn’t want to break the kiss. She tried again this time she dipped her hand inside his boxers and to her disappointment felt a tiny dick.


She froze, took her about 10seconds to come into reality.


“Wtf….she yelled.


To be continued.


Copyright @ 2013 sizzlingice.wordpress.com. All rights reserved.

7 thoughts on ““If Only”…13

  1. Teddy says:

    Lmao! Waiting….

  2. blazingrays says:

    Oh Sizzling! You want us dead due to suspense b4 we finish this story?

  3. Rukky says:

    Hahahahahahahaha. She never see anything at all.

  4. anonymous says:

    Hehehehheyehehe! omg!!!!!! my tummy’s bout to explode! choi!!!!

  5. Cupid says:


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