“If Only”…7

Brandy stripped and pulled a short nightgown over her head before crawling into bed. She was tired, and needed rest, it had been a long day serving drinks and food, with a smiling face. She tried to relax as one hand crept between her legs, two fingers finding their way between her moist pussy lips.

She imagined Alex being there, watching her touch herself, as she tried to use her hands to bring herself a relaxing orgasm, somehow and surprising herself she thought of Ikem then she shook away the thought, Ikem had her entire life changed, he wasn’t to blame though, she said to herself. Who she should fantasize about was Alex as she began to moan his name, then the light went off.

She thought she heard a movement, as she opened her eyes then there was silence, it must have been in her thought she said to herself. She must have slept off without achieving the orgasm she so wished to have.

In her dream, or was it in reality, she heard that movement again, then she felt his presence but couldn’t see him, “Hello!!?” She yelled,…. silence.

The footsteps grew louder as they came closer and closer. “Who’s there?” She yelled, but still no response. Her heart was pounding so loudly, her body shivered from both fear and the sudden chill in the air.

She was about to scream when she felt a hand grip her shoulder, “ssssshhhhh” He said.

“Gosh! You scared the shit out of me she half screamed.

“Ssshhh” he said again.” as he pulled off her short nightgown over her head, she instantly fell on her knees and pulled down his PJ, his dick dangled out half hard, she felt it and gasped at his size and it wasn’t fully hard yet, it kind of felt bigger, she was a bit confused but happy.

She placed her lips and kissed the cap, finally happy she was going to fuck Alex, she gazed at him and smiled revealing her white set of teeth, she couldn’t see his face though because it was pretty dark, she imagined him smiling back, she was so damn sure he would have smiled back.

He shut his eyes waiting, as she lowered her head, her long tresses brushed his thighs as she took him inside her wet mouth. Her lips enveloped the head of his cock, he didn’t care about anything else, as he moaned slightly, her blood-red nails dug dip into his ass as she pulled him forward, she swallowed him whole, his cock disappearing inside her mouth. She fucked him with her mouth, sensuously slow, and then stopping to tease him with long luscious licks from the base but not quite to the head. His balls were tight against his body, aching to release, begging to be free, he placed his hands on her head and fucked her mouth, in/out he went,

She cupped his balls in her hand and squeezed as her tongue travelled up to the head of his cock to lap up the precum, “oh yea” he said, he could feel the veins in his cock pulsing against her tongue as she sucked him deep inside her, he needed to be inside her, he stopped and turned her around, still on her knees, bent her over, her waist up rested on the bed, he fell on his knees as well and spread her legs, he placed his dick on her pussy as he plugged into her..

she pushed her ass back against him, making her receive more of him, as she moaned with pleasure, gosh It felt good she thought to herself. What he did next nearly made her cum, she felt his finger dig deep into her ass. Brandy gasped, and half screamed, “hush” he said, he sounded different too “you have never done anal” Brandy didn’t know if that was a question or a statement, she moaned at the mixture of pain and pleasure as he dipped more fingers into her and kept trotting inside her pussy.

He cupped her boobs at the bottom and softly squeezed it through, Brandy moaned, her breasts had been so far untouched and now that he lightly felt them, her body shivered, her nipples becoming harder with his touch Brandy shook all over “FUCKIT” she screamed, that made him climax right after her.

“Damn!” Brandy said half satisfied, she turned and tried to suck him back to life, he stopped her.

“We would continue some other time and somewhere else” he said. Brandy was so damn confused, that voice sounded so different, but again, she brushed aside her thought, trying her best to see if she could try again. “Please, just one more round she pleaded”

“I really have to go”

“Alex please”


Then the lights were restored

OMG!!! WTF!!! Brandy screamed..

To be continued.

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