“If Only”…10

“Holy crap” he said aloud.

He heard footsteps and hurriedly rushed into the shower.

Brandy had a quick shower too, she wore her PJ this time, and as she laid her bed, she sighted a white gold neck chain, smiling to herself she reached for it, took a good look at it and kept it in her hand bag. A thought crossed her mind ~ to wear it, which she eventually did with a mischievous smile.

She turned and tossed in bed, finding it difficult to sleep. If only Jeff had made her cum again… Damn! “I was so close”, she said aloud. She was so sure she would have been able to sleep.

She allowed her hand to slide beneath the covers and cup the sensitive area over her pajama bottoms, since Jeff could not do that, her hand would provide the relief that her body needed.

Brandy woke up with a knock on her door. Damn, that had been such a perfect dream, she tried hard to get back to sleep, but to no avail, the knock didn’t help either, eventually she sluggishly got up from her bed and unlocked the door. Sandy walked in reminding her that it was time to get up and go to school, they had an early morning lecture. Sandy seemed not to have noticed the neck chain Brandy had on as she shut the door behind her and headed to the kitchen.


Brandy did a quick teeth brushing, she was still sleepy, but when she staggered into the shower, the hot water woke her up as it ran down her shower cap dripping slowly onto her large boobs. She washed herself thoroughly, spending slightly longer time caressing her pussy which to her surprise was wet, then she remembered her wet dream. She and Alex had fucked while Jeff stood and watched wanking off in front of her. The dream played in her head as she reached for her towel and stepped out of the bath.

Sandy and Brandy had a quick and silent breakfast, half way through Brandy sighted Jeff who was now half way down the stairs when he saw them at the dining he walked back upstairs, he wasn’t ready to face Brandy, at least not when Sandy his wife -to-be sat opposite her.


Alex walked downstairs with his brief case and hurriedly stepped out, he had an important board meeting and he was already running late.

“Why is your dad always in a hurry?”

Sandy laughed and explained about his usual monday morning meetings.

“By the way, where is your boyfriend” she asked, like she didn’t see Jeff walking back upstairs

“Should be somewhere around”

Brandy was thinking how to get the cash from him before they leave for school.

Few minutes later Sandy called on Jeff who walked downstairs smiling, Brandy rolled her eyes and gave Jeff a mean look when he pecked Sandy.

“Oh shit! I forgot my wallet” he said facing Sandy

“Don’t worry hun, will get it for you”

The moment Sandy was out of their sight, Jeff brought out two bundles of money and handed it to Brandy with a straight face.

“This is for you!, for your silence!”

Brandy accepted the notes with a big grin, she was expecting one not two, she battered her lashes and as she rushed to the guest room, she heard him say “hey Brandy, did you by any chance see my neck chain?” She pretended like she didn’t hear him, she removed the chain and hid it in her bag smiling to herself. She was more than ready for school.


Alex soon arrived at his office, his new assistant welcomed him from the parking lot, she stretched a hand towards his brief case which he handed to her.

“You are late sir” she said with a smile as they walked towards the office.

Annie was twenty-five and had just been hired by Alex to be his personal assistant, she wasn’t particularly attractive, but she looked exotic and had an air of vulnerability which he liked. She had a small waist and an enormous hips, with small boobs. Her legs were a bit too heavy. Aside her unfortunate combination, she was soft spoken, intelligent and very articulate. Alex knew he was late for the board meeting, but being the chairman, his board members would wait patiently for his arrival.

Alex had grown fond of Annie, she was soft spoken, infact everything about her was soft. That’s what he had come to find out. Been his assistant, they had severally bumped against each other in passing. He had accidentally brushed against her ass for just a moment, his hand registered its texture instantly before shying away. So soft! But wonderfully firm as well.

Annie had a huge crush on Alex, but for gee’s sake who wouldn’t?. He was rich, well built, and ‘very single’. She was used to staring between his legs, had fascinated about his dick size, masturbated with him on her mind severally, but no matter how many orgasms she had, it just made it worse. There is a difference between masturbating to a fantasy and actually slipping your pussy into your fantasy’s dick she had concluded. She had tried to push the thoughts out of her mind but to no avail. And here she was again, horny as hell. She knew she was gonna do what she knew how to do best, walk into one of those abandoned offices in a wing in the building which was usually quiet and masturbate.

The meeting ended an hour later. She gave her usual excuse; she needed to use the ladies, this has become a normal routine for her, as she walked she felt her wetness, she was sick with lust and could not stop herself.

Alex out of curiosity decided to give her some few minutes before tagging along, he waited patiently for some more minutes before walking into one of the abandoned office.

He was stunned by the scene laid out before him: his assistant, Annie, sat on a dusty chair. She leaned back, head back, eyes closed, pants down, her thighs wide spread. Alex stood in shock as his dick began to rise.

Annie was sopping and her fingers slipped smoothly into her pussy. She tried to imagine his cock entering her; she put her fingers and thumb together and pushed her hand hard into my pussy, she reached down with her other hand and touched her clit, eyes still shut, she moaned out his name while she stroked herself lightly, Alex stood, silently, unsure of how to react especially when he heard his name. He knew few more light strokes and she would hit her orgasm.

He slowly took a step back, hoping to disappear down the hall without her noticing. As he backed away, his foot accidentally bumped the door causing her to jump. Her eyes opened.

To be continued..

4 thoughts on ““If Only”…10

  1. Demmielicious says:

    Wowwwwwwww,OMG. Congi na bahd tin. Chai.

  2. anonymous says:

    Hottest piece ever!

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