The Pledge 2

Finally it was her birthday, Pam got her lots of gifts comprising of a pair of shoes, a bottle of perfume, a neck chain that had a ring as a pendant, a big teddy bear with a red big heart and a rose flower. She also sang her a birthday song. Angel was speechless, she hugged pam and found herself not letting go. They just held each other for what seemed like forever. Angel pecked her on the cheeks and thanked her for the gifts trying so hard not to cry. She just couldn’t understand why Pam liked her this much.

“Hi Ijay” Lynda said the moment she walked in.

“We meet again” Ijay said.. they laughed. “Want anything to drink?”


“Nice!, make yourself comfortable”

Lynda was petite, about 5′ 5″, and fair-skinned. Her boobs were average size, but they went well with her body type. Her dark hair fell just to her shoulders.

Overall, she had a kind of a sweet and clean look, not at all the type that you’d expect to be doing this.

Ijay hoped she was for real, because she was already falling for her, they had been chatting for a while. She got back with two glasses, a bottle of Vodka and Henny, as they drank and smoked, they touched all areas of life. Ijay began to notice Lynda’s interest in her within the few minutes of her visit and she was glad. It was the little things she did: a touch that was much like a quick caress, a glance that lingered until she looked back at her and she looked quickly away. Her continuous laughter even though the joke wasn’t so funny.

“Can I use your rest room?” Lynda asked ijay

“Yea sure, why not” standing up.

Lynda stood up too then Ijay without warning kissed her while her hands began to slide up towards her boobs then cupping them together. Lynda moaned in pleasure, while her own hands sliding up and down the curve of ijay’s waist. Lynda then began to slowly unbutton her shirt, popping the buttons one at a time as though doing a slow strip tease. Her eyes fixed on ijay’s as she pulled the shirt and shrugged it back over her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. She gently undid her bra. Her boobs stood there in plain view, her nipples dark and tight, Ijay smiled while staring at her boobs, that gesture brought a smile to Lynda’s face, it simply meant her friend was satisfied with her body. Ijay found herself becoming slightly aroused by the sight of her boobs.

At the venue, as expected, there were whispers and stares but Pam was too carried away admiring Angel who had on the shortest skirt she had ever seen, an electric blue lacy top with a deep V neck exposing her cleavage. Angel looked hawt in every sense of the word.

Pam sat with a couple of their course mates, but they barely talked to her, she was thinking of leaving the party when she felt someone’s breath on her neck.

“Will you dance with me?” Angel smiled at her. Pam was excited she smiled while she stood up, all eyes were on them as they went out on to the dance floor. They danced slowly. Pam noticed Angel was tipsy from the movement she made, she was practically throwing herself on her.

“You have had way too much alcohol. This is so not you.” Pam half screamed into her ear.

“I am fine” she said smiling.

“No you are not”

“Okay!, I’m drunk and horny.”

That took Pam by surprise, in as much as she wanted Angel, she wasn’t gonna take advantage of her. NO! NEVER!

she said to herself.

“I am taking you back to the room now” Pam said as she held her and headed out. Angel giggled and trotted along, leaving her guests.

Pam striped her she was so tempted to feel her skin, Angel was so beautiful, and for the first time Pam noticed she had a very soft skin and very spotless too. She had tried so hard avoiding looking at her whenever she gets dressed and somehow she had been doing great. She stared at her helpless body as she slept then wore her her PJ and slept beside her, she wasn’t comfortable though considering the size of the bed, but she managed and cuddled her..

Ijay reached for lynda and pulled her closer. She gently pressed her lips to hers. They kissed for several minutes,. “Gosh!” you kiss good, I like that ” Ijay said stopping suddenly and began to take her clothes off, while lynda took off her jeans, feeling a gush of moisture between her legs. They rushed themselves with another kiss Ijay caressed her friend’s boobs and they both made their way to the bed. Ijay’s left hand rubbed her nipples while she kept kissing her, and soon began sucking on one of her nipples. Lydna started to moan with a mouth on her nipple. in moments Ijay expertly slipped not one but two fingers inside Lydna’s pussy. They both moaned at the feeling.

“Oh God!” Lynda moaned, Ijay’s right hand fingered her pussy faster and harder. The pressure was building. They could both feel it. Ijay stopped and went down on her, now for her to do that simply meant she truly liked Lynda. She hardly goes down on anyone. She began to suck and lick her, Lynda started moaning loudly – loving every second.

“Oh, fuckkkkkk!” She was cumming, her boobs were jiggling a merry dance as Ijay continued sucking her pussy.

She moved up to her face and kissed her, seeing Lynda’s beaming face tasting her own juices. Ijay flipped around and Lynda moved to the head of the bed and buried her face in Ijay’s snatch and ate her out…

“OMG” did anything happen between us? Angel asked wide eyed, waking Pam up who was still fast asleep. Pam felt pained, without a word, she got up then laid on her own bed. Angel knew she shouldn’t have said that and felt bad. Angel got up just about the same time with Pam who closed the distance between them and kissed her. Angel’s eyes flew open in surprise then drifted to a slight close. Pam was almost sure she would push her away but she didn’t. Their lips continued to kiss.

“Take me Pam” Angel said between the kisses to Pam’s surprise.

“When you are sure of what you want”

“I’d want to make out with you but I don’t know how….but please don’t ever hurt me.”

“I won’t” she whispered looking straight into her eyes

“Is that a promise?” trying to hold back tears. Gosh! She was damn too emotional.

” Uhun! Its a pledge”

“You gonna teach me everything I need to know”

“Just go with the flow, let it happen naturally, throw back what is thrown at you.”

To be continued….

Copyright @ 2013 All rights reserved.

9 thoughts on “The Pledge 2

  1. El says:

    OMG!!!!! I’m sooooo turned on ryt now. More of Pledge. I need more!!!

  2. linda says:

    Wow,breath taken,u got me der,it sounds so real

  3. anonymous says:

    Hmmmm…madam Ogunkoya!!!!! *sigh*

  4. Swavey says:

    Nice its getting started.

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