The Discovery 32

“Gosh! I am so horny!, Can you just skip to the end of the story, how you got shot? I have been listening to your life story for how many hours now” Doctor Hanni said looking at her wrist watch. I coughed and felt the sharp pain.

“Alright!..Well after all my escapades, I proposed to Lexy, in our 4th year in school. You already know we attended the same university”


“We lived together, she caught me a couple of times though”

“Your usual ways huh, I ain’t surprised”

“But she was the only one who understood me, and truly loved me and I loved her with my whole heart. But I just couldn’t understand why I was so used to cheating. Anyways, you said I should skip to the end of my story ya?”

“Just curious, did you ever fuck Nessa?”. Ignoring my question. I laughed and again felt that sharp pain.


“Yea sure”

“I never did” giving her a sad look.

“Hmmmm, with that look you wished you did right?”

“Welllll….. Ssssshhhhh”

We both laughed.

“Ivy? Did you….”

“A couple of times….yea”

Hanni shook her head, “if I were Lexy, I would have dumped your sorry ass,..

“Thank goodness you ain’t her”

“Did she ever know about you and Ivy?”

“Initially she didn’t, but now she does, there is nothing she doesn’t know about right now.”

“Hmmmm, interesting!… Vicki?” Did you still nail her..”

“Like hell YES!, she just wouldn’t let me be!”



“Eeeerrrm, your principal’s daughter, what’s that her name again?”


“Yessss, Jess”

“I did, and the principal caught us”

“Waow!, now I wish I didn’t ask you to skip” giving me a mean look. I would have loved to hear the details…Damn!

we both laughed. While I placed my hand on forehead.


“Naaaaa!…we never fucked again, we actually became pretty close”

“Does she know?”

“Yea she does, and she was MAD at me, I remembered she slapped me real hard. Damn!”

“You deserved it”

“Yea yea…she understood we were kids and well, I think I got carried away with the whole attention and all..”

“Hmmm…true! So who am I forgetting?” She looked up, like she was trying to think.

“Well, there was this new student who gave me a tough time though, you know after the suspension shit. She went as far as embarrassing me, that lead to another break up.”


“Uhun, it was pretty bad, we broke up for over a year and then we eventually made up” I tried to smile.

“What was her name?”


“Was she that hawt?”

“She was fucking hawt! And the more she tried to prove tough, the more I went after her.

“Did you…”

“HELL YES! And then I dumped her and went looking for Lexy.”

“Hmmmm….ICE! Damn! You were something else mehn.. Who else?”

“There was this other chic who came visiting, when Lexy traveled, this was university runs o. We had a good one too, gosh calabar girls are something else, Damn! Her boobs were massive, I couldn’t stop sucking on them. She practically pleaded with me to stop went as far as begging my besty to beg me.”

Doctor Hanni laughed out loud and for the first time I took an extra look at her.

“Has anyone ever told you you look sexy when you laugh.”

“Are you now hitting on me?”


“You sure?…”

“I am married now remember” showing her my ring.

“But I do like you though” she said with a seductive smile. “I knew you and Lexy were an item and I did envy her”.

Not again, I thought to myself, I am so done cheating, but she looked fresh, and had lovely lips, I wondered why I didn’t have her back in those days.

“Where is my wife?” I asked trying to change the topic.

“Should be somewhere, probably cooking.”

“I am so madly in love with her you know ….”

“We all know that ICE..” She replied rolling her eyes.

“So back to my initial question”

“About me being shot ya”


“Well, it was on our wedding day, I was all dressed in blank suit, Lexy looked like a goddess in her white wedding dress, we invited few mutual friends, the wedding was to take place in her cousin’s house, you know like a secret wedding thing”

Hanni nodded, “though I wasn’t invited, and here I am taking good care of you, a good thing Pearl forced me to attend your wedding with her.

“And you have done a great job Hanni, I owe you for that”, and meaning every word.

“You are welcome dear, so back to the story. This is a question and answer section.” We laughed again.

Hanni had a way of making me laugh and that alone plus my wife of course healed me fast. She and Pearl had been dating for a while and since the shot, she had practically lived with us, to monitor me health wise.

“Go on” with a smile, “I walked in just when you were being rushed into a what really happened?”

“She had placed my ring on my finger,” now playing with my ring while I continued my story. “And I was about doing that to her when something hit me. As I fell, I dragged Lexy’s finger and made sure the ring was properly placed. Flashes of my life flashed trough my head in less than a minute. All I heard were screams, Lexy held me close, as my blood stained her beautiful dress, it was like a slow motion as I fell, my eyes wandered off, I saw Kim, Ivy, Jess, Vicki, and yes we had all become good friends, I faced my bride and tried to smile knowing it was her face I was gonna see last, she was weeping, her tears dropped on my face..

“I love you ICE, please don’t leave me” Lexy screamed.

“That was the last thing I heard, but I think I whispered my usual “Me More””

“Yea you did” Lexy said walking in grinning.

“Awwwww” Hanni said with tears in her eyes.

I squinted my eyes from a very long practice and said “the rest is history”. Smiling at my wife as she walked towards me.

“It wasn’t a delicate part, lucky you”

“Yea, lucky me.” I said with a side smile.

“One last question or rather two”


“Your parents?”

“Disowned me, but I am sure one day, they would come around. Just a question of time. Lexy sat beside me and placed her head on my shoulder..

“Yea sweet, with time” Lexy said.

“Waow!” Hanni shuddered.

“Who shot you”

“Guess!” Lexy and I said at the same time.


7 thoughts on “The Discovery 32

  1. Zizi says:

    N finally, dats wat am talkin abt. Ice n lexy 2gether.

  2. Emmanuella Nduonofit says:

    Hm. :/ [scratches head & back of neck] Who really did shoot Ice on her wedding day? Kai, this is why I need to see 32 before this 33 fa. Haba! 😦 This story is a gem that needs intense polishing o! Several drafts to correct structural errors. Good work.

  3. jay says:

    … Who’s the best???Sizzling Ice is,Mehn!Good work!This should be polished and published.Thumbs Up Discovery Mistress!#winks#

    Ok,bur,who shot Ice?Wanna consult the gods!Brb>>>

  4. Emmanuella Nduonofit says:

    I noticed something, if I may: There’s a great disconnect between the ending of 31 & the beginning of this new 32, former 33 [33 still expected]. At the end of 31, we see Lexy smooching Ice, begging for sex, in bed & here, it starts with Ice in bed, telling a story of all her ‘sexcapades’ to a Dr. Hanni. How did Ice meet this doctor, please? Something’s seriously missing here. That’s why when I thought this part was 33, I was hoping 32 would soon show up & I’ll see the answer there. But… [shrugs] 🙂

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