The Discovery 16

I became weak instantly, fucking hell!, my palm on my forehead, Shit! I muttered. The whole school knew about me, but I had never been caught, even though our names had been sent to the authorities as suspected lesbians, they had no proof. Well now they do. Shit! I bit my lower lip while i looked over at lexy who was still fast asleep, stark naked, her right leg was still between mine, how could I be this stupid? I asked myself. I sat up, that movement made her open her eyes “omg” she muttered.


I stood up and faced the crowd then said with a raised eyebrow “ain’t you guys done staring? can we have some privacy?!”, while I tried to put on a top which didn’t hide much from the observers .

Shit! I sighted our head girl, and knew instantly we were “finished”.


Lexy sat up, I passed her her top, I had completely forgotten it was torn, I half smiled and searched my bag for another top then handed it to her. My corner was in a mess, notwithstanding, had to be strong.. for us. I pulled her up, trying to hug her, but she was rigid. GREAT!


The news spread like fire, we became the topic of discussion. Linda sent for me, she was mad at how careless I was, how could I sleep off??, naked!


I over heard a conversation between Kim and her friends. She was crying, probably trying to say something between her sobs, then Pamela said “You don’t have to say anything, I or rather we already heard, “Ice is just” she paused, “Ice”! I turned and stared at her from a short distance. “She is a flirt” she went on, “a player” she concluded. Kim had her head on her shoulder, her eyes filled with tears.

“Was she crying because I was caught with lexy or was it because i “cheated” on her with my supposed “ex” I wondered to myself, kinda confused, judging from the conversation I heard.


“Oh, well whateva”… . You know. Girls-talking -crap -about -other-girls -kinda -thing, I wasn’t bothered, What bothered me the most was Lexy, and well my principal, Shit!

“But I still love her dearly” kim said, I turned in shock, wow! I became speechless.

I thought about my parents, then Lexy’s parents, what would they think? prayed silently, hoping the head girl wouldn’t report the case. Well if she did, I knew we would be deboarded if not expelled. Teachers liked me so they might plead for a 2week suspension, I tried to console myself. The principal was very fond of me because I had brought in so many medals for the school during our inter school games with other neighboring schools.

Gosh! My fingers rubbed my forehead then swept through my hair. “How could I be so stupid??” I said aloud.

I reminisced on the sex I had with lexy, with a smile plastered on my face, hadn’t seen Lexy squirt before, that was a WOW for me, loved it, damn! that was really mind blowing, Ice! I shook myself to reality.

Wtf was wrong with me, get a grip Ice I said to myself, this isn’t the …..

My thought cut short as I sighted the Head girl and some other prefects and knew we had been reported. SHIT!


The Head girl hated my guts, and she wasn’t afraid to show it, kinda jealous or was it envious of me.

Jane, a year my senior was big for her age, maybe that was one of the reasons she was made the head girl.. She was tall, had a mean look, most students were intimidated by her looks and size, but definitely not me, her mates were equally scared of her. She wasn’t just “it”, didn’t have friends, (well except for her fellow prefects), though she had the carriage/personality of a head girl and she did a good job of it.


Lexy seemed to have disappeared from school, well technically, I had searched for her, was she avoiding me?, I kept asking myself. I needed to be with her, console her, I felt empty without her. Where the hell was Lexy for G’s sakes??.

It was a day to our last assembly, I finally saw Lex, the moment she sighted me, she ran to me and gave me a tight hug, “where the hell have you been” I asked her.

“I am so scared Ice” what if we are expelled?” Tears filled her eyes.

I looked into those eyes of hers and I knew why I was so in love with her, I felt like kissing her right there where we stood, but couldn’t, instead I placed her head on my chest and pecked her head “hey sweets, we might just be suspended not expelled, we are in this together, you know that right?”….

She nodded her head in acceptance, we broke the embrace, I placed my hand on her shoulder and headed towards the games field, hoping I could at least smooch my girlfriend without those preying eyes.

It was our last assembly for the term, students, teachers, principal and vice were all present, then the principal called out our names…


To be continued.

2 thoughts on “The Discovery 16

  1. bem says: dis s GOBE

  2. Swavey says:

    *whew* it just gets interesting.

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