The Discovery 23

I greeted her as she drove past my car, I could see the shock in her eyes, I got into mine and drove off immediately headed straight home, I needed a proper bath, a cold drink and a good sound sleep.

“Where have you been?” My mum asked me the moment I stepped in.

“Went out with pearl” I said as I walked past her.

“A friend of yours called the house”

“A friend of mine?” I asked, wondering who the caller was; was it Lexy? I asked myself silently.

“Yes, I invited her for lunch, her name is eeerrrm Candy”

I froze, “Candy called this house” I screamed in shock.

“Is there a problem?” she asked with a confused look

“No mum” I replied, trailing my forehead with my fingers

Shit!, how could I forget I had an appointment with Candy??, Candy of all people, damn! I bit my lower lip in annoyance as I asked myself.

“Why did you invite her over?” I asked

“Well, a name I have never heard and since she called asking to speak with you, and you weren’t home, so…

I walked off, twisting my lips, thinking of my next plan. Pearl’s visit made me forget, but well, it paid off ; trying to console myself while I dialed her digits…Ringing…;no reply. Great!

“Ice, we have an appointment with a pastor on sunday” she said aloud, as I slammed my door behind me. “Yeah right” I muttered to myself as I got naked and rushed to the bath to shower.

Few hours later, I was hungry plus I needed to call Candy and make explain to her why she shouldn’t come for the lunch date, I dialed her digits again and again, but she still did not pick the phone. “Whatever mehn” I said as I ate in silence and alone.


I heard the main gate being opened, I peeped trough my window, and there she was; Candy! my heart skipped, then shortly after, the bell rang, I rushed downstairs just in time to see her walk in, my mum stood aside, I could see the shock on her face; “You asked for it and there you have it” I said to myself.

“Good day ma’am”


“Yes ma’am” she answered with a smile

Gosh, Candy looked good, she wore a pair of chinos pants and a v neck long sleeve tee, I loved her wristwatch, it was bold and very visible, her perfume I could perceive from where I stood, her belt had a bold “L”, very visible too, her hair neatly packed behind, I imagined myself locked in her arms, her height was intimidating, her lips, eyes, gosh, they got to me.

“Didn’t know you were much older” my mum said as we all sat for lunch

“Just curious, but how do you know her”

“Well, I was invited to her school for a jet club project, and I took interest in her because she is very brilliant, and told her to call me anytime she has any form of problems with school or academics”. Candy replied

Omg! I was speechless and stared at her, my mouth a bit opened, this girl is good!! I licked my lower lips and wondered to myself how she could be so comfortable telling all these lies and still retain the eye contact with my mum. I looked at my mum, who seemed to have stopped eating, now a bit relaxed nodding her head, I shook my head and blinked my eyes to be sure this was for real.

“Ice is a promising child she is very smart but gets carried away easily, she went on, my mum smiled, like seriously???.. I had to give it to her, I raised my feet under the table and began to caress her thigh, she faced me and smiled making me instantly ache for her, then she turned and continued talking with my mum who seemed to trust her already.

“So when she called, I felt it was something serious she wanted to discuss, we booked an appointment but she never showed up, that was why I called the house”. She finally concluded.

My mum smiled then looked at me smiling, I kept a straight face.

“Well maybe she wanted to tell you she was suspended”

“Suspended?! For what?”

“You should ask her”

“I will explain later” I said twisting my lips.

There was silence aside the sounds the cutlery made.

“You are an excellent cook ma” Candy said with a smile, trying to break the silence

“Thanks dear” mum replied grinning

I raised a bow, and shook my head couldn’t believe what I had just witnessed.

Candy also began caressing my thigh, I was getting wet, I had fantasied about having her, I licked my lips and was trying to control my arousal, then the phone rang.

Mum excused herself and picked the call when the help wasn’t fetch coming.

“Oh did I?” Silence

“Will be with you shortly” and hung up.

“I have to go pick a package I forgot at a shop very close to us” she said facing Candy, “wouldn’t take long, would be back in less than 20minutes there about.

“Its okey mam” with a smile, then faced me and said, “could you please show me the rest room”

And with a smile i said “with all pleasure” as I stood up

To be continued.


2 thoughts on “The Discovery 23

  1. precious says:

    Candy d hawwt babe,well hpe dey get to do it a lil since ice’s mom is out in less dan 20mins shld be okk for a qucikie lolzzzz

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