“if only”…5

“What!” That was all he could say out of shock. He was too surprised and embarrassed, what the hell he taught to himself. He just laid there and stared at her approaching him. Too shocked to move.

“Let me help you sir” she said as she  removed her short flared skirt, left her thong on, she fell on her knees beside the bed and quickly held his dick, before he could come to terms with reality, she was about to suck on it when she heard the horn outside the gate. “Holy shit” she half screamed as she rushed out of the room, then quickly rushed to the stairs heading to the guest room, just when the househelp stepped out of the kitchen and had a surprised look on her face, thinking and wondering at the same time if what she was thinking had just happened as she fixed her gaze from her back as she ran towards the guest room then up the stairs, completely forgetting what brought her out in the first place, then she walked back into the kitchen thinking.

Brandy was too in a hurry and didn’t seem to see the help.

Damn! She said to herself as she laid on the bed pretending to be asleep, just as Sandy and her boyfriend walked in giggling to themselves.

“Felicia!, Felicia!”

“Yes mam” the househelp answered running into the sitting room.

Sandy handed her a bag, and asked after Brandy.

“Eerrm” Felicia had to rethink whether or not to report what she had witnessed, but not that she actually caught them, with a worried look she said, “Aunty is in the guest room”

“Okay!, go give that to her, tell her Jeff got it for her”. With that said Felicia walked towards the guest room, she disliked Brandy instantly, she lost all the respect she had for her, she felt like telling her she saw her rushing down the stairs half naked, but what would be the turn out she taught to herself, as she knocked on the guest room door. No reply..

She had to bang on the door before she heard her voice, “pretender” Felicia murmured to herself, as she walked in giving her a dreadful look, she passed the message and placed the bag on a small table, and as she was about to walk out, Brandy stopped her and said “what’s with the attitude?, did my friend do anything to you?” Felicia was about to say, “on the contrary, it was you who did something” but decided to say she was fine and walked out but not before giving her those looks again.

Brandy became confused, what was wrong with her?, she knew no one saw her going upstairs or coming down, she decided to think it was stress and she was probably looking for someone to take it out on.

“Jeff, how are you?” She heard Alex’s voice, her heart skipped a beat as she got up and walked towards the door, peeping.

“I am fine sir, my parents sends their regards”.

Alex just smiled and looked towards the guest room and suddenly felt uneasy.

Jeff and Sandy followed his gaze and immediately his daughter said

“Dad, I have a guest, its someone you already know, you have met her once, she is here in preparation for your birthday”

Her dad just nodded his head, looked in that direction again and walked back upstairs, now that left Sandy and her boyfriend a bit confused as they stared at each other.

To be continued

2 thoughts on ““if only”…5

  1. jaystud says:

    Ghen ghen ghen!!!
    God Catch her
    ‘Binsh oshi!
    Way to go Mami!

  2. Rukky says:

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Pls stop me. Hahahahahahahahaha

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