The Discovery 24

I reached out to her the moment we were out of my mum’s sight.

She pulled me towards her, and gave me a tight hug, i felt her arms tighten around me as i pulled in closer, happy to feel her in my arms, “at last” I said to myself. It was as if this long awaited embrace was as necessary to my existence as air or water. She felt like a piece of me that had been missing this whole time.

“Candy” I moaned

I pressed my body closer against hers trying to push her against the wall then she pushed me back against the door, our lips only inches away, I stared intently into her eyes, smiled then tried to turn her around, but she nailed me back to the door, I had a confused expression written on my face.

“You’re not in control right now.” She said as she leaned in against me until her lips were almost touching mine.

“I am.” She concluded with a smiled, her hands pinned mine above my head, then she placed her lips on mine, My kiss was desperate and full of need, she must have sensed that because she stopped and bit my lower lip just slightly, i groaned and pushed hard against her, almost whining in frustration. She responded by pressing me back even harder against the door.

Damn!, I always like being in control…

“I said I am in control” as she bit my left ear making me moan again.

“Stop fighting,” she warned, “or you’ll never get what you want.” She whispered into my ears. “As long as you are with me, I am in charge, get that into your head”. it sank in immediately, no one had ever said anything like that to me, not even something close to it.. I found myself giving in, suddenly became relaxed, and somehow it got me more aroused, then we kissed again, this time we were both in need, she released my hands and placed her palms on my clothed boobs and massaged them as I arched my back, I needed more, wanted more, I grabbed her pants and fumbled with the belt, then unbuckles it, zipped her pants down then dipped my hand beneath them, causing her to gasp loudly. When my fingers made contact with her already hard clit, we both moaned in pleasure, I felt her clit, it was hard and pronounced, half the size of my last finger, “oh shit”, I said between our kisses, “fuck”.

“You feel that huh” she whispered, my heart and my pussy began to ache for her more, without warning, she half pulled down my shorts and panties , then she felt me, “My god, you’re so wet!” she exclaimed, working her fingertips around the head of my clit. Then she trotted two fingers deeply inside of me, “oh fuck” I gasped and jerked up, my mouth opened, as she carried me and sat me down at the edge of the bath tub, pulled off my shorts and buried her head between my legs. She pulled me a bit closer to her, that done, her face not leaving my pussy, she began to search her bag, I relaxed more, spreading my legs wider, my backed ached already, but I didn’t care, I shut my eyes, as her tongue worked on my pussy. Gosh i was sweating, then I heard a buzz sound, I opened my eyes just in time to feel a vibrator on my clit, as her tongue went deeper inside my pussy and fucked me while the vibrator toyed on my clit, the buzz sound, plus her tongue made me shiver with excitement. I placed my palms on her head and began to fuck her face, grinding against her nose, but no matter what I did or how I did it, the vibrator never left my clit, ..

“oh fuck” fuck” fuck” I screamed, arched my back as I hit my first orgasm with a vibrator. “That’s it, baby.” She said as I collapsed on her. She ran her fingers through my hair, kissed me softly, we finally broke the kiss and just stared at each other with love. I rested my head on her chest, she continued playing with my hair then said,” its almost 30mins, you had better clean up, I am sure your mum is on her way back”.


“That was a good quickie” i said as we both walked back downstairs, as I sat down, she sat beside me, placed her palm on my thigh and said,

“Now listen to me carefully”, I raised an eyebrow, wtf is wrong with this chic? I thought to myself.

“I already heard about the 2weeks suspension from your girlfriend, so please spare me the details”, I was surprised, I just don’t seem to understand this girl, why the sudden change in attitude?, we just had a mind blowing sex that was awesome….

“I want you to play along and be remorseful, with that done, I assure you that your mum would allow you come see me anytime I want to see you, so we could spend quality time together, there is more where that came from”she concluded  with a mischievous sexy smile.(referring to the sex we just had)

I tilted my head and smiled, traced my fingers on her lips…

“But don’t you dare fuck with me Ice!, don’t even think about it, I am older and wiser! She went on now with a straight face and always remember I am in charge here”.

I had so many facial expressions on my face, when she said that, “raised eyebrow”, “chuckled”, squinted an eye”, “rolled my eyes” gave her “na today attitude”. For G’s sakes, all I was interested in was fulfilling my fantasies, fuck all that “don’t fuck with me shit”. But at that moment I just nodded my head.

“Now let’s start by clearing the tables and doing the dishes, as we both got up, cleaning the tables and packing the used plates, the door opened..

To be continued.

16 thoughts on “The Discovery 24

  1. forbiddenlove4u says:

    Really sexy

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  3. Rukky says:

    Chai, na today, see grove.

  4. linda says:

    Wow,dat was mind blowing

  5. anonymous says:

    Hmmm… real recognise real!

  6. Angel says:

    Icee is @ it again lolzz

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