The Discovery 29

“Fucking hell”

“No!, I don’t think you know her”

“Oh shit! Oh fucking shit!” I muttered.

There was a long silence, she turned and stared at me…

“Okay, will find out and get back to you.” She concluded and hung up.

Busted! I thought to myself. But I tried to remain cool, like I didn’t know whats up.


Damn! I ran my fingers trough my hair, I had to do something to avoid the questions and answers shit…

“Shit!” I half screamed cutting her off, “oh shit!” I said again, looking at the wall clock.

“Are you okay?”

“Shit!, I am so sure he is on his way”

“Who?” Now very confused

“One of your colleagues, and I wouldn’t want him to meet you here, if you know what I mean.”

“Omg!” She said as she hurriedly got dressed and left my house.


Damn! Smiling to myself for a job well done. That was pretty close I said aloud as i fell on the sofa in the sitting room. I would deny it if Vicki ever found out..

“Your mum has been calling the house” the househelp said the moment she saw me.

“What did you tell her?”

“You have been sleeping”

Then the phone rang again, this time I picked it.

“Ice?, are you okay? Was told you have been sleeping”

“I am fine now”

“Okay good!. Anyways, we might not make it home early as planned, might spend another week or two, something came up.”

“Wow” I whispered.

“Ice?..are you there?

“Mum, I can hear you..”

“Oh! Okay! Are you sure you are okay?”

“Yea mum, I am fine.”..

She asked after candy and how the tutorials were going. I tried to sound sad and told her to hurry back, ignoring the tutorial question and quickly hung up.

The phone rang again, thinking it was my mum, i ignored it, then it rang again, this time i picked it without looking at the number.

“Hey ice”

I sat up.., it was lexy

“Hey you. With a big grin, gosh! Now that my girl I thought to myself. “Been a while”

“Yea I know right, I have missed you Ice”

“Me more sweets,… me more”

“I am sorry for…

“Sssshhh Lex, its okay”

There was silence… I wonder how she does it, Lex always, always got to me. No matter what I do or who I fuck, she comes first in my heart. Sometimes I wonder how I can go on living without her especially when we have those our little fights, then again when I remember our secret rendezvous and the brief but passionate stolen moments we find to make love to one another … i

“Ice.. I still love you”

“Me more Lex…Me more. With a smile.

“Anyways my cousin is having a party and i would like you to be there”. “Candy?”

“Naaaa not Candy”.

“Cool.. when?”

“Saturday 9pm”

“Send the address…and see you on saturday..


I wore a white track and a white singlet, black flat shoes, sud earrings, my hair neatly packed behind. I took 2 packs of cigarettes from where I hid them and left for the party. As I drove that night, so many thoughts crossed my mind, maybe its time to settle down, tired of playing around, hurting people, it wasn’t intentional though. I tried to assure myself. Why do they keep coming onto me then? I asked myself rolling my eyes. I bit my lower lip then said aloud, “okay!, I am going to keep my eyes on my girl alone…. Well..let’s see how it goes.


There were lots of cars parked outside the lounge when I got to the venue, it took me a while to get a parking space. Finally I got one. I sprayed my favorite perfume and got out of the car. I looked catchy considering what I wore, white on white. I caught some stares and some whispers as I walked into the hall.


I looked across the crowded hall and saw Lexy Immediately, i was awestruck by her incredible beauty, I continued to watch, eyeing her every move and the gracefulness with which she moved about. I took a stick of cigarette and lit it, as I inhaled, i admired Lexy.. There was something about Lexy though…something i couldn’t quite put her finger on. I was incomplete without her in my life.

Then I sighted her, I couldn’t believe who I just saw…NESSA!! Then just like a flash she was gone. Maybe I was imagining things I thought to myself as my eyes went in search of lexy.

I enjoyed the view from behind, saw her curvaceous hips, firm ass, and her long black hair. Then she stopped, looked around~ searching for someone ~me, well I guess. She looked at her wristwatch and then leaned on the wall, looking a bit sad.

I walked up behind her, she was probably thinking ~ of me.. I guess.

“Sorry to bother you, but you look too good to be alone right now.”

“Iceeeee” she screamed as she turned, laughing into my eyes then fell into my arms.

“What took you so long” giving me a childish look


“Gosh!, you smell good” sniffing me

“As always”

“I have missed you” she said spanking my shoulder.

“Me more sweets..”

“We do have a lot to talk about ya.. don’t we?”

“Well…depends on what you wanna talk about. But I need to kiss you right now”

She took my hand and lead me into the ladies. Gosh I have missed this girl.

“You know Lex, I’ve been thinking all day about the feelings that I have for you,”

“Awwww baby”

“I wanna be true to you, so help me….” then I coughed.

“You dint have to do that!,..ICE!!!” “Anyways love”, she went on “I can wait for you. I realized you will need to make some difficult decisions,”.

I held her close to me and looked down into Lexy’s eyes. I saw kindness mixed with passion in those eyes i gazed into them for a few minutes, i believed that Lexy meant what she said. I tightened my hold and kissed her passionately. I moved my lips to her ear which I softly tongued. My hand slid down across her stomach and over her shorts until I could feel the swell of her pussy against my fingers.

“Ooooohhhhhh… mmmmmmmmmm…”


“Mmmmm” I said in response

” You said a kiss”

We both laughed while still kissing.

“Alright I get the message”

“C’mon Ice, you know anyone could walk in on us”

“I know” as I closed up on her again for another passionate kiss. After a few minutes we disengaged and walked out of the ladies.

We danced and drank, she was surprised at my new hobby, but knowing Lexy, she wouldn’t complain. I tried to keep to my promise, well it wasn’t a promise though, but I tried not too look too much.


I needed to pee, so headed straight to the ladies. As i tried to step out i bumped into Nessa, i stood and stared at her, she was obviously waiting for me to step aside. i just couldn’t, i stared at one of the most beautiful girls i had ever seen. She looked “hawter” in person than in the picture frame. Whoever did that should be sued, I thought to myself. Nessa looked like a dark goddess, She had on a very short drop top dress, revealing one side of her shoulder with black boots.

“Excuse me” she finally said. I blinked myself to reality.


“Who wants to know?”

“Ice” i said stretching out a hand. She gazed at my stretched hand. This looks like a tough one i thought to myself, Candy did a great job.

“Have we met?”

“Nope!…but i have heard a lot about you. As I spoke i looked around wondering if she came with Candy.

“Did you come alone?”

“Yea i did..why? With a wondering look. With a side smile and eyes squinted staring directly into her eyes i said..

“Just curious” then stepped aside, took a few steps away from her. I knew she was still there, staring and wondering. I needed to give her something to think about. So I stopped turned and said…

“By the way I couldn’t help but notice how your dress matches your eyes. It’s a great color.”

Nessa blushed…

To be continued…

10 thoughts on “The Discovery 29

  1. Demmielicious says:

    Ice can’t just keep to promise. Poor Nessa I hope she has a strong heart.

  2. Zizi says:

    N I hd Believed she wants 2 b faithful n She was trying. Gosh!!! Ice SMH

  3. RED says:

    Ice I see what happened to me happening to you in subsequent chapters. Meanwile, I sense Nessa is as tough as you are.

    Intersting write up! I had to sneak away from my patients to read this.

  4. Rukky says:

    Iceeeeee, seriously

  5. Adaeze says:

    Wow! Iceeee… Hp u keep 2 ur promise

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