“If Only”…11

There was panic written on her face as she blurted “Oh my god.” She yanked her hand out of her pussy and hurriedly tried to pull up her pants

Alex looked away and stuttered “oh, eerrmm.”

“Mr Alex” she gasped.

“Oh uhm eerrm; What, uh, what are you doing here?” He managed to say, after all he was still her boss.

Ashamed, she lowered her head, her eyes tearing up. After several seconds, she said “Oh my god. I can’t believe you just saw me doing . . . THAT! I am so embarrassed.”

Alex felt pity then tried to play it off, “Hey, its no big deal. We all do it from time to time.” wondering if he should have used the term “we”

“Yes, but not in the office.”

“You should get dressed and get back to work” Alex continued,though not meaning it. He wished he could have her right there. It had been ages and his dick was still very much hard and protruding. Alex had often wondered what she’d look and sound like considering how she looked – and it was good. He reckoned this was the chance he had been waiting for. He took a quick decision and pulled her close to him. She willingly hugged back, it was time to move. His own needs had been met so far by watching and listening to Annie.

A quick look around to verify that no one was nearby, there was never anyone in that part of the wing anyways, but better safe than sorry. Satisfied, he locked the door and they slipped into each other’s arms and pressed their  lips together, their  tongues quickly snaking into each other’s mouth, her lips were very soft. His arms were around her waist, trying to pull her hips toward him. Her small hand began to caress his groin. His dick stiffened quickly under her touch. She reached lower, massaging his balls gently, causing his breath to come quick and shallow.

She undid her belt and dropped her pants for the second time that day. She lifted up her shirt, and unstrapped her bra, then tossed her shirt on the floor. She was now stark naked. She roughly pulled Alex’s pants and fumbled with the belts then zipped down. She slipped her hand inside his boxers pulled out his dick and began to caress it gently.

Without warning,Alex stopped her. He pushed her away in a gentle manner though.

“We cant do this” he said with all seriousness

“What!…No..! Please…!, Mr Alex… You cant…

“I am sorry Annie, but I cant do this”

“Oh god, its . . . It’s . . . It’s too embarrassing.” She managed to say.

Alex wore his pants and zipped up, he stopped at the door, took a deep breath and walked off.

Annie had never been so humiliated and embarrassed, she held back her tears as she got dressed slowly, she couldn’t see herself facing her boss. She needed to head home.

The door opened Alex walked in and rushed at her to her surprise. Not locking the door this time,he slid her zipper down and slipped his hand inside, cupping her pussy through her damp panties, she was so wet, she jerked up at his touch and moaned out his name. He moved his hand up and down against the soft moistness of her pussy while she humped his hand as they continued to make out that way.

Alex was no longer himself at that moment, he was on heat and needed to release. Once he had her good and worked up, he dropped to his knees before her and took her pants down for the third time that day. As his tongue brushed against the softness of her panties, tasting her juices, she moaned and shivered, her legs began to ache, she was loosing her balance all of a sudden. Gosh! How much she wanted him naked and vulnerable. She wanted him buried hot, hard, and throbbing inside of her. The thought of it caused more ache between her thighs.


“Unzip me,” Alex said in a commanding tone than he would not normally express. She began to undo his belt and his pants, watching them fall to his ankles. He help her by pulling them completely off.

Both naked, his body up against hers from behind, his dick pressing hard between her tight asscheeks,his arms around her waist, they looked perfect. She, too, realized it, and leaned back against him, she wanted to be in his arms forever. Annie felt a finger being stuck into her vagina from behind. It begins to stroke in and out of her deep and hard. His lips were on her neck, her most sensitive part, trailing warm, slow kisses down her neck. She shivered as he hit the joining of her neck, a soft moan escaped her lips. His sausage – like – finger still fucking her hard.

“Oh gawd…Alex”..she moaned.

Then all the sudden the finger was withdrawn and his big hard dick took its place. He entered her gently, and she found herself reacting to him, pushing her body against him as much as she could manage, she had waited for this moment so long, her hands placed on the wall, he took her from behind.

“Oh, oh, oh,” she gasped as he went deeper with tiny thrusts, touching places she didn’t think had been touched before. When she finally relaxed, he began to move inside her, faster, harder.

“That’s it, fuck me.” She had waited so long for him to take her. He drove into her with long, forceful thrusts that made her cry out, then pulled out just as quick. She was so close. She moved with the big cock inside her pulsating hard against the walls of her pussy.

Alex started with a low moan that came deep within his throat as the speed of his dick inside her increased. That did it! As Alex pushed his dick all the way inside her and held it there, she felt the cum hitting her, she came right away!

“Damn!” Annie said… “Finally”

Alex smiled, picked up his pants. He needed to clean up, as he walked towards the toilet, the door opened.

To be continued.

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    Dear writer,
    Can 12 n 13 bE posted already

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