The Discovery 28

“Don’t even go there Ice”

“Whoever said I wanted to?” While I tried not to cough. It was my first time smoking and unbelievably was doing good.

“Details is all I wanna know” while I puffed out again, eyes still squinted

“Name is Nessa. Been dating for 4years, actually 4yrs december. She is in school, studying law.

“I like!, cant wait to meet her” I said with a wink

“Don’t even think about it Ice”

“Hey! Relax!” I said laughing. “A 3some wouldn’t be a bad idea you know” twisting my lips.

“I really do like her a whole lot for that”

“Interesting!..Look I have to run, we will continue our “tutorials” some other time” and we both laughed.

“Your stuffs?”

“Give them to your little cousin, they ain’t me anyways”


I got home and met some strange faces, plus my parents.

“Oh Ice, good you back, this is Pastor Ken and Miss Ivy. Where have you been by the way” I heard my mum say.

“Okay?” Ignoring her question.

“They are here to pre… talk to you”

“About?” trying not to get too irritated.

“Why don’t you sit down young lady and find out” my dad blurted out.

I stylishly rolled my eyes and walked towards Ivy then sat beside her. She shifted a bit, I almost started laughing.

“Hi Ice!, nice day isn’t it” Ken said.

“Yes, its been a great day actually!” I replied with a broad smile remembering the sex.

“Okay! Eerrm.. Clears throat. My name is Pastor Ken like you have been told”. He cleared his throat again “Your parents told me what you have been going through”.

I raised a brow. “What I have been going through?” I had to ask.

“Well”, cleared his throat again. I was beginning to think it was either he had cold or it was a normal practice and a very annoying one at that.

“You need to be delivered” oh finally! I thought to myself. No longer interested in his talks. So decided to concentrate on something else.

I had been glancing over at Ivy from time to time since I walked in thinking…. She wasn’t it, her boobs were average size, well, like a size 32C…A bit of lipstick, some make-up would have gone a long way . . hell, .. took another long look at her….Damn!. She wasn’t so ‘ bad looking’, after all, She looked smallish while seated. I couldn’t see her legs, sad though, she wore a long black skirt and a loose blouse. She noticed I was staring at her. I tried to read her facial expression, it read ‘omg! she’s looking at me like a girl looks at someone she wants, she stylishly turned and our eyes locked. I gave a side smile, I could see she was contemplating whether to smile back or not. Then she smiled. Damn! She was good looking!. Take off that loose blouse and I would bet she has a good figure. But that smile, it reminded me of someone, but couldn’t place it. Why am I . . .?

“ICE!” The pastor called out


“So here are the verses you would read” stretching out a hand towards me. Had to walk towards him to get them.

“So you remember how you were instructed to read the verses?”

I was confused…”Oh yes! I remember” I lied. Keeping a straight face, trying to look sober.

“Good! Let us pray”

I walked back, stood beside Ivy and stretched out my hand, she looked at me, smiled and joined hers with mine. I held tight unto her palm and began to caress her palm with my thumb. Squinted my eyes n tilted my head, while the rest closed there eyes

I caught her licking her lower lip, then she wiped a bead of sweat from her forehead. I smiled and continued, this time more pronounced. I leaned close and whispered “You look hot Ivy” as I watched some sweat form on her forehead once again.

“Stop it” she muttered, loud enough for my hearing only

“Do you honestly mean that?”

She licked her lips again, and wiped the sweat. This time she opened her eyes, looked around and was glad no one seemed to have noticed us. All eyes were shut except for hers and mine.

“So?” I whispered with a sexy smile, my lips turning up at the corners in a flirty way.

“So what?”

“AMEN” they all shouted. We both kept a straight face. After a while excused myself, and headed to my room, could sense Ivy’s eyes were on me as I walked, I giggled to myself.


I made for the door as i heard the bell ring, my parents had traveled for the weekend, leaving me at home after so much debate on whether I should tag along or not. I reminded them of the “tutorials” and how I would miss out if I tagged along. They called Candy and pleaded with her to watch over me. Was shocked to see Ivy at the entrance.

“Hi there, wow you look great” i said and meaning it, she looked different, a short multicolored skirt and a fitted body top, she had a good shape.

“Come in, want anything to drink?”

“Just some water thanks” Ivy said as she walked into the living room.

“Here you go dear” handing over a cold glass of chilled water as she sat down in a chair. Finally I thought to myself as I admired her legs, she had slim but not too long legs.

“Thanks” ivy smiled as she took a sip from the cold glass. I wasn’t prepared for what came next, she sat opened legged on the chair, her thighs glistening with sweat from the hot day.

“You sweating, let’s go upstairs, its more….comfortable”

She bit her upper lip as she stood up, she dropped the glass cup and trotted along after me. Half way upstairs the phone rang, I ignored whoever that was, the caller should call back I said to myself.

“How did you get here”


“U are really sweating, sure you okay? Or u would want to shower” she tensed up, and then managed to nod.

“Hey! Relax!, I don’t bite!”

She gave a weak smile and hit the showers. I stood there watching her turn the water on, a gush of cool water poured down hitting the shower net. She gasped at first. Soon though her body  adjusted to it and she just closed her eyes and let it flow. My god ,she looked beautiful. Flawless skin, firm breasts. Full hips and perfectly rounded ass cheeks, she was shaven clean as well! Another major turn on. I striped and joined her, leaned down and sucked one nipple for a moment and felt it harden as my tongue flicked lightly over it. She moaned lightly in response to my touch, there was something about her that reminded me of someone. She stood there like a statue. I stop and step away. With a smile my eyes roamed over her body lingering on her boobs.

“Your first time?”

“Yes” she replied with a nod.

Damn! That says it.. I never looked for the curious. They get all clingy and I am not in any way ready to settle down. She read my expression…

“And ready” she said looking straight at me.

I stepped forward and pined her to the wall, the shower still running, our bodies wet.

“Then touch me”. I said and guided her hand to my pussy. Slowly, she pushed her finger inside and found my clit.

“Yea, that’s the spot” i said then pulled away and smiled.

I backed her up against the shower wall and began to kiss her tenderly at first, with time she became more relaxed. “Oh Iceee,” she said as she slipped more into my arms and kissed me fully. My hands slipped around her back and pulled her tighter against me as I returned her kiss. Planted soft kisses on her neck till I began to suck on her nipples, she moaned so loud. The more i sucked and nibbled, the louder Ivy got.

I stopped suddenly and fell on my knees, my hands parted her thighs and my tongue flicked over her clit, damn! she tasted good. I thrust up into her pussy and fucked her good, while I brushed my finger over her sensitive clit, sounds of pleasure escaped from within.

“Iceeeee ” she moaned

Damn! That voice..I shook the thought off..

“Oh god…oh god,…oh good god. She screamed as she released right in my mouth.

She shivered uncontrollably as I licked her clean, spending extra time on her clit then she came again.

“You like?”

“I….l..o..v..e..” She managed to say. She took a deep breath and gave me a tight hug no longer shy.

“You should shower dear”, as I stepped out into my room.


As she stepped into my room her phone rang….

“Awwww my sister Vicki” she said as she picked her call.

“Hello Vicki”

I froze, that was it, “that smile, that fucking voice”…. that fucking smile reminded me of vicki’s..

“Am with a friend…. Ice”

Omg!, I just fucked Vicki’s sister.

To be continued.

10 thoughts on “The Discovery 28

  1. shadow says:

    Ahhhhhhhhh! Ice…..

  2. missy says:

    Kai!! Icccccceeeeeee

  3. Swavey says:


  4. Emmanuella Nduonofit says:

    I have been following this story from a secret Facebook group, I didn’t take it serious at first, but now… so na naija persin rite dis story so? Na wa! 😀 Am impressed!

  5. Emmanuella Nduonofit says:

    😦 Forgive me please. I wanted to edit some of my comments here but it was already done or so. I got so carried away my tongue went loose. Gosh, am new to this. I’ll try not to do that again. Sorry… No vex. 😦

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