The Pledge 3

Fuck me with your tongue, make me cum right now!” Ijay panted as she grabbed Lynda’s long hair. It had been a while and she had found the right one.

Lynda eagerly complied, tasting her

sweetness with her tongue, suddenly Ijay flipped over, and in a 69 position faces buried in between their legs, they ate each other out, they just couldn’t get enough of each other, thrusting and prodding with their tongues as deep as they could reach. Their moans filled the room, Ijay grabbed Lynda’s ass to keep still. Lynda gasped as Ijay reached her tight ass, she had to sit up a bit, her fingers rubbing Ijay’s pussy. She then let out a little scream as Ijay pushed her tongue into her ass.


The panting grew faster as Lynda begged “no one has ever… keep going… please don’t stop!”


She tensed up and banged ijay’s face, grinding till Ijay’s tongue tasted her cum, that made her cum right after as they both lapped and lapped trying to catch their breath.


“Move in with me” lynda said “please, I want to wake up each day with you by my side.”


“If that would make you happy, and I equally want that as well”.


And that was how a relationship that was initially a pretense became a reality; Ijay’s reality. In a very short while, she was totally smitten with Lynda, She was everything to ijay, all she could think and breathe. Ijay loved her genuinely, and did everything she could to make her happy. People had a lot of things to say about Lynda, it was like a warning to her considering she was new in that city and didn’t really know her but she wasn’t listening to any of it. All she could hear was the beat of her heart and the knowledge that her heart was constantly beating for Lynda. They couldn’t keep their hands off each other, it wasn’t just the sex, it was the bond they had….

It was pure BLISS. She knew she had found THE ONE and she was actually very ready to spend the rest of her life with her. She loved her so much that even though she started exhibiting wild traits,it wasn’t gonna stop how she felt about her. Each time she did stuffs that was obviously wrong, she would give excuses for her in her brain and console herself with those excuses and just kept on loving..




Pam held Angel her for a while, stroking her hair, kissing her cheek, and rubbing her back, she knew she was in love with her, but she wasn’t ready to let her know just yet..


“One step at a time” she whispered to herself.


“What did you just say” Angel asked


“One step at a time”


“Okay,” she responded, looking a little bit uncomfortable. Pam took her hands and placed them on her shoulders, she wanted her to become a little more relaxed.


Pam cupped her hand under her chin and lifted her head,their eyes locked. Pam leaned in again and placed her lips on hers. Pam’s tongue darted out and traced the outline of her lips, then Angle’s lips suddenly parted and her tongue met Pam’s.


Pam’s hand cupped her firm boobs and she jumped;like a bolt of lightening shot through her, but her lips never left pam’s. Her heart was beating so fast and she moaned ever so deeply as Pam’s thumb raked back and forth across her nipple.

Angel just moaned softly and closed her eyes. She pressed herself to Pam with her lips parted, begging to be kissed again, as Pam’s lips met hers, Pam took Angel’s hand and slipped it inside her PJ shirt and onto her left boobs. For the briefest moment, Angel tried to pull away, but Pam held her hand and began to move it slightly with her own as they continued to kiss,


Angel became a bit relaxed as her fingers started to massage Pam’s boobs so Pam let go of her wrist. After a while she gently striped her and laid her on the bed while she got herself naked too.


“Don’t worry. I’m not going to hurt you. Pam assured her


“I know….am just . . . inexperienced… I just don’t know,… you know,… what to do…”


“I’ve been wanting this for so long. If you let me, I can give you a lot of pleasure.”


“I would want that so much”


Pam mounted the bed and reached for her boobs, she began to suck on them one after the other. Her thumb found her clit, two of her fingers entered her and she began to rub. Damn! She was so fucking tight. She felt Angel lower herself onto her fingers, drawing her fingers deeper. Then she began to move with Pam, as Pam’s fingers slid in and out of her wet pussy and she nestled her face between Pam’s boobs.


Angel began screaming, Pam hoped it wasn’t fear of pain, but of ecstasy. Pam held her tight and felt her body stiffen as wave after wave swept over her—the first time another woman had made her cum, Pam thought to herself. Angel went limp within seconds, held on tight to Pam and whispered “don’t ever hurt me please” Pam again assured her she wouldn’t.


“Oh fuck! Fuck! fuck!” Pam half screamed when she noticed some blood stains on the bed as she tried to get off her.


“You were a virgin?” Pam asked in surprise.


“Yes…I’ve never felt anything like that before.” Her voice was barely above a whisper.


“Oh Fuck! You should have told me!” She yelled.


Angel sat up, tears in her eyes..


“Does that change anything?” She asked..


To be continued.


Copyright @ 2013 All rights reserved.

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