“If Only”…4

Brandy quietly removed her slips from her feet, didn’t want to sell herself out, whoever that was and what they were up to, she was eager to find out.

As she tiptoed towards the direction where the moans were been heard, so many thoughts raced through her mind. She wanted to be “fucked”, she was getting horny from those sexual sounds.

The Tv was on, and on the screen displayed a sex scene of two blond, white girls with enormous boobs alternately licking and sucking the dick of a built man, while they simultaneously pleasured each other’s cunts with their fingers and a long, blue sex toy. “Wow!” She wasn’t expecting to see that, she actually thought the old man was busy fucking a cute girl.

“How could he forget to lock his door” she asked herself, she was about walking away disappointed but out of curiosity she pushed the door open a bit and that was when she saw him, he was stark naked jacking himself off, “Wow!” Brandy had never seen a dick as huge and long as that, his eyes were glued to the screen, he seemed not to have noticed the slight noise the door made when she pushed it slightly open, she was so tempted to go in, then thought of her friend who was gradually becoming her best friend, how would she feel?

She shifted her gaze back to the screen, the dick on the screen grew harder and bigger as the girls sucked it, the man moaned.

Brandy felt the wetness between her legs, she loved sex, more like obsessed with sex, all thanks to Ikem. She had snatched a couple of guys from some of her friends, not that she wanted them for keeps, it was just for sex.

She watched as the guy on the screen rammed his dick deep into one of the girls, making her scream, she begged for more. He continued his dick assault on her pussy, while the other girl nipped on her nipples and occasionally kissed her.

Brandy had never been with a girl and hated the thought of it. She loved dicks too much to even consider it.

As she stared, she reached up and pinched her nipples, a soft moan escaped her lips, she turned and focused on Sandy’s dad, his expression seemed to have changed, like he was about to climax, eyes still glued to the screen. She so wanted that dick in her pussy, she began massaging her tits, as he began to bunk up his waist like he was trotting into an invisible pussy. “Oh fuck” she said softly, that seemed to turn her on even more, She imagined being on top of him, riding and receiving those thrusts, his stroking became faster and faster she couldn’t contain herself, she had to do it, a tiny voice inside her head told her to go for it, and damn the consequences if she was caught, she looked around, no one in sight, she peeped back into the room just in time to see his expression, “oh shit” he was about to …., without thinking she walked into the room…

To be continued.

2 thoughts on ““If Only”…4

  1. linda says:

    Oh shit!!! Another suspense

  2. Swavey says:

    Getting Hawt again.

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