The Discovery 15

Lexy had her hands in my hair for what seemed like forever and as she slowly massaged my scalp, I could sense she missed me deeply.

“Make love to me here and now” she whispered, her face only inches away from mine. I could smell her breath.

“You need not ask” I replied, as I lifted her off the locker and flattened her against the wall, she raised her chin to meet my stare. I traced her lips with my finger, she closed her eyes, allowing me to take charge as usual, swept my fingers through her hair, and still in the same position, brought my head towards hers, took a long look at her, she opened her eyes smiled and shut them again as her tongue parted my lips, she placed her hands first to my face, then brushed her fingers through my hair, I knew right there my hair was definitely in a mess.

We held each other close, our breasts pressed together as we looked deeply into each other’s eyes, we spread our legs, thigh to thigh, we began a rhythm. I placed a hand on her neck, trailed my fingers all the way to her boobs and massaged it, my lips on her neck, she moaned and pulled off her half torn top, then pulled off mine, now naked from the waist up, she gently massaged my tits and moved her lips to my neck. I wrapped my arms around her, my nails dug dip into her back and kinda scratched it in a sexual manner, then found its way to her ass and curbed them both, she had on a pair of jeans, it was our social gathering nite so it was allowed.

I leaned my head down to meet hers and kissed her deeply, sucked and nipped at her bottom lip, she did same to mine, I traced her lips with my tongue . . .

“I have missed you so much Ice” she moaned,

“Lex”…. I moaned softly into her mouth in response.

I undid her jeans while still kissing her, we both pulled it off her waist, then she used her feet to take it off . Finally we broke the kiss, sat her down on my bed, spread open her legs, I could spot her wetness through her panties, made a circular movement on the dampness using my finger then made a slight movement with my fingers. With a sexy, alluring look, my face disappeared between her legs, she gasped as my tongue and lips made contact with her panties. I ate, licked and tongued her thong,  pulled aside part of her thong with a finger revealing her wet pussy, admired her clit, sniffed it, then placed my tongue on it as I made deep strong strokes with my tongue, she gasped and raised her hips, pressing her cunt deeper into my face, I spread her juice with my lips, danced my tongue around her pussy, Meanwhile, wiggled my thumb in a circular motion around her slippery clit, sliding a finger on either side of her clit in a V shape, she screamed when i squeezed them together then my tongue slipped inside and tasted more of her, she held tight to the bed sheet with her hands, her waist in the air, head thrown back, “omg Ice, omg Ice, oh!! Bang she squirted on my face.

“Wow” I said surprised, but I wasn’t done yet.. I pulled off my shorts,  had no panties, I climbed her and gently began to suck on her nipples one after the other, she was breathing so hard, “oh shit Ice” she moaned, “I love you” she said as she placed her hands on my head, making me have more of her boobs in my mouth, I began to twist my hips on her, she did same, again we began a rhythm, I pressed closer, harder, clit to clit

“More Ice, more” she moaned, as she mounted pressure, her hands curbed my ass, our sensitive clit touched more, I kissed her as we became more aggressive, our moans filled the room, we didn’t care anymore, we were both lost we continued grinding each other in a missionary position until we both reached orgasm.

We must have dozed off right after, cuddled in each other arms, cant really say for how long, I opened my eyes and was shocked to see so many girls staring at us.

To be continued.

8 thoughts on “The Discovery 15

  1. jaystud says:

    Ghen Ghen Ghen!!!
    Deboarding Is seriously knocking if twas my schl.

  2. Zizi says:

    Now dats d story. It gets beta n beta

  3. missy says:

    Ghen ghen!! Lmao!!

  4. bem says:

    Dats wat am tlkn abt….ghen ghen

  5. Swavey says:

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Just can’t stop

  6. RED says:

    Haha! This reminds me of my own suspension saga. Loving the whole story. Keep it up!

  7. domina says:


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