“If Only”…6

Present day…

Brandy sat up from the bed, ran her fingers through her rough hair, her tummy made a funny sound, she was terribly hungry and thirsty, she hadn’t eaten in 2days, and had lost some weight. She had locked herself in, away from family and friends, she needed to be alone, to think of her life how it all began, where it all began and where she went wrong.

At age 30 she had just been dumped again, but this time it was just a few days to her wedding.

Having a boyfriend wasn’t brandy’s problem, the problem was keeping them. As she walked towards her kitchen hoping to find something to eat, she paused and stared at how her kitchen looked and smelled, “awful” she said aloud. She hadn’t warmed her soups and now they were all spoilt. She opened the fridge and took a can of beer, opened it and gulped it down all at a go. She had been told to always use a glass cup instead of drinking directly from the can, but right now she didn’t give 2 fucks.

She saw her cigarette and lit one as she walked back to her room, she hadn’t bathed in 2days and her hair was in a mess.

Done smoking she laid back in bed and adjusted her head on her pillow, she wasn’t done reminiscing, shut her eyes as her thoughts wondered back to a few years earlier…

Sandy excused herself, she was confused, should she go after her dad or go see her friend? She decided the earlier option of her dad,..her friend could wait she thought to herself. ”Dad, is there something wrong?” her dad on the other hand was contemplating whether to tell her daughter or not, but that would mean telling her he had a bad habit of watching porn, something that had kept him going for years after his wife’s death, if he skipped that part, her friend wouldn’t.

“Am fine Dee” calling her by her pet name, that brought a smile to sandy’s face.

”Thought i hurt you by inviting a friend” she went on,

”Oh no dear, not at all’ he said with a fake smile.

”Love u dad” she said as she walked off now happy thinking everything was cool.


On the day of the party, there were more than enough guests, all top shots, with exotic cars, Brandy wore a very short black skirt and a see through blouse, her bra was visible to all, if you looked a bit closer, you could make out her pointed nipples, Sandy’s dad avoided her in every way he could, until he noticed some of his friends were ogling at her, at the end of the party she got lots of cash and lots of complimentary cards to go with it and at different times, they all did it secretly.

But she still had eyes for Alex and she wasn’t gonna give that up just yet.

To be continued

2 thoughts on ““If Only”…6

  1. precious says:

    Hmmmmm……interesting bt too too short…..

  2. Rukky says:


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