The Discovery 27

I waited patiently, waited to see her stark naked…twisted my lips and watched her as she took her garments off one after the other, I laid there quiet, waiting to see her next move, boiling inside, but had to control myself to achieve what I had in store for her.

Gosh, she looked beautiful, her skin ~ spotless, it glowed in the dim light, her tummy very flat, I looked between her legs and saw her very visible clit. Gosh! It was huge, looked bigger than what I expected. Damn! I felt myself ogling. I licked my lips, watched how she wore her strap on, then she started walking towards me the rubber dick was bouncing and swaying as she moved, that brought me back to reality.

“Hell no! You cant use that on me” I yelled with all seriousness, the moment she mounted the bed. “But I could use it on you” I said with a harsh tone, keeping a straight face while I got off the bed. There was a bit of an awkward silence and I didn’t care. She wasn’t expecting that, I could tell. She sat there motionless, probably trying to digest what just played.

I picked up my dress, then dropped it, was I gonna walk off without fucking her? Wtf was wrong with me?. My eyes went round her room searching for my personal belongings, (clothes) then remembered they were still in her car, I ran my fingers through my hair thinking of my next move. Damn! I was almost losing it, then I realized there and then that I wasn’t in love with her, I just wanted to  fulfill my fantasies, and I was tired of playing cool just to get into her pants.

“No one fucks me!” I heard her say. Finally! I thought to myself, she is back to reality.

“Wow!”I said with a tilted head. “Same here!, Welcome to the club” I said with a fake smile and a stretched hand, I wasn’t expecting her to stretch hers anyways. I had had enough of her, who the fuck does she think she is? No one dares control me, I am… ICE!!

“Now you listen Candy”, more awkward silence before I went on, “You certainly know how to control your ‘bitches’, you surely do!, but I’m certainly not one of them. I gave you some privileges because you are much older and more experienced, plus I thought I could learn a thing or two”… I lied! More like I wanted to fulfill my fantasies would have been better.


“Sssshhh! I ain’t done yet. Well looks like there was really not much to learn. But sincerely I think you have crossed the line”. I felt an immense amount of pride for that personal achievement.

“Wow” her eyes widening in surprise. “Lexy was right”

“Excuse me!” With a raised eyebrow

“I had been hinted”, she got up and lit a cigarette. I thought I could break you, I actually felt I had succeeded. Now staring at me. We do have a lot in common you know and I really do like you”

“Interesting! So what..”

“I’m sorry Ice, for my shitty attitude, she cut me off, I didn’t mean to” Candy apologized, meaning every word of it while she removed her strap on.

That did it, I had gotten her, I bit my lower lip trying hard not to laugh. Then walked towards her, Damn Ice! Damn! you good! next line of action and be fast, I thought to myself.

Blowing out a breath of air, I pulled Candy close to me and hugged her. She smelled so wonderful. I felt her clit right away. Gosh I had to have her, even if it meant once, how could I just walk away without fucking her I asked myself again. My mind began to race. Here we were stalk naked, her clit so close to mine, I felt her dampness. Think Ice, think!

I broke the embrace and said “if you want us to keep seeing each other, the game has to change, but for now..

My lips met hers, as we kissed each other hard, liked the way kissing her made me feel, I teased her lips, bit her lower lip then kissed down her neck, then back to her mouth. I nibbled at her lips until she found the rhythm and responded in kind. Then we fondled each others boobs, grinding hard against each other still standing. I gently pushed her to lie on her back without breaking our kiss then mounted her, very soft body I must say. We began a slow, rhythmic dance with our pussies pushing hard against each other. Her eyes shut, mine squinted. I couldn’t believe she allowed herself to be pressed onto the bed. I felt her heart pounding hard as we french kissed. Gosh! Her full lips were so soft and her tongue was wonderfully now forcing its way into my mouth, our kiss was getting deeper and more passionate, our heads turning against each other as we sucked each other’s tongues so deeply, I controlled the kiss and happy I was in charge. She let out a little gasp of pleasure during our kiss, I smiled in response.

After a few moments she tried to roll me over, I gently pushed her back, giving her a mischievous smile. She tried again, and I pushed her down more until she was flat against the sheets. I kissed my way to her ear then trailed love bites towards her neck, nipped around it, kissed it tenderly, then sucked on it.

“”OOOHH GOSSSH.” Candy groaned.

My mouth sucked her hard nipples, i loved the feel of Candy’s pointed nipples in my mouth. Her hands were caressing, massaging my round, soft ass. Her fingers glided between my ass-cheeks playing tenderly at my anus. I moaned with pleasure, I moved up a bit creating a small space between us while my fingers went in search of her clit. We both gasped when I felt it, gosh! It was really BIG!

“Icccceeee” she moaned but it was quickly silenced by my lips pressed against hers slightly fierce but more gentle than ever. More love bites on her boobs, tommy, till I got to her pussy, I needed to see her clit properly, feel it.

“WOW!” I exclaimed while my tongue licked it, felt like a small dick in my mouth, I sucked on Candy’s swollen clit, she moaned in ecstasy, spreading her legs wider, humping her pussy hard against my mouth. “oh yeah, please don’t stop,” Candy moaned loudly.

I placed 2 fingers into her pussy, my tongue never leaving her clit, while the other was busy on her boobs. It was an incredible feeling, and I felt my orgasm coming, without really being touched, I slid a finger into her ass while she kept humping; “OH, MY GOD!!” Candy screamed her breath was coming hard, I was so tempted to stop, but I wanted to watch her cum, just then she hit her orgasm.

“Who is in charge now?” I muttered.

I knew she didn’t hear me, I positioned her in such a way our pussies met, we began rubbing and grinding furiously against each other, we sat up a bit as we kissed and fondled each other. I could feel her juices still flowing, I pulled up a bit, wanted her “small dick” inside me, “oh shit” I signed from excitement when Candy pressed her pussy more against mine. Making her clit dive more into my pussy, I grabbed her ass and pulled her more against my dripping pussy even harder, grinding with hunger for one another. We were both wet with sex sweat.

“Oh fuck!” We both exclaimed at the same time as we both reached our orgasm but we continued rubbing each other, it was a long-lasting climax. She tried breaking the contact, but I held her back, tightening my legs around hers, the smell of sexual release filled the room. Finally after what seemed like forever we broke the contact, I reached up and kissed her with a smile, she placed her head on my chest. We were both trying to catch our breath.

“So what precisely did Lexy say?”

“You are a tough one to crack” she managed to say still kind of panting.


“So does she know about us”

“Hell no!, she is my little cousin and please let’s keep it that way”

“Interesting” I said again.

“Anyways, what’s up with us?”

“Whats up wit us? I asked wit a raised brow? Could you please help me with my clothes, while I rush a shower? completely ignoring her question.

“Yea sure”. While she staggered up, she wrapped herself with a towel and walked out of her room while I headed to her shower.

I wore my jeans and tees, she remained silent, watching me, then lit a cigarette and smoked.

“I asked a question” she finally said breaking the silence

“Which was” I said walking towards her now fully dressed.

“What’s up with us”

“Oh!, there nothing up with us” I replied while I took a stick of cigarette squinted my eyes and lit it.

“By the way” I went on, “who is that hottie on that picture frame” while I puffed out the smoke.

To be continued…

10 thoughts on “The Discovery 27

  1. El says:

    So relieved…. Seemed Ice was gonna be made sum1’s bitch too soon. Nice twist by the Writer. Keep up the good work.

  2. shadow says:

    Hmmmm! Ice I greet you o

  3. Swavey says:

    Wow, best piece ever, kimmon Ice

  4. linda says:

    Awesome sex

  5. RED says:

    Nice twist… Keep it up Ice.

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