The Discovery 30

I winked then walked off praising myself with a smile. Let’s see how far she is willing to go. Damn! Nessa is fucking gorgeous!

I sat next to Lexy in a dark corner, sighted Nessa as she walked back into the hall, noticed she looked around, was she searching for me?

“Oh no!…please not here..My white sold me out all thanks to the Disco lights.

Nessa approached us, I twisted my lips as she did that. Lexy had one of her hands on my thigh tracing an imaginary image unconsciously.

“Hey!” Nessa said when she was close enough. We were used to screaming due to the loud music that played. Lexy looked up at her, and rested more on me.

“I didn’t get the name” she yelled.

“Ice” I managed to say..Damn! Why did she have to come here. My eyes kept going to her boobs, Plus I was imagining spreading her.

“Oh okay!, nice name”

“Thanks doll”

Lexy gave me a mean look, I could see that even in darkness.

“My girlfriend.. Lexy” had to say something. Shit!

“Oh seen!” She said.

“Hi” Lexy said out of politeness, but glad I showed her off.

“I think I know her”

Just what I was avoiding, I looked down and bit my lower lip.

“Oh really?” Lexy said now sitting up.

“You are Candy’s cousin, ain’t you?”


“I am Nessa”

“Holy shit!, Candy’s best friend”

Nessa was surprised to hear that, “you meant Candy’s girlfriend” she corrected her.

“Girlfriend? She looked wide eyed. Holy crap! My cousin is gay?”

“Oops! Guess i said a little too much. It must be the alcohol”. Nessa apologized and walked away.

There was an awkward silence for a minute or two. My mind raced..”Oh shit! Oh fucking hell”

Lexy sat up, “Wait a minute Ice! She paused.

“Oh please! I shut my eyes.. Oh please no! Don’t ask…oh fuck! I muttered..

“How did you know Nessa? How did you know Candy is gay? I couldn’t even recognize her, but you did…

“Damn! Busted again!” I took a stick of cigarette, as I tried to light it, she took it off my lips.

“Answer me gaddammit” she screamed at the top of her voice and drawing some attention.

“Hey! relax!..its not what you think.” trying to calm her.

“Damnit Ice! Answer me! Are you now screwing my cousin?”


“Say it Ice..go ahead and just say it?..”

“Okay!, can we step outside and talk?”

She stood up immediately, I followed suit, “think Ice, think gaddammit” as I ran my fingers trough my hair.

“I parked at that end” trying to buy some more time to think.


“Okay!, I ran into Candy in a mall, she said she came shopping. So did I. To my surprise she told me you told her about the suspension.”

Lexy nodded, “I had to talk to someone at that time and since we are close…”

“Anyways, that was how we met, she gave me her address and I also needed someone to talk to, so went over for a visit”.

“Okay?….. Go on”

“I saw Nessa’s picture. knew instantly they were an “item””…..I paused, took a deep breath and continued. “Though she kept denying it but she eventually agreed to been gay.


“So that’s it” hoping she wouldn’t ask more questions.

“So did my cousin hit on you?”

“Hell no!…”


“C’mon Lex..she is your cousin, how could I possibly fuck two cousins?” Trying so hard to sound irritated.

“With you Ice, anything can happen” she replied with a straight face.

“Very funny! Anyways, she got you some good stuffs, you should go pick them up”.

“Really?” I ignored her and placed my head on the steering wheel, Nessa’s image flashed through my mind..Damn! I ruined everything, all the chances of fucking Nessa all gone.

“Are you okay?”

“Yea I am” I raised my head then bit my lower lips, glazed through my glass thinking of my next plan.

“Make love to me”

I glazed at her, “I cant make love to you in a car Lex”

“Its been a while Ice and I have missed you”.

Her fingers traced my face, I was no longer in a good mood. Damn! I messed up big time. I should have….

“What’s on your mind”

“You” I lied.

“What about me?”

“Let’s go home”

“Do you think its a good idea?”

“Home is free”

“Oh okay” she became excited.


I turned and stared at her for a while, then leaned towards her and our lips met. As I kissed her, I imagined kissing Nessa. She looked soft, so I guess her lips should be soft as well. Fuck! stop it Ice! Just stop that thought.

I began to kiss her deep letting her know how much she affected me as I sucked, nibbled, and mashed my lips against hers. Then I stopped, traced my fingers on her lips while I licked mine..

“I love you Lex”

“I know! more”

We both laughed while I drove off heading home. As I drove, lexy reached for my CDs, searched and searched until she found Phil colins..

“I knew you were searching for that”

“I love his songs”

“Same here..


I finally pulled into my driveway I couldn’t remember a time I was this relieved to be home. For the first time I wasn’t in a good mood for sex. It wasn’t that I couldn’t take her there in the car as she requested, but the thought of me NEVER going to have Nessa troubled me. Damn fuck! Well her loss.

All I needed was a hot bath and my bed, and of course food, if there was any. I parked and we both got down heading for my front door. Knew the help would have locked the doors and gone to bed. I unlocked the door, waited for Lexy to walk in, then followed and shut the door behind me locking it.

I turned and was surprised when Lexy took me forcefully in her arms kissing me ardently. Any protests I had died the minute her lips touched mine, it had been weeks since we had seen each other and we had missed each other. I grabbed her body to mine. She pulled off my singlet and was already working on my tracks. She took a step forward making me lean against the door. Her tongue deeply in my mouth. Gosh! I had missed Lexy so I sucked on it hard. Her passion transferred itself to me immediately and my fatigue vanished. I became in the mood instantly. Her hand began to caress my thigh, the feel of it was ever so arousing, her hand soft and knowing….

“Let’s go to the bedroom”

“I cant wait”

Thank goodness the help sleeps at the boys quarters. That was a sign of relief.

Still kissing, I propelled her back, walking us until I was sure we had gotten to the couch. Then I stopped, pulled off her top, removed her boobs from her push up bra and buried my face between them while I gently pushed her down, her butt on the couch.

“Oh gawd Iceeee”

Her hands wrapped around me encouraging me in her movement that she was enjoying the feel of me against her. I could feel her chest rising and falling in an excited way. She arched against me, my hands pulled down her shorts, damn! No! I firmly squeezed her crotch, then my fingers played with her clit and then her wetness.

“Oh gawd Iceeeee…”

I stopped sucking her boobs kissed her tenderly shutting her up. She wrapped her legs round my waist, my fingers still on her clit, she began to hump~ grinding my fingers against our crotch. My tongue sneaked to an ear flicked and lapped. She moaned out loud and came. We were in that position for a while, her legs still wrapped around me.

“Can we go to the bedroom now?”

She giggled and nodded.


We rushed a bath and slept in each others arms, naked. Our legs between each other, our boobs pressed hard against each other. I was tired and quickly drifted off, so did she.


“Who is that?” I heard a knock on my door

“Its me, there is someone downstairs looking for you”.

“Who?” I half screamed. Looking at the wall clock. It was past 6am.

“Sister Ivy”

Shit! What have I gotten myself into.

“Who is that” Lexy asked

I ignored Lexy and stood up. I was fuming, wtf is wrong with that girl. I looked around till I found my pj, out of announce I rushed downstairs

“What are you doing here” I yelled at her, even before I got downstairs.

“Waiting for  you”

“Are you outta your fucking mind?”

“Who is she” lexy asked again, climbing down the stairs

“She is my sister” I heard Vicki’s voice.

Holy shit!….

To be continued

11 thoughts on “The Discovery 30

  1. El says:

    I give up on Ice. Her ‘slutery’ is beyond my imagination. Smh

  2. missy says:

    Same here mehn! I give up. Its too much! Kai! *hiss*jor

  3. Rukky says:

    #whew #slutty Ice #shit shit shit.

  4. Emmanuella Nduonofit says:

    Remember this Black American movie How To Be A Player? Here’s what I learnt: Create a senario where all the girls a player has fucked meet in a place with the player in the middle. Here we have Vicki, Ivy, Lexy, Candy, Jess, etc & now Ice wants Nessa.

  5. Emmanuella Nduonofit says:

    Let’s see if Ice ‘adapts’ to her situation. She wants Nessa, yet thinks about settling with Lexy. Typical player thinking. 🙂

  6. shadow says:

    Ice… Now shaking my head for you! See you in Discovery 31. I dey wait ( ˘˘̯)

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