Hush – Part 2 – Nightmare


The second part of Femi’s Series, Hush, here on tlsplace. Great feedback on the first episode. Enjoy



hush 2

Daniel was out of bed before I could say ‘Mary Poppins’. He was out the door and was running like crazy towards Zoë’s room, I was close behind. My heart was pounding. Was Zoë okay? What the hell was going on? Suddenly the distance to Zoë’s room seemed very far indeed.


It was Zoë again. My heart was breaking, what was happening to my daughter? I was scared. I tried to move faster. It was evident that Daniel was doing the same thing. He was running, back glistened in sweat, muscles flexing and for a micro second I had the most inappropriate thoughts. I banished them immediately as another Zoë scream rent the air.

Daniel screeched to a halt in front of her door. He stopped. What was he stopping…

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