“if only”…3

Sandy and Brandy didn’t start their friendship on a good slate, they had an open argument in class over a trivial matter that wasn’t worth it. They disliked each other instantly, Brandy had become used to been touchy over the years and now she was ready to attack whoever felt they could look down on her. To her, gone were those days they treated her like some piece of shit she had promised herself she wasn’t going to be timid anymore.


Sandy was a fashionista, tall, fair skinned, had a model-like shape with a flat tommy and visible high cheek bones; she was a stunner!… Most of her course mates wanted to be her friend, but she was a snob, her beauty and her father’s wealth ate deep into her, little wonder why she was really shocked Brandy could face her, no one had ever challenged her, they always felt intimidated.


Few days later, they met at a club, Sandy walked up to Brandy and got her a drink, they became inseparable afterwards.

They were seen everywhere, they had nothing in common aside them being in the same class studying the same course, but Sandy did everything she could to brush her up. They attended lots of parties, and clubs together.

It was their 3rd semester in year 2, Sandy invited Brandy over to spend the weekend in her house, it was her dad’s birthday and she wanted her to help out with the preparation. Her mum died in an accident while she was very young, her dad had refused to remarry, instead focused all his attention on his kids..

The previous years had been difficult but they had managed and now he made more than enough money to keep her and her siblings in comfort.


Brandy had admired her friend’s dad the first day she set her eyes on him, he was old literally, but he looked young and strong, well aside his big tommy, she had wondered how he would be in bed, he looked well built, handsome for his age, she began to secretly ache for him. She was glad Sandy invited her over, as so many thoughts began to creep into her mind.

She arrived at Sandy’s house a day earlier, skipped lectures and didn’t care. Rushed a bath, wore a very short flared skirt with a tank top, decided to go braless, she pinched her nipples making it rock hard and very visible, took her time making up in the guest room, contemplated on whether or not to wear panties, then decided to wear a thong instead. She stood and admired her image in the mirror and was very pleased at what she saw.

“Am home” Alex said as he walked in.

“Daddy” Sandy rushed towards her dad, hugged and pecked him.

“How was your day?”

“Perfect but stressful”…

Brandy stood at the door entrance, eavesdropping, and admiring the old man. She became instantly wet,

Sandy was about to tell her dad she had a guest, but he cut her off, complained about him being too tired and needed to get to his room for a nap as he walked away.

Jeff, Sandy’s boyfriend walked in the moment her dad disappeared upstairs, she hugged and kissed him, while Jeff massaged her ass in the process.

Jeff, a basketball player, and very handsome in every word, his 6packs stood out. His V shape sexy, one thing Jeff knew was the fact he knew he was hot and a lady’s man. He had swag, a rich man’s kid too, they complemented each other and both families had agreed to their union.

Brandy became very jealous as she stared at the couple from a distance, Sandy seemed to have it all, she thought to herself, a very rich father and boyfriend, a massive house, her own personal car.

“Why wasn’t I born into this family she asked herself now tired of standing and staring. Her tommy began to rubble, her head and mind ached. She wanted more, but how she wondered.

“Where are we going” Sandy said giggling as Jeff tickled her.

“Anywhere you wanna go my love” Jeff responded. As he kinda pushed her out of the entrance of the sitting room.

Brandy felt out of place, its been a long while she felt that, its been years…. she shook off the hurtful thoughts, stood up, then she heard the gate been closed. She walked towards the kitchen, she needed something to eat, then again she thought of going upstairs to her friend’s room.

As she was about to open her door, she heard moans, she walked towards the direction….


To be continued…

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