The Discovery 17

It took me a while to get to where the principal stood, facing the assembly, my shirt wasn’t tucked into my skirt and my skirt was “sagged”. Lexy, who was already standing beside the principal, looked more like a proper student, her shirt well tucked in.

As I walked towards them, students made way for me, eyes fell on me, “what took you so long to get here” the principal asked the moment she sighted me..I didn’t respond but instead, twisted my lips and stared at her.

We stood facing the whole students, the teachers only few steps away from us, I gazed at Lexy who seemed embarrassed and avoided looking at me. I smiled then decided to focus my gaze on the teachers, stared at them one after the other.

I sighted Miss Jenny, who stared back at me, with a faint but seductive smile, I stylishly nodded my head and blinked twice, I had missed her, she looked hot in her mini dress, her cleavage visible, i began to admire her lust fully.

My gaze shifted to my maths teacher Mrs Obinna who kept a straight face, her subject was one of my favorite and she liked me because I never failed her course, so why the straight face I wondered with a raised eyebrow.

Mrs Kenny, my biology teacher had a mischievous smile couldn’t place it, I tinted my head, squinted my eyes trying to study her then she looked away. That left me a bit confused….

I placed my hands in my pockets and looked down at my shoes, then raised my head high and faced the school, tilted my head a bit, eyes squinted and had a side smile. My friends and admirers yelled, more like praising me because of my attitude. The principal became furious, then out of annoyance said:

“This would teach you all a lesson, they would be suspended for 2 weeks”, Students screamed, I shut my eyes and smiled for a few seconds, then turned and stared at Lexy with relief, expected her to be a bit happy but she had tears in her eyes, I felt pity, felt like holding her, she looked beautiful even in tears. I got carried away admiring her, Gosh!, Lexy was so damn emotional, she needed someone like me to…






“Were you listening to me” the principal screamed at me.


I twisted my mouth and nodded my head, “we have been given 2 weeks suspension” trying to prove to her that I heard her alright.

Students screamed again, I tried hard not to giggle, had to bite my lower lip to achieve that.


“Good”! She shut back.


“You two should be thankful I decided to give you just 2 weeks, any form of misconduct from any of you again or anyone else; now facing the whole school, would lead to expulsion” she went on and on, I had already lost interest. Then I heard…


“And both of you are to resume back with either of your parents”


Holy crap!! I shuddered …. suspension yea, but my parents??…

Now that’s what I had been praying against. I had plans already, if it was going to be 2 weeks suspension, now they want to get my parents involved?? GREAT!

What was I to do for G’s sake?..Tell my parents I was suspended because… Damn!


I headed straight to Miss jenny’s apartment after the assembly, I understood that smile, she wanted to see me and I knew why, its was our last day in school for that term, so why not make the best of it I thought to myself as I rang her bell.

She opened the door with a smile, revealing those gap teeth I love, but hid behind the door, and then ushered me in. Was kind of confused at first, but when I walked in, I knew why, she had on just a tee shirt that barely covered her bum. She looked very sexy.

The moment I sat down, she placed her hands on my shoulders from behind and began to massage, her fingers did wonders to me, then she asked “how are you holding up” whilst she paused with her hands still placed firmly on my shoulder

“Don’t stop, don’t stop, keep going,” I said softly. “Don’t stop your hands, let it go all the way.” As I began to unbutton my shirt…

To be continued.

8 thoughts on “The Discovery 17

  1. annonymous says:

    Ice d mafiazo!!!!!!!!

  2. annonymous says:

    D principal may be interested in Ice self, cos 2weeks isn’t enough!

  3. missy says:

    Kai! Ice has issues abeg!!

  4. El says:

    This is becoming too real… Like a script from someone’s life… I can totally relate. MORE! MORE!! MORE!!!

  5. ME says:


  6. Swavey says:

    Ice na just idiot. Lol,she still dey admire Jenny on the 2wks. Dey Admire Lexy put for the cry sef. Kai.

  7. Demmielicious says:

    Ice the Don.

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