The Discovery 26

She wasn’t looking at me any longer and i had this funny feeling she wasn’t going to answer so I said, “You just want a fuck buddy, is that it?”

“No,” she said, emphatically, she seemed a little shocked from the question.

“Then what?” I half screamed.

She looked over her shoulder at me and said “we should get going” then walked towards the door, Just as I expected, she avoided the question.


I stared out of the window as she drove, the song that played was an R&B love song – I felt it. As if she saw through me, she reached over and stroked my thigh, I gazed at her then squinted my eyes and without a word shifted my leg until her hand slid to the seat, which made her to  keep both hands on the steering wheel. She drove straight to a shopping mall and did some shopping for me; though not my regular wears though, I hated heels, short dresses or skirts, but she got them anyways and made me wear a sleeveless and shockingly short black dress. My legs were bare and luckily smooth shaven; on my feet I wore a stylish red criss-crossed high-heels. Although I felt I looked funny in them, she assured me I looked good and very sexy.


I stepped into her apartment and the first thing I noticed was a massive picture frame of her and someone else ~ a chic, they stared into each others eyes, I saw love, I squinted my eyes, cleared my throat and asked her who the other girl was, as I admired the entire house( lovely apartment I must say and quiet expensive too).

“You should do more of the listening than asking” she said as she walked off towards her room. I stood in shock for some  few seconds…

“Wtf?” I yelled out in anger plus jealousy as I walked behind her. Her room was very spacious, with a massive bed that could accommodate four adults without any form of discomfort, It had a big screen television, chairs and a table. She stopped,turned and raised an eye brow, but remained silent, instead lit a cigarette and smoked.

“So you can ask me questions and I dare not ask you?” Still screaming. I leaned on her dressing table very upset. She smiled which got me more upset, then she started walking slowly towards me still smiling.

“I know how to shut you up” as she placed her cigarette on the ash tray.

“I don’t want to……

My demand was interrupted by her lips on mine. Momentarily i responded, sliding my arms around her neck and leaned into her. Then I pushed her away.

“No Candy. I’m still upset with you.”

She pulled me back to her and nuzzled my neck…

“Ooooh shit!. You know that’s a spot ya” her hands caressed my boobs, she pressed my body close against hers, loving the way our boobs pressed against each others. I squeezed my thighs together to quell the sudden flutter of arousal she had triggered within me. She kissed me again and our tongues met. My clit began to throb, my body filled with heat and desire, her hands roamed all over my clothed body, then slowly took hold of the bottom of my dress and lifted it over my head then undid my bra, leaving my skin bare except the panties i wore. She kissed me passionately licking the bottom of my lip with her tongue. She moved her lips down to my neck sucking on the skin lightly and licking it with her tongue. Her hands moved seductively down my body touching each curve of my body.


Then just as it started unexpectedly, she stopped abruptly. I was still wondering why the hell she stopped when she lifted me up surprising me and threw me on the bed. She dug though her stuff and got out one of her vibrators and her strap on.


I laid there watching my emotions change from shock, disbelief, awe, confusion.

“Please tell me I am thinking what you think you’re thinking. What are you up to?”


“Well, I thought I could fuck you, here and now”.

To be continued…

2 thoughts on “The Discovery 26

  1. Rukky says:


  2. anonymous says:

    The great bitch bout to lose her virginity!!!!!!

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