The Discovery 18

She continued but stopped for a few seconds as I pulled off my shirt, revealing my lacy black bra.

“Follow me”.

I did as instructed and she got me naked real fast.

“Lie down… face down” she said with a smile, now I knew she wanted to give me a massage so I eagerly obeyed with a smile on my face and my ass slightly raised.

Then, I felt her weight on the bed, she knelt with my legs in between her knees, i heard the squelch of her massage oil being warmed in her hands then she began spreading it across my shoulders and back. I became very relaxed, with my eyes shut and horny, “oh gosh” I moaned into the pillow, as I spread my legs slightly, she got the message as she gently applied pressure to each ”fuck” I muttered as I opened my legs wider.

She shifted and worked her way up, along and around my legs, then down to my feet, one at a time slowly, making me so wet.

My pussy began to tingle with the sensations, she stopped for a few seconds, I opened my eyes wondering why she stopped, just in time to see her toss her top on the floor, she had no panties or bra on, she leaned forward, and sat on my ass, began to massage first below my waist, then back up to my shoulders, while she gentle began a rub her walls all over my ass, I felt her wetness on my ass.

“Shit Miss Jenny, you are giving me chills”.. My nipples began to harden

“Good, I am supposed to give you chills, baby”

“I love giving massages, she said seductively and I knew how much you needed it, I had no idea you would turn up, you read between those smiles, you naughty girl” as she teased my clit with her fingers.

I began to moan and move my hips from side to side; she moved with me, she fell on my back, and rubbed her boobs on my back, the oil made it slippery, she gently let her tongue into my ear, causing me to quiver.

I lost it and rolled over, it was kind of  difficult considering her weight and I was faced down, she had to raise her butt up, then sat back down, her pussy walls on mine. I sat up, my elbows helped me for support, she reached up and kissed me, I rolled her over raised her legs high enough and squatted on her pussy, my pussy joined hers, our juices made a squashing sound , we began to grind, her fingers on my nipples as we lost track of time, we went on and on and eventually came..


“I am going to miss you like crazy” she said trying to catch her breath.

“Me too” I stammered…

Gosh! I needed that, felt much better, considering what I went trough earlier on.


I searched for either of my parents with my eyes, just when I was about to give up, I saw my dad and the driver. I rushed towards him, he hadn’t seen me yet, he was still searching for me, then i hugged him from behind, he turned faced me and gave me a proper hug.

My dad, in his mid forties looked young and handsome, he never missed his early morning exercises and his coffee…light complexioned, very energetic, smart and with a good sense of humor, he loved life and all that went with it. He wasn’t really a disciplinarian, but he made sure we knew right from wrong. I liked the way he expresses himself with his facial expressions with lots of swag, I must have gotten that from him;his side smiles, tilted head and his catlike eyes.

“Look at you, you have lost so much weight” he said with a side smile.

“Yea dad, I know”, tried to play childish with a sad facial expression. He smiled and hugged me again. “We have missed you” .

“Me too” I said

I handed my luggage to the driver and we all headed to the car.

“Home sweet home” I said as I stepped into my house.

Roy my dog barked, I played with him for a while, then my mum stepped out.

“ICE” she had a huge smile on her face, I rushed at her and gave her a tight hug, she kissed my forehead and played with my hair.

My mum, in her late thirties looked more like an elder sister than a mum, very sexy, slim with a flat tommy, she was more of a dyke than a lady to me, she loved her jeans and tees or tank tops, got a good taste in fashion, I could tell her anything, she always had a listening ear, but I had never told her I liked girls, and still didn’t know how to break that news.

“I prepared your favorite, you should go shower and join us when you are done, I know we have a lot to talk about”. She said.

My heart skipped when I heard her last sentence, omg! How could I possibly tell her. I walked towards my room, the driver and the help were right behind me with my luggage.

I began to unpack, I brought out the suspension letter and read it again, damn!. I dropped it on my dressing table and laid down with my hands folded behind my head..I began to think how I would break the news.; will they understand? Lexy crossed my mind, and I wondered what she was up to, I got up and headed to the bathroom.


“Gosh,this feels good,” i sighed as i eased myself into the hot bath. Thinking the water would wash away some of the tension, I relaxed for a while and closed my eyes, as so many thoughts flashed through my mind.

I began to touch myself without knowing, when I realised what I was doing, I was already wet and horny. I gently rubbed my breasts and my nipples hardened instantly. I went down to my cunt and rubbed it gently, gosh! I needed to get laid, but with who?.


Then I remembered Candy and with a huge smile rushed out of the bath, searching my bag for the crumpled sheet of paper.

To be continued

2 thoughts on “The Discovery 18

  1. Rukky says:

    And she doesn’t slow down at all Lol.

  2. precious says:

    Ice Is @ it again Ooº°˚˚˚°ºoO

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