“If Only”…14

“Its not that bad” Micheal tried to assure her. He had spent the better part of his adult life trying to hide the fact that he had a tiny dick. So much so that he had gone out of his way to limit his interaction with women. He lusted after women as much as the next guy but whenever he sensed a relationship was heading toward something sexual he inevitably broke it off. But for how long was he going to do that.


“What did you just say?” Now fuming,

staring at his boxers, his tiny dick was almost completely hidden from view


“I…I..never mind”


“The sex is gonna be one sided, and you know why.”


That was a bit hard on Micheal who felt embarrassed, all he had just heard made his dick get smaller in shame. He had never felt so humiliated. Mick as he was often called was a relatively good-looking guy, good job and very rich.

He did have several casual sexual encounters but those more or less ended with him either being extremely embarrassed or simply satisfying the woman orally without exposing his dick. He had to say something, anything at all to save his face. Micheal wasn’t ready to loose Brandy. He was willing to be submissive to her if that would help. He decided to take a chance.


“I know I would not be able to please you with my… my… dick but I would make you cum with my tongue. Tell me what you like”.


Brandy took a while to think, she was as horny as hell, and leaving without achieving an orgasm dint seem like a good option. “You mean like concentrating on oral sex?” She asked to be sure she heard right.


“Well yea….”


“And you are ready to do whatever I ask of you?”




Brandy smiled to herself as she leaned back, she casually propped herself up with her arms, her legs dangling over the couch and spread slightly. Micheal couldn’t help but imagine himself down on his knees in front of her with his head buried between her thighs.


“Do you like what you see?”


“Yes,” he mumbled.


“Why don’t you show me what you have?”


Her sexiness and confidence were overwhelming. Micheal was at her beck and call and she was enjoying every second of the act. One of her fantasies was about to be accomplished.


“Okay,” he stuttered.


“Take off your top first.”


He slowly pulled his top over his head. She smiled as he let it drop to the floor.


“And now your boxers.”


Without so much as thinking he did as he was told. Her smile widened when she saw his undersized dick of about 4inches. At that point it didn’t matter to Micheal. There was no pressure on him anymore, because she already knew the size. He was completely mesmerized and was prepared to do absolutely anything that this woman asked.


With a smile she made a come hither motion with her index finger. Still under her control, he did as he was told. Micheal now stood completely naked with his tiny little dick directly in front of her.


“Get down on your knees.”


He immediately followed orders. She stared straight into his eyes, smiling seductively as her hands moved toward her pants. She pulled down her zipper. Slowly she slid her pants over her hips to reveal her skin-tight panties. With her pants on the floor and legs slightly parted she looked like some kind of goddess. A thin strip of dark hair showed through her white panties and her pointed nipples on her large boobs were fully erect. She spread her legs further apart to tease him even more.

Entranced, he watched as she slipped off her panties. His entire body was shaking as he stared at her luscious body being revealed before him.


“Use your tongue,” she commanded.


Once again he did as he was told. Mick moved forward and slowly ran his tongue over her boobs. Her body tensed with the first touch of his tongue. She let a soft moan escape as she watched him, after a while she flipped over and in fours.


“Slide your tongue along my ass.”


He placed his tongue between her ass cheeks and lightly moved from her pussy up to the small of her back. He repeated this several times. Each time her breathing seemed to increase in intensity.


“Oh yeah, I like that,” she cooed.


He continued to do as he was told.


“Now spread my ass.”


She slightly shuffled her position to get more comfortable as he put his hands on her ass to widen her.


“Put your tongue in my anus.”


She jumped when the tip of his tongue first rimmed her asshole.




He buried his face between her ass. Her breathing escalated as his tongue quickened its pace. Still watching his every move she balanced herself using one hand and put the other on the back of his head.


“Harder. Do it harder.”


With his face buried deep in her ass she moaned with the rhythm of his tongue.




She grunted as she slammed his face deeper into her ass. But even with the sound of her passion the smile never left her face. It was obvious Brandy loved dominating him as his exploration of her ass continued.


Suddenly she relaxed her grip on the back of his head. He tried to keep licking as she turned over but it was no use. He was still on his knees but now his face was between her legs instead of her ass. Her beautiful trimmed pussy was staring right at him.


“Eat me,” she demanded.


Micheal was kinda slow, Brandy grabbed his head forcefully and buried his face in her pussy.


“Ooooh yeaaaaa”


Micheal ate her out, he was good at that..


“Stop!, come fuck my boobs”


The moment he placed his tiny dick between her boobs she heard a familiar voice….


“Mick buddy! You home”..


Brandy froze….


To be continued.


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“If Only”…13

Brandy fell on her knees, crying and pleading. Hating herself for not locking the door., she crawled to where she dropped her bra and shorts, as she tried to wear her bra, the four girls walked towards her.


“Please Sandy, its not what you think” Brandy pleaded.


“Its not what I think?” Sandy screamed.


“You are such a bitch and you would be treated as such” one of the girls said.


Jeff rushed for his clothes and began to wear them one after the other. He sensed trouble and he needed to rush out before it started.


Present day…


Brandy got off the bed, she dint want to remember how she had been beaten mercilessly, she still had some scars that had refused to clear. She needed to pee and smoke. Her head was hurting and she was starving…

As she smoked, she remembered how Jeff tried to come between Sandy and her friends versus her, only for Sandy to slap him. She tried to laugh when she remembered his facial expression, then how he bolted out, rushed to his car and drove off.


Few years ago..


The news spread like fire, you- know- what- they- say- about- bad- news- spreading- faster- than- good- news, Brandy was laughed at, mocked, humiliated, and all that reminded her of her secondary school days, again she hated herself and hated life. She left school, enrolled herself in a part time program and started a small job.


Sandy broke off her engagement with Jeff, which, by the way, was still a point of contention between them and their families. Their parents, totally clueless, still pushed hard at them to ‘get back together’; Jeff and Sandy both knew, in their hearts, that wasn’t going to happen.


Few months later Brandy met Micheal, who was single and searching. They hit it off almost immediately, they had been dating for three weeks now but he found himself thinking about her all the time. Micheal invited Brandy to spend the weekend at his house, that was going to be their first private time together and Brandy was looking forward to it.


Brandy rang the bell at Micheal’s apartment 10 minutes earlier than the appointed time. He opened the door, his eyes traveled up and down her body.


“I am sorry I’m early but I just couldn’t wait to see you any longer.”


“Hey! Its okay, come on in and open the wine. Dinner is almost ready.”


“Dinner?..you making dinner for us?” Brandy was shocked, she had never met a man so loving and caring to the extent of making dinner.


“Why not?..I am a great cook”


Brandy followed him into the kitchen admiring his ass as he walked in front of her. She took a seat at the kitchen table while he finished getting dinner ready. Brandy began to assess all his qualities, he had a strong body, his legs were long and hairy, thanks to the boxers he wore. She was about to view his dick through the boxers though at least to check out its size when he turned and walked towards the dining table where he placed dinner and began pouring the wine. When she sat down he raised a glass and said, “To the most beautiful woman I know.”


She drank to his toast with a shy smile and they proceeded to eat dinner. The meal was excellent and filled with the small talk couples enjoy when a relationship is new. After the meal they went into the living room and sat next to each other on the couch. For a long time neither said a word. Micheal reached out to caress her cheek and gaze into her eyes. He leaned forward and kissed her forehead very gently. She closed her eyes as he kissed his way down her nose and grazed her lips with his. Her arms reached out to pull him to her and she kissed him back.


The intensity of their kisses increased as Micheal ran his fingers through her hair. Her left hand was behind his neck pulling him tightly to her while her right hand caressed his strong hard chest. Her lips parted and his tongue began to probe her mouth. He tasted the sweet wine on her as he slid his hands down her back. Brandy was on heat and needed to feel his dick. She reached down and placed her palm trying to massage his dick, Micheal stopped her. “Damn” she said quietly still kissing. She pulled off her top, she needed to tell Micheal she was ready. She undid her bra and stared at Micheal, then they began to kiss again.

Brandy tried again as her palm reached for his dick she felt nothing. She was a bit confused, but didn’t want to break the kiss. She tried again this time she dipped her hand inside his boxers and to her disappointment felt a tiny dick.


She froze, took her about 10seconds to come into reality.


“Wtf….she yelled.


To be continued.


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The Pledge 3

Fuck me with your tongue, make me cum right now!” Ijay panted as she grabbed Lynda’s long hair. It had been a while and she had found the right one.

Lynda eagerly complied, tasting her

sweetness with her tongue, suddenly Ijay flipped over, and in a 69 position faces buried in between their legs, they ate each other out, they just couldn’t get enough of each other, thrusting and prodding with their tongues as deep as they could reach. Their moans filled the room, Ijay grabbed Lynda’s ass to keep still. Lynda gasped as Ijay reached her tight ass, she had to sit up a bit, her fingers rubbing Ijay’s pussy. She then let out a little scream as Ijay pushed her tongue into her ass.


The panting grew faster as Lynda begged “no one has ever… keep going… please don’t stop!”


She tensed up and banged ijay’s face, grinding till Ijay’s tongue tasted her cum, that made her cum right after as they both lapped and lapped trying to catch their breath.


“Move in with me” lynda said “please, I want to wake up each day with you by my side.”


“If that would make you happy, and I equally want that as well”.


And that was how a relationship that was initially a pretense became a reality; Ijay’s reality. In a very short while, she was totally smitten with Lynda, She was everything to ijay, all she could think and breathe. Ijay loved her genuinely, and did everything she could to make her happy. People had a lot of things to say about Lynda, it was like a warning to her considering she was new in that city and didn’t really know her but she wasn’t listening to any of it. All she could hear was the beat of her heart and the knowledge that her heart was constantly beating for Lynda. They couldn’t keep their hands off each other, it wasn’t just the sex, it was the bond they had….

It was pure BLISS. She knew she had found THE ONE and she was actually very ready to spend the rest of her life with her. She loved her so much that even though she started exhibiting wild traits,it wasn’t gonna stop how she felt about her. Each time she did stuffs that was obviously wrong, she would give excuses for her in her brain and console herself with those excuses and just kept on loving..




Pam held Angel her for a while, stroking her hair, kissing her cheek, and rubbing her back, she knew she was in love with her, but she wasn’t ready to let her know just yet..


“One step at a time” she whispered to herself.


“What did you just say” Angel asked


“One step at a time”


“Okay,” she responded, looking a little bit uncomfortable. Pam took her hands and placed them on her shoulders, she wanted her to become a little more relaxed.


Pam cupped her hand under her chin and lifted her head,their eyes locked. Pam leaned in again and placed her lips on hers. Pam’s tongue darted out and traced the outline of her lips, then Angle’s lips suddenly parted and her tongue met Pam’s.


Pam’s hand cupped her firm boobs and she jumped;like a bolt of lightening shot through her, but her lips never left pam’s. Her heart was beating so fast and she moaned ever so deeply as Pam’s thumb raked back and forth across her nipple.

Angel just moaned softly and closed her eyes. She pressed herself to Pam with her lips parted, begging to be kissed again, as Pam’s lips met hers, Pam took Angel’s hand and slipped it inside her PJ shirt and onto her left boobs. For the briefest moment, Angel tried to pull away, but Pam held her hand and began to move it slightly with her own as they continued to kiss,


Angel became a bit relaxed as her fingers started to massage Pam’s boobs so Pam let go of her wrist. After a while she gently striped her and laid her on the bed while she got herself naked too.


“Don’t worry. I’m not going to hurt you. Pam assured her


“I know….am just . . . inexperienced… I just don’t know,… you know,… what to do…”


“I’ve been wanting this for so long. If you let me, I can give you a lot of pleasure.”


“I would want that so much”


Pam mounted the bed and reached for her boobs, she began to suck on them one after the other. Her thumb found her clit, two of her fingers entered her and she began to rub. Damn! She was so fucking tight. She felt Angel lower herself onto her fingers, drawing her fingers deeper. Then she began to move with Pam, as Pam’s fingers slid in and out of her wet pussy and she nestled her face between Pam’s boobs.


Angel began screaming, Pam hoped it wasn’t fear of pain, but of ecstasy. Pam held her tight and felt her body stiffen as wave after wave swept over her—the first time another woman had made her cum, Pam thought to herself. Angel went limp within seconds, held on tight to Pam and whispered “don’t ever hurt me please” Pam again assured her she wouldn’t.


“Oh fuck! Fuck! fuck!” Pam half screamed when she noticed some blood stains on the bed as she tried to get off her.


“You were a virgin?” Pam asked in surprise.


“Yes…I’ve never felt anything like that before.” Her voice was barely above a whisper.


“Oh Fuck! You should have told me!” She yelled.


Angel sat up, tears in her eyes..


“Does that change anything?” She asked..


To be continued.


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The Pledge 2

Finally it was her birthday, Pam got her lots of gifts comprising of a pair of shoes, a bottle of perfume, a neck chain that had a ring as a pendant, a big teddy bear with a red big heart and a rose flower. She also sang her a birthday song. Angel was speechless, she hugged pam and found herself not letting go. They just held each other for what seemed like forever. Angel pecked her on the cheeks and thanked her for the gifts trying so hard not to cry. She just couldn’t understand why Pam liked her this much.

“Hi Ijay” Lynda said the moment she walked in.

“We meet again” Ijay said.. they laughed. “Want anything to drink?”


“Nice!, make yourself comfortable”

Lynda was petite, about 5′ 5″, and fair-skinned. Her boobs were average size, but they went well with her body type. Her dark hair fell just to her shoulders.

Overall, she had a kind of a sweet and clean look, not at all the type that you’d expect to be doing this.

Ijay hoped she was for real, because she was already falling for her, they had been chatting for a while. She got back with two glasses, a bottle of Vodka and Henny, as they drank and smoked, they touched all areas of life. Ijay began to notice Lynda’s interest in her within the few minutes of her visit and she was glad. It was the little things she did: a touch that was much like a quick caress, a glance that lingered until she looked back at her and she looked quickly away. Her continuous laughter even though the joke wasn’t so funny.

“Can I use your rest room?” Lynda asked ijay

“Yea sure, why not” standing up.

Lynda stood up too then Ijay without warning kissed her while her hands began to slide up towards her boobs then cupping them together. Lynda moaned in pleasure, while her own hands sliding up and down the curve of ijay’s waist. Lynda then began to slowly unbutton her shirt, popping the buttons one at a time as though doing a slow strip tease. Her eyes fixed on ijay’s as she pulled the shirt and shrugged it back over her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. She gently undid her bra. Her boobs stood there in plain view, her nipples dark and tight, Ijay smiled while staring at her boobs, that gesture brought a smile to Lynda’s face, it simply meant her friend was satisfied with her body. Ijay found herself becoming slightly aroused by the sight of her boobs.

At the venue, as expected, there were whispers and stares but Pam was too carried away admiring Angel who had on the shortest skirt she had ever seen, an electric blue lacy top with a deep V neck exposing her cleavage. Angel looked hawt in every sense of the word.

Pam sat with a couple of their course mates, but they barely talked to her, she was thinking of leaving the party when she felt someone’s breath on her neck.

“Will you dance with me?” Angel smiled at her. Pam was excited she smiled while she stood up, all eyes were on them as they went out on to the dance floor. They danced slowly. Pam noticed Angel was tipsy from the movement she made, she was practically throwing herself on her.

“You have had way too much alcohol. This is so not you.” Pam half screamed into her ear.

“I am fine” she said smiling.

“No you are not”

“Okay!, I’m drunk and horny.”

That took Pam by surprise, in as much as she wanted Angel, she wasn’t gonna take advantage of her. NO! NEVER!

she said to herself.

“I am taking you back to the room now” Pam said as she held her and headed out. Angel giggled and trotted along, leaving her guests.

Pam striped her she was so tempted to feel her skin, Angel was so beautiful, and for the first time Pam noticed she had a very soft skin and very spotless too. She had tried so hard avoiding looking at her whenever she gets dressed and somehow she had been doing great. She stared at her helpless body as she slept then wore her her PJ and slept beside her, she wasn’t comfortable though considering the size of the bed, but she managed and cuddled her..

Ijay reached for lynda and pulled her closer. She gently pressed her lips to hers. They kissed for several minutes,. “Gosh!” you kiss good, I like that ” Ijay said stopping suddenly and began to take her clothes off, while lynda took off her jeans, feeling a gush of moisture between her legs. They rushed themselves with another kiss Ijay caressed her friend’s boobs and they both made their way to the bed. Ijay’s left hand rubbed her nipples while she kept kissing her, and soon began sucking on one of her nipples. Lydna started to moan with a mouth on her nipple. in moments Ijay expertly slipped not one but two fingers inside Lydna’s pussy. They both moaned at the feeling.

“Oh God!” Lynda moaned, Ijay’s right hand fingered her pussy faster and harder. The pressure was building. They could both feel it. Ijay stopped and went down on her, now for her to do that simply meant she truly liked Lynda. She hardly goes down on anyone. She began to suck and lick her, Lynda started moaning loudly – loving every second.

“Oh, fuckkkkkk!” She was cumming, her boobs were jiggling a merry dance as Ijay continued sucking her pussy.

She moved up to her face and kissed her, seeing Lynda’s beaming face tasting her own juices. Ijay flipped around and Lynda moved to the head of the bed and buried her face in Ijay’s snatch and ate her out…

“OMG” did anything happen between us? Angel asked wide eyed, waking Pam up who was still fast asleep. Pam felt pained, without a word, she got up then laid on her own bed. Angel knew she shouldn’t have said that and felt bad. Angel got up just about the same time with Pam who closed the distance between them and kissed her. Angel’s eyes flew open in surprise then drifted to a slight close. Pam was almost sure she would push her away but she didn’t. Their lips continued to kiss.

“Take me Pam” Angel said between the kisses to Pam’s surprise.

“When you are sure of what you want”

“I’d want to make out with you but I don’t know how….but please don’t ever hurt me.”

“I won’t” she whispered looking straight into her eyes

“Is that a promise?” trying to hold back tears. Gosh! She was damn too emotional.

” Uhun! Its a pledge”

“You gonna teach me everything I need to know”

“Just go with the flow, let it happen naturally, throw back what is thrown at you.”

To be continued….

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The Discovery 32

“Gosh! I am so horny!, Can you just skip to the end of the story, how you got shot? I have been listening to your life story for how many hours now” Doctor Hanni said looking at her wrist watch. I coughed and felt the sharp pain.

“Alright!..Well after all my escapades, I proposed to Lexy, in our 4th year in school. You already know we attended the same university”


“We lived together, she caught me a couple of times though”

“Your usual ways huh, I ain’t surprised”

“But she was the only one who understood me, and truly loved me and I loved her with my whole heart. But I just couldn’t understand why I was so used to cheating. Anyways, you said I should skip to the end of my story ya?”

“Just curious, did you ever fuck Nessa?”. Ignoring my question. I laughed and again felt that sharp pain.


“Yea sure”

“I never did” giving her a sad look.

“Hmmmm, with that look you wished you did right?”

“Welllll….. Ssssshhhhh”

We both laughed.

“Ivy? Did you….”

“A couple of times….yea”

Hanni shook her head, “if I were Lexy, I would have dumped your sorry ass,..

“Thank goodness you ain’t her”

“Did she ever know about you and Ivy?”

“Initially she didn’t, but now she does, there is nothing she doesn’t know about right now.”

“Hmmmm, interesting!… Vicki?” Did you still nail her..”

“Like hell YES!, she just wouldn’t let me be!”



“Eeeerrrm, your principal’s daughter, what’s that her name again?”


“Yessss, Jess”

“I did, and the principal caught us”

“Waow!, now I wish I didn’t ask you to skip” giving me a mean look. I would have loved to hear the details…Damn!

we both laughed. While I placed my hand on forehead.


“Naaaaa!…we never fucked again, we actually became pretty close”

“Does she know?”

“Yea she does, and she was MAD at me, I remembered she slapped me real hard. Damn!”

“You deserved it”

“Yea yea…she understood we were kids and well, I think I got carried away with the whole attention and all..”

“Hmmm…true! So who am I forgetting?” She looked up, like she was trying to think.

“Well, there was this new student who gave me a tough time though, you know after the suspension shit. She went as far as embarrassing me, that lead to another break up.”


“Uhun, it was pretty bad, we broke up for over a year and then we eventually made up” I tried to smile.

“What was her name?”


“Was she that hawt?”

“She was fucking hawt! And the more she tried to prove tough, the more I went after her.

“Did you…”

“HELL YES! And then I dumped her and went looking for Lexy.”

“Hmmmm….ICE! Damn! You were something else mehn.. Who else?”

“There was this other chic who came visiting, when Lexy traveled, this was university runs o. We had a good one too, gosh calabar girls are something else, Damn! Her boobs were massive, I couldn’t stop sucking on them. She practically pleaded with me to stop went as far as begging my besty to beg me.”

Doctor Hanni laughed out loud and for the first time I took an extra look at her.

“Has anyone ever told you you look sexy when you laugh.”

“Are you now hitting on me?”


“You sure?…”

“I am married now remember” showing her my ring.

“But I do like you though” she said with a seductive smile. “I knew you and Lexy were an item and I did envy her”.

Not again, I thought to myself, I am so done cheating, but she looked fresh, and had lovely lips, I wondered why I didn’t have her back in those days.

“Where is my wife?” I asked trying to change the topic.

“Should be somewhere, probably cooking.”

“I am so madly in love with her you know ….”

“We all know that ICE..” She replied rolling her eyes.

“So back to my initial question”

“About me being shot ya”


“Well, it was on our wedding day, I was all dressed in blank suit, Lexy looked like a goddess in her white wedding dress, we invited few mutual friends, the wedding was to take place in her cousin’s house, you know like a secret wedding thing”

Hanni nodded, “though I wasn’t invited, and here I am taking good care of you, a good thing Pearl forced me to attend your wedding with her.

“And you have done a great job Hanni, I owe you for that”, and meaning every word.

“You are welcome dear, so back to the story. This is a question and answer section.” We laughed again.

Hanni had a way of making me laugh and that alone plus my wife of course healed me fast. She and Pearl had been dating for a while and since the shot, she had practically lived with us, to monitor me health wise.

“Go on” with a smile, “I walked in just when you were being rushed into a car..so what really happened?”

“She had placed my ring on my finger,” now playing with my ring while I continued my story. “And I was about doing that to her when something hit me. As I fell, I dragged Lexy’s finger and made sure the ring was properly placed. Flashes of my life flashed trough my head in less than a minute. All I heard were screams, Lexy held me close, as my blood stained her beautiful dress, it was like a slow motion as I fell, my eyes wandered off, I saw Kim, Ivy, Jess, Vicki, and yes we had all become good friends, I faced my bride and tried to smile knowing it was her face I was gonna see last, she was weeping, her tears dropped on my face..

“I love you ICE, please don’t leave me” Lexy screamed.

“That was the last thing I heard, but I think I whispered my usual “Me More””

“Yea you did” Lexy said walking in grinning.

“Awwwww” Hanni said with tears in her eyes.

I squinted my eyes from a very long practice and said “the rest is history”. Smiling at my wife as she walked towards me.

“It wasn’t a delicate part, lucky you”

“Yea, lucky me.” I said with a side smile.

“One last question or rather two”


“Your parents?”

“Disowned me, but I am sure one day, they would come around. Just a question of time. Lexy sat beside me and placed her head on my shoulder..

“Yea sweet, with time” Lexy said.

“Waow!” Hanni shuddered.

“Who shot you”

“Guess!” Lexy and I said at the same time.