The Discovery 20

I went straight to my CD collections the moment I felt better, its been a while I thought to myself, I was in love with RnB, it does ‘things’ to me I couldn’t understand myself. I searched till i found my favorite CD

“Perfect” i said as i slid it into my loader.

“I cant stop loving you” by Brain Adams filled the room, I took the remote and laid in bed, my hands behind my head, eyes shut as memories began to fill my mind. The song reminded me of my very first exquisite sex with lexy and how we were caught, I tried to smile but couldn’t. I pictured Candy in my mind as I licked my lower lip, this time I smiled and wondered where I kept that paper with her number on it, then all my escapades somehow kept crawling back to me one after the other.

I was just being me I guess, maybe I was born gay I whispered to myself, I opened my eyes and tilted my head as my eyes fell on my suspension letter that very moment.  “Anytime it rains” by Ace Of Base played, I had tears in my eyes already, I tried to hold it back and kind of succeeded.

“Have you ever” by Brandy played then I thought of Lexy, “How could Lexy say that to me?”, i thought to myself.

But as much as I tried to hold the tears, it rolled down my cheeks, the music that played didn’t help, I decided to let go, maybe the tears would help. I thought to myself. I must have dozed off thinking of Vicki, then Kim…

I woke up feeling much better, couldn’t say for how long I slept, but when I heard “Good bye my lover “by James Blunt, I knew I didn’t sleep for long. it was time to apologise to my dad for ignoring him, I said to myself trying to sit up.

“Ice!. Are you awake?” Silence..

“Yes mum” I said after a while, wondering if she was still at the other end of the door. I finally got up and opened the door, she walked in and held me close, for the second time that day she kissed my forehead and played with my hair. I felt loved as I hugged her back, tears filled my eyes and I tried to blink them away. No more tears Ice! I cautioned myself silently. I looked into my mum’s eyes and knew she was worried.

“Do you want to talk about it”

My head banged, “Talk about it?” Was she aware?, has she seen the letter? Omg, was she sent a copy?, but even if she was sent one, it wasn’t possible for her to get it that same day” Relax Ice! Relax Ice!” I muttered to myself.

“I am fine mum”

“No you are not!, I am your mother, Ice, if you cannot talk to me, who would you talk to?”, now sitting on my bed.

“You have been kind of moody since you got back”

I twisted my lips, thinking if this was the right time to tell her or not, I stylishly gazed at the envelope, then quickly focused my eyes on something else.

“Is that your report card” she said as she tried to reach it.

My heart skipped a beat again!

Omg! I muttered…

To be continued.

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  1. Rukky says:

    #Drums beating#

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