“If Only”…8

“Ssshhh” he said again.

“Don’t fucking tell me that”, she half screamed. “What were you thinking?” He removed some notes from his pocket, he came prepared and waved them at her as he began to admire her boobs. “You have got great nipples you know”, still waving the notes at her.

Her eyes now fixed on the notes, she thought of so many things to do with them; her hair, nails, some trendy outfits, and yea! that lovely pair of shoes she had dreamt of having.

“There is more where these came from, plus your little secret is safe with me.

“What little secret are you talking about?”

“You and my supposed father in law”



It took her about 10seconds to react, she felt like hitting him, how could he??? some ten minutes earlier, she had fucked him and as much as she tried to dislike him, she enjoyed the sex and craved for more deep within her and gosh he was huge! She took a deep breathe, licked her lips…

“There is nothing between us Jeff”, she screamed, “you should be ashamed of yourself” as she tried to grab the cash, just as she made contact with the notes, he pulled it away.

“Ashamed?, last time I checked, you begged for a 2nd round, which I am now ready to give” his fingers toyed with her nipples, she wasn’t expecting that, it felt good and that made her shiver, Jeff placed his mouth on one of the nipples while his fingers nipped on the other, her nipples were hard as they were expertly licked and sucked.

Brandy became so aroused, her mind was filled with sexual thoughts, “you seem ready too” he said, then pulled her closer towards him and kissed her, his hand moved down to her butt. He squeezed one ass cheek then the other taking time in between to run a finger down the crack of her butt to just where her pussy began.

Brandy began to struggle, but wished he wouldn’t stop, oh!, she so wanted him inside her again. His finger touched and lingered on her ass hole, she jerked up, jolts of electricity surged through her body. She never realized that spot on her body was so sensitive. Her body was driving him wild. He groped her boobs and tried to push her onto her back. Succeeding, he separated her pussy lips, they were stuck together due to the sticky moisture he had created during their earlier sex, she let out a soft moan of pleasure as the cool air hit the inside of her still moist pussy.

“Oh fuck! I so want to fuck you again and again!” He said while still rubbing around it. Brandy continued to struggle but her pussy betrayed her, she was getting wet again, she tried hard not to be excited, but fuck it her body was betraying her too. Her nipples were rock hard and as he began to suck and pull them, she gave up the struggle with a moan of pleasure, his fingers never leaving her pussy and it began enjoying the attention it was receiving.

He slowly inserted a finger as deep as it would go into her. She could feel him exploring the inside of her pussy, moved his finger from side to side, top to bottom, wiggled it back and forth and made circular motions with it, touched and explored every inner inch. Bang! She came hard on his fingers..

“That was fast” he said as he spread her long legs and pressed his hard dick against her pussy lips, rubbed his dick up and down Brandy’s very wet pussy slit. His dick head was soon coated in the juices leaking from her aroused pussy.

Brandy whimpered as he held her down and forced his dick into her pussy, without wasting much time he started moving in and out, she couldn’t control herself anymore, she moaned loudly as her body jumped slightly at every thrust he made, she began to beg for more, “deeper” she half screamed. He slowly pushed deeper and deeper into her pussy. After each deep thrust, Jeff would slowly withdraw before pushing his huge dick back into her, going just a bit deeper each time. “Oh yessss, deeper” she moaned. “Make me cum jeff”…

Suddenly he stopped..

“Why on earth did you do that” she almost yelled out.

“Sssshhhhh” almost covering her mouth. “I heard a footstep”..

“Jeff!!!, where could he be?” Sandy asked herself wondering and searching for Jeff around the house.

“Holy shit” Brandy said as she tried to sit up.

“Jeff!”.. And then Brandy and Jeff heard a knock on her door…

To be continued.

4 thoughts on ““If Only”…8

  1. precious says:

    Hmmmmmmm *sweating*lolz

  2. Rukky says:

    Brandy you go purge.

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