The Discovery 22

The following day, i excitedly rushed downstairs to call Candy, luckily she was home and was expecting me, I rushed back up to shower, as I got out of the bath, I heard a knock on my door. “just a minute” i covered my nakedness with my towel then opened the door, was surprised to see pearl but was glad.

Pearl lived some few blocks away from my house, she attended an all girls school too and like me she was exposed to the thrills of same sex. Sometimes back, she had walked into my room one of those holidays and caught me masturbating. As i stared at her, I became instantly horny as I remembered how she had seen me touch myself and then we had mad sex, but that very day was the very first time that I had actually masturbated to orgasm with her right there watching. I had fantasized about doing it, well not with her though, so when it finally happened it was better than I expected. I got so turned on with pearl watching and my pussy was just on fire. I had left my panties on and they were literally soaked with my juices. The aroma of sex…my sex…was in the air. Gosh! The more I thought about what had happened and the look in her eyes as she watched me that day, my pussy began to tingle. “Damn! Why is my mum home?” I thought to myself as I finally regained my mind.

“Come right in” I finally said

She stepped in and gave me a hug, I was tempted to  drop the towel, but  I couldn’t.

“Did you see my mum downstairs?”

“Yea I did, why?”

“Eerrmn nothing!, just curious” then gave up and finally decided to get dressed.

Just as I was done with wearing my top, the door opened unexpectedly, making us speechless.

Pearl and I looked at each other, she was kind of confused, but said nothing. I knew instantly why my mum did that, I bit my lower lip and looked straight at her, irritated at that move, I walked to wards the door, waiting for her to step out so I could lock the door then she said “You shouldn’t lock your door Ice” and walked away, leaving the door open Great!

Now that got pearl really confused, as she was a regular guest, “what’s going on Ice”

“Long story” I said while I reached for my comb.

“Look Ice, I have to run, told Jess to meet me up at a bar down the road”

“Who is Jess”

“My new girlfriend, she said with a big grin.

“Really” I replied, slightly jealous.

“Yea, if you free we could go together, have a couple of drinks”

“Sounds like a cool plan” I said as I dropped the comb.

We got to the bar and ordered our drinks, we were half way through when I sighted her.”Damn!” Hoping that wasn’t her Jess, so I could go chat her up, she followed my gaze then smiled, “that’s Jess”. “Damn”! I said again.

Jess wore a white short skirt, I could see she had a pink lace thongs, net stockings, very high heels, and white top, half bra.

“SHIT” I muttered to myself as I watched her approach us.

“Ice, this is….

“I am Jessica, but you can call me Jess” as she extended her hand for a hand shake, I accessed her instead as I stood up, ignoring the handshake, her boobs were massive like a 38D, I wanted more than a handshake, I stepped forward and gave her a hug, she smelt good. I literally striped her with my eyes and hoping pearl wouldn’t notice.

” Ice, rite?” Jess asked sitting down

“Uhun” I said squinting my eyes, my butts on the chair.

“I love your eyes”

I tilted my head, gave her a side smile, eyes still assessing her.

“What would you like to drink” pearl asked her girlfriend

“I am cold, I want something hot” she replied with a smile, then brought out a park of cigarette and took out a stick.

Now that’s my kind of girl I thought to myself.

“So what class are you” I asked

“SS3 new term, sciences, I wanted art class but my mum been a principal and so strong headed refused, thank goodness I ain’t in her school. And we all laughed.

Ladies, ladies! Just a minute please, Pearl said as she excused herself.

“What school could that be” I asked and she mentioned my school, I was shocked, I cleared my throat and asked for her surname, “Jessica Brown” she said, I almost collapsed.

“Calm down Ice, calm down” I silently said to myself as pearl walked towards us.

“Pearl!, she turned towards where her name was mentioned,” that’s my brother” she said now facing us, shit!

“Ice please do me a favor and drop off Jess” she said then walked off not giving me an option.

I looked at Jess and smiled, “so what do you have in mind”

“You tell me Ice” she said with a smile.

As I drove to her house, my head was spinning, damn!!, my principal’s daughter is gay! I giggled to myself. “What’s funny?”

“Just remembered something sweets” I said with a side glaze.

“Turn left, last building”

“Thanks dear, will you like to come in?”

“Anyone home?” I asked

“Naaa, I still have a couple of hours to myself, just the maids”

“Great” I replied

The moment we stepped into her room, I pulled her close and kissed her, I didn’t know what to expect, and I didn’t care, she kissed me right back and pulled off her heels, she became short instantly, I laughed into her mouth.

I kind of pushed her to her bed, she pulled off her top, undid her bra and tore her net stockings, revealing her pink thong, slightly pulled it aside with her legs slightly parted and her hand between her legs, she began rubbing herself with a smile and a raised eyebrow, wondering if I wasn’t gonna join her, I sat on the edge of her bed and gazed up and down her body. Jess relaxed and her legs opened a little more as she started to move her fingers on her pussy. I sat there transfixed at her hand as it caressed her beautiful, smooth pussy. “Damn! You are so hawt” as i slowly reached out and with the back of my hand caressed her cheek and stroked her hair, then began to undress myself suddenly overcome with lust.

“You sure we should do this” I asked.

“C’mon Ice, I saw the look you gave me, plus I have heard a lot about you” she concluded as she pulled me towards her, I lost it and began to suck on her massive boobs, nipped on her nipples, I could feel her nipple harden as I softly traced my finger around and around and then over to the other breast.

Damn! Its been a while, I thought to myself as I released myself and got more into the act.

“Ohhhh ICE!” Jess exclaimed and she arched her back, I looked down and saw her hand deep within her thighs and could hear the wet sounds her finger was making as she fucked herself, I took charge and let my hand move with hers over her pussy,my fingers in between hers and could feel the heat of her sex in my fingers. Jess just gasped and rocked her hips forward to try to take both of our fingers deep inside her. She felt so tight and I let my hand takeover, guiding her hand under mine. Her panties were soaked and her pussy was so wet and slippery. I could smell the aroma of our sex.

“Ooooh Yees!, I am cuming Ice, keep going” then I stopped and buried my face in between her legs, began to suck and lick her. I could see and feel Jess’s orgasm approaching and began to finger fuck her faster and deeper while my tongue toyed with her clit.

Her head lay back into the pillow and she arched her back. Her whole body trembled and I could  feel her orgasm hit my face…her pussy contracting and squeezing around my finger. “OHHH FUCK!” She screamed as her whole body went limp.

“Damn!, you are so passionate in bed”.

She laughed as she reached up and put her arms around my neck and pulled me down to her. “I think I really like you Ice” she said as our lips met for a soft kiss, “I taste good she said between our kisses” My mouth parted slightly and I brushed my tongue against her lips. Soon we were in a passionate kiss, I stood up and tore more of her net stockings, then lowered myself onto her and kissed her again. My eyes not leaving hers, “Gosh Ice, I love your eyes” I gave her a side smile as my legs scissored around hers, squeezing tightly, as I started to grind my clit against her thigh. I could feel Jess’s legs tightening around mine as she moved under me.

Her thigh was wet and slippery from my juices. My clit was so sensitive rubbing against her leg, My fingers were pinching and rubbing her hard nipple and I could feel her hands groping my body, mashing my boobs, and grasping my ass to pull me tighter against her.

“Oh ICE…oh fuck…fuck me ICE!”

“Oh shit! That did it, we both exploded and came at the same time. I half fell on her, she wiggled herself under me, kissing my neck.

“Damn!, I have to go Jess”

“Just like that” she said in a surprise tone

I got up, cleaned up and got dressed fast, I kissed her and assured her I would see her soon, but she should keep this little secret away from pearl.

She saw me off to my car, as I was about to enter, the principal drove in, and our eyes locked.

To be continued.

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  1. bem says:

    Trouble after good sex

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