The Discovery 25

“Wow! you have a positive influence on Candy” my mum said the moment she walked in.

“You have no idea” I replied with a smile.

“Ice and I got talking” Candy said facing my mum. I paused and stared at her, wondering what she had in store this time. “I offered to coach her so she wouldn’t fall back because of the two weeks suspension”

I was in shock, but quickly regained my composure, smiled and nodded my head in acceptance.

Just as Candy fore-sighted, mum was so taken in by her, she thanked Candy for her nice gesture with a hug and agreed to the “tutorials”. “Its nothing really” Candy said with a smile. “Your tutorial starts tomorrow 9am she said facing me with a straight face. Gosh! This girl is good I thought to myself while I bowed my head with a side smile, she deserved it.


I picked up the shower head, and soaked myself. searched through the various “products” i had in the shower then picked my favorite, the lemon shower gel, squirted it all over my pouf, then worked the pouf all over my body. As I did that, my mind wandered off on Candy’s plans.. I had began to fall really hard for her in an annoying way. She was the first girl that had ever had that much control over me, and why I allowed her was a mystery. Was I really falling in love with her?.. Damn! My nipples grew hard while I suds out my boobs. “Get a grip ICE!, I said aloud, as I rinsed my body.


I looked at my naked body in my wall mirror admiring myself, been a while I did that, my boobs didn’t seem to have developed much, same height about 5ft 5 with straight, shoulder length, black hair. Stood sideways and ran my hands over my body, loved what I saw, my b-cup boobs stood firm and round, tucked part of my hair that covered part of my face over an ear and continued to admire my slim firm body.

Just then i heard the doorbell, looked at my wall clock, Candy was early, didn’t hear her drive in either. The doorbell rang again, this time I grabbed my towel and ran down the stairs.

“You’re early” I panted as i opened the door.

“Sorry, couldn’t wait.”

“You smell good” as I tried to shut the door after her.

“Your parents?” Completely ignoring my compliments. Great!


With that said she lowered her head and started planting soft, gentle kisses on my neck. I tried to move away, tried to stop her, but I couldn’t. Instead found myself starting to enjoy the feel of her soft lips massaging my neck, soft moans and sighs escaped from my lips as she kissed round to the front of my neck and sucked on it gently. I stroked her small boobs, she let out a little moan, I loved the way she moans. Candy lowered her kisses down to my towel, I held onto it so it wouldn’t slip off, she licked around my nipples before sucking them into her mouth. “Candy” I moaned. She started to stroke my thighs as well. “Oh fuck!” I muttered, “Candy please stop” but she went on ever so softly, stroking higher and higher. “Candy! Oh shit I moaned, please stop” as her fingertips brushed my pussy lips I jerked suddenly then forced myself free.

“What’s wrong? I thought….”

“The househelp is home!”

“Oh shit, why didn’t you stop me”

“I did…twice!” I replied with a raised eyebrow, before walking up the stairs very wet.


The phone rang immediately I got downstairs, Candy was flipping trough a magazine, she gazed at me, smiled while I picked the call.



“Please who is this” I just couldn’t place the voice


“Waow!” I screamed in an excited manner, “missing me already huh?”

She laughed at the other end then said “my mum was really furious the other day and warned me to stay off you, I got your number from Pearl, and no!” She giggled, “I didn’t tell her, and to answer your earlier question, I miss you silly”

“Interesting! I miss you too”, then promised to call back and hung up.

“Who the fuck is Jess” Candy shot at me

“Hey! Relax, she is just…

“Just what?… Silence!… Now listen, I can handle you fucking my little cousin, but while we are together you don’t feaking play games” I could detect anger in her voice. I rolled my eyes and had a confused look.

“I won’t be insulted by you fucking all the small girls in the neighborhood” she went on.

“Okay! That’s it!. Look, for once in our lives let’s have a real conversation. I hesitated for a moment to queue up the question that had been on my mind for some days, “What do you want from me?”

To b continued

2 thoughts on “The Discovery 25

  1. shadow says:

    Hmmm! Now waiting for (26)….. #smiles#

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