“If Only”…12

They stood shocked and scared, wondering who was about to walk in, then the door shut back.

“Was it the wind?” Annie asked staring at the door “or have we being caught?”

Now that question got Alex thinking, as

they stared at each other confused then they rushed into their clothes without uttering another word to each other, Alex stepped out first and hurriedly rushed to his office. Annie waited for like 5miuntes before she left.


Brandy and Sandy went back to normal school life, Sandy noticed the neck chain few days later and wondered but didn’t ask, after all its a chain anyone could have the exact type she thought to herself. But out of curiosity she called Jeff on the phone and invited him over,


“Nice chain Brandy”

Brandy traced her fingers round the neck chain and smiled.


“Thanks dear”

Sandy was again tempted to ask, but she decided not to.


The bell rang, and to Jeff’s surprise Brandy opened the door, and the first thing he noticed was his chain round her neck even though she had on just her bra and bum shorts. She wasn’t expecting to see Jeff and Sandy didn’t inform her her boyfriend was coming over, she felt it was one of their mutual friends who was at the door .

“Wtf”, Jeff whispered at first, looking around to be sure no one else was in the apartment.

Brandy laughed and stylishly touched his dick.

“C’mon love we are home alone” then she winked.

“Please can I have my chain back?”

“Nope! Unless you are ready to buy it back”

“Its a gift from Sandy, please!, okay name your price”

“In kind” she winked again. She could not get images of Jeff’s dick out of her mind, the huge size and thickness, gosh she just had to have him that day.


“Uhun! right here, right now”

“Are you fucking kidding me?”

“Kidding you?”

“You must be outta your mind to think I wooulll….”

Brandy cut him short by first kissing him as her hands massaged his dick.

“Oh goodness” Jeff whispered

Brandy began to massage him more, gripping her hand tight on his shaft, pulling and working on the dick.

“Stop it!, Sandy might walk in on us!”

“The coast is clear” she replied.

“You damn sure?” he asked.

Brandy knew they had to be quick so she quickly undid his belt and zip and his jeans dropped to the floor. She undid her short zip and stepped out of it. Jeff watched spellbound as Brandy

dropped to her knees in front of him, lifted his dick up with both hands and placed her mouth firmly over the end of his huge glans. She sucked hard and pumped him vigorously and sure enough, he swelled rapidly to an erection.


“Do you want me to take my bra off?”.


He nodded rapidly.


Brandy undid her bra while still sucking him.


“C’mon Jeff, feel this, tell me how much you have missed this” she said twisting her nipples.

Jeff pulled her up and practically dragged her to a bed.

“Nooo, let’s use that table, I have fantasied having you between my legs while I lean on a table. She took few steps and leaned on the table waiting.

Jeff stepped between her spread legs.

“Perfect! Don’t you think?” Smiling and looking at him seductively, while she grabbed his dick and rubbed the massive head against her pussy, she was so wet. Her juices were flowing easily with her anticipation and after a while he dipped his tongue into her pussy.


“Oh fuck! You are soaked” Jeff said.


She held her pussy lips apart with one hand and positioned him. He thrusts into her as deep as he could go.


“Oh yessssss…. Jeff, fuck me!”


He pulled out and pushed in again this time faster and harder.

She reached down beneath her bottom and pulled herself open as much as she could while Jeff thrust his hips, entering her more and more with each thrust.

His eyes were glued to her boobs and when she noticed that she raised her hands and tweaked her nipples, he groaned loudly and increased his rhythm.


“Yes, Jeff, that’s it, yes, yes! Faster!”


“You are so beautiful” Jeff whispered, staring at her.


He stopped and flipped her over, she already knew what he wanted, so she took her position and spread her legs wider while half of her body laid flat on the table. He placed a hand on her shoulder as he entered her from behind, her pussy massaging his dick as it was trapped inside. he began thrusting in and out of her again, while she banged back into him.


“Oh fuck!” Brandy said as she began to rub her clit, aggressively while Jeff continued riding her.


Jeff roughly pinched and twisted at a nipple, while the other shoved a finger into the girl’s anus now lubed by her juices. That did it for Brandy she tensed up and let loose one last long scream of

“Am cumming” and came really hard. Jeff was quiet close when he heard voices, but he didn’t stop, he just couldn’t stop, he was close, so very close, the voices were getting closer and closer, then he heard laughter, his mind told him to stop and get dressed, his body somehow didn’t want to stop fucking the very wet sweet pussy, and yet he knew he was gonna be in trouble if he didn’t stop now.

“oh fuck!,” please hold on for just a few minute he said aloud, Brandy was too carried away to have heard voices, she felt Jeff was telling her to hold on, she began thrusting back harder, she wasn’t tired and wanted him to know that.


“Am there baby!” He yelled, “yea… yea yea …yea…..


WTF is going on here…








Jeff pulled out and his sperm gushed out spreading everywhere, while he stood naked staring at four different girls including his girlfriend.

To be continued.

7 thoughts on ““If Only”…12

  1. missy says:

    OMG!! Ghen ghen!! Nija movie!!

  2. jay says:

    Sh!!!!!!!!t….Embarassment of the highest order.Can’t imagine that shame.Wetin im sabi chow,naim go kill am.
    Nice work Sandy!More power !

  3. anonymous says:

    Chaai! Ahswear I’m wetting my panties already! And I can guess what will happen next…

  4. Cupid says:

    See original GOBE!!!

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