“If Only”…9

Brandy and Jeff felt a sudden panic; Did Sandy know he was here? Jeff asked himself, looking around the room for a perfect place to hide, he thought of the wardrobe, he was too tall to fit in; under the bed seemed perfect. Then they heard her voice again, “Brandy” and then another knock. Jeff went down immediately and rolled under the bed, Brandy still in shock and confused, contemplated if she should open the door or not. Just as she made up her mind to open the door , she heard Sandy’s voice..”Oh well! She must be fast asleep” then retreating footsteps.

Few minutes later, she stood behind the door, opened it quietly and checked the corridor, it was pretty dark considering the time, and she was sure she heard sandy’s footsteps as she walked away. She gave a sigh of relief, shut her door, then signaled to Jeff, who rolled out still naked but had his PJ with him.


Brandy reached out to him, trying to bring him back to life, he was no longer sexually aroused, Jeff was just worried. “Get your filthy hands off me” he half screamed as he wore his PJ.

“You cant leave me all high and dry” Brandy shut back, “you came in here on your own free will, you had better finish what you started, or else…

“Or else what!?”

“Don’t dare me Jeff, I have nothing to lose” she glared at him while he got dressed, her gaze fell on the notes on the bed, she quickly grabbed them.

“Do you honestly think I would let you walk out of this room, just like that?” snapping her fingers while she stared directly into Jeff’s eyes. Jeff assumed the stare was intended to be direct and alluring, but he saw the distant coldness behind her pupils, and felt he was staring into the blank eyes of a doll. He decided to change tactics, “Look Brandy, we could do this anytime you want to, and at a more convenient place”, his fingers traced her face as he spoke, “but right now I have to go, we could meet later….today”. Hoping this time it would work, since she was right he came on his own without been invited, also true she had nothing to lose, so he decided to play it cool with her. He waited, studying her reaction, her face, then she smiled. “Whew” he muttered.

“I want another bundle” she said referring to the notes.



“In the morning”

She smiled and pulled him close, happy she had him wrapped between her fingers. “Listen lover boy, I believe in fair play but if you shit on me I’ll make you regret the day you met me”. Jeff knew instantly he had made the biggest mistake of his life, he nodded his head in acceptance and assured her he wouldn’t fail her. She smiled again and pecked him on his cheek, then said “you are free” with a sign of relief he walked towards the door, opened it quietly and peeped out, there was silence, he stepped out, happy no one was in sight he began to walk towards the stair case then the kitchen door opened and Sandy walked out with a cup of tea, she was a bit surprised to see him considering the fact she had been searching for him.

“Have you seen Brenda?” She asked innocently, “since you are coming from that direction”

“Why would you ask me that kind of question?” He replied loudly with guilt written all over his face. He wasn’t such a good actor, but was hoping she wouldn’t notice it.

“I am sorry sweets” she replied with a smile, while jeff walked up the stairs happy he nailed it. He hurriedly got naked, he needed to smell fresh after the sex with Brandy, now naked he touched his neck from a long practice to feel his neck chain.

OMG! He muttered, my neck chain…

To be continued.

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